Investors for your new big business project: how to locate serious investors








Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Involve Belial in your pact if you want to find investors for your big business.


Investors for your new big business project are not easy to find if you don’t have a Witch like me as your companion. I have found serious investors for my client in big business.

His new project is about billions of Euro and he is an engineer. The business history of this man was sad: he ended up broke after having had millions of dollars, luxury houses and luxury cars.

So, this man was heavily in debt when he came to my websites. We began chatting about big business a man likes to run. I could not find any solution to his need of new investors.

I told the man: “You know, sometimes demons can fail to fix bank loans. And you need billions of Euro. This is an unrealistic desire and I am afraid that a pact with Lucifer on your behalf can fail.”

I also explained how pacts can create a lot of chaos within a business. The man did not want to hear me. He said: “Throw your demon pact at me right away. Let there be chaos. I will not blame you for the chaos in my life. My life is already in ruins.”





Investors for your new

big business project:

you need a pact with



This man had limited money, because he needed to pay back his debts to his former investors. The debt was a real burden for this man. Besides all this, he had also invested a huge sum into his wife’s business.

The wife’s business was going hopelessly bad. At last, the man understood that he needs to invest all his money into pacts with Lucifer and his demons.

This “super” pact with a huge crowd of demons took the man right away to his new investors. The investors have money for the man’s project.

But the problem with huge engineer projects is the need to convince the investors to invest their money into the project. Because the man is a grand guy, his projects will eat up billions of Euro.

So, I will say like this: if you make a pact with Lucifer and his demons today, you will locate your investors after 9 months or 1 year. After this you will be talking to your new investors during many months and your financial situation will be stagnant.

The investors must evaluate your project by assigning a group of engineers to carry out all the calculation. This can take up to 1 year.

After the calculations are done and the project is marked as “OK”, the investors will decide if they are willing to invest their money into your business.





Investors for your new

big business project:

a crowd of demons

and dead people


I involve many demons, dead soldiers, dead bankers and even a dead lawyer into a client’s pact. I use textile dolls to hold the spirits of dead people.

I also program each spirit of the dead to think certain thoughts about the client’s needs. Such spirits are like robots: they go and do their job.

Dead soldiers can protect a client very well. A dead banker is a very clever spirit, because he knows everything about loans and investments of money. So this spirit can accompany the client.

A dead lawyer is also a very useful spirit for pacts aimed to locate investors for a big business. I can involve 10 demons into a pact aimed to find investors for you.

I have all the descriptions of the 72 Goetia demons on my websites. I also have descriptions of some demons from the Grimorium Verum.

My former client liked to read about the Goetia demons and together we picked the best demons for his pact. As I remember, we involved these demons:

Lucifer, Belial and maybe some more demons.

But I can involve 10 demons into your pact and also add several spirits of dead people. Together, you and me can choose the most useful demons and undead for your pact.

I learned one lesson: a woman, even if she is a very experienced Witch like me, should listen to her male client. If the client insists that a pact must be made with the purpose of locating investors, I must listen and follow the client’s desires.





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