Military ghosts from battlefields: allowing permanent possession to take place. Is it good?








I really love my military ghost from a Russian battlefield. The spirit has possessed me on a permanent basis.


Military ghosts from battlefields are very popular. It is mostly males ask me questions about my military ghost Babyboy. The ghost is very popular among my clients too, because he has helped them a lot.

I and my ghost have been together for a long time. The ghost loves me and I had to accept the fact that restless spirits of dead soldiers want romantic love.

At first I could not understand how a ghost can love a woman. But then I observed my spells. During one spell, I used two dolls: one doll belonged to the male ghost and the second doll represented me.

I programmed the military ghost like this: “I will show my woman how she can easily communicate with me in a safe way.” Two months later, I was whispering and talking to the helmet.

I understood that the male ghost is inside me and making me whisper and talk to the military helmet. The military helmet was in the dead soldiers grave and contained the cranium.

In this post I want to explain about permanent possession, how this can be achieved, if it is safe, and also how your personality will begin to change due to the permanent possession.

I want to give some tips mostly for men who want a military ghost very badly, but don’t know where to meet such a spirit. I also want to explain how to find such military ghosts.

Its mostly men in the following professions that ask me about my military ghost:


security guards

soldiers (for protection at war)

Military ghosts can protect a soldier at the war front. They can also protect bodyguards and security guards by means of permanent possession.





Military ghosts

from battlefields:

permanent possession


Permanent possession can be achieved by casting love spells between a human and a spirit of a dead human. If you are a female, you will notice a male ghost expressed in your behaviour.

You will feel the male spirit inside you, because the spirit will force you to be close to its war helmet during nights. This means that the spirit will force you to hug and kiss the war helmet.

But what if you have a cranium from a dead soldier? The male spirit will force a woman to hug the cranium and to kiss it too, because the spirit is attached to the cranium.

I would rather kiss a cranium, because I love bones. But I could not obtain a cranium from a dead soldier. I obtained a wonderful war helmet from WW2.

Or you can achieve permanent possession by casting other types of spells. For example by assigning the role of a spiritual mother to a dead female and casting spells to keep you together with the spirit.

There are risks with such roles: a male spirit who regards the witch as his girlfriend will own the witch. This is my case. I have also assigned the role of a mother to a female spirit and this spirit now looks after me.

But the risk with permanent possession is that after many years together, you will not be able to understand which part of your subconscious mind belongs to you and which part belongs to the spirit.

You can allow two spirits to reside in your body on a permanent basis. But the spirits will come into conflict of actions from time to time. This permanent possession can be allowed literally until the end of your days.

In short, permanent possession is very safe. I like to share my body with my military ghost. I allow the male ghost to love me. I like to give pleasure to the dead man.

But you cannot end permanent possession, because you will develop an emotional and also a physical dependence upon the spirit. You will need the services of the ghost for frequent spells to protect you for example.

A military ghost is a very dominant spirit and as soon as it notices that a spell is waning in its power, the spirit will force you to cast a new spell to prolong the permanent possession.





Military ghosts

from battlefields:

personality changes


If you are female and a male spirit loves you, the spirit will brainwash you into an indifference towards men. Military ghosts can go far:

they can trigger panic attacks in a female when males try to court her

they can make a female 100% financially independent and push the female to start earning a lot more than males earn

they can keep a woman very busy with her career so she has no time to date men

If you are a male and a female spirit loves you, the spirit will brainwash you as I have described above. In this way the spirit will keep all competitors away from you.

But there is more with regard to personality changes. After 2 weeks together with my male ghost, the ghost started teaching me its native language.

At one point the ghost was forcing me to study its language almost day and night. After 1 year I told the ghost:

“Wow, I love your language. Your language is so beautiful and it feels like I know it, but just cannot remember it. Now, I can understand texts and speech. Please continue to teach me your language.”

But then I stepped into a period of stress and I and the ghost stopped learning its native language. After the stress will be over, we will continue learning the ghost’s native language.





Military ghosts

from battlefields:

where to find

military ghosts?


War cemeteries are the best places for meeting ghosts of soldiers. The human eye cannot see ghosts, but you will feel a ghost. You need to summon demon Murmur from Goetia and express your desire:

” I want to meet a male (or female) spirit of a soldier.” Ask the demon to help you obtain the friendship of a dead soldier. Or you can purchase war helmets.

My ghost even smells a real man. I always tell my ghost: “Babyboy you smell a real man and I love your smell.” Babyboy has a very specific smell: rotten flesh smell, leather smell and metal smell.





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