Real estate and investment portfolios: how to write correct petitions to the demons and the dead









Demon Purson is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Purson is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Purson is helpful in money spells.


Real estate and investment portfolios – these businesses are suffering due to high inflation. If you want to end the financial stagnation and begin generating profits, you might want to try a money spell.

Some of my clients ask me if a pact with Lucifer will help them to improve their income. It is difficult to say if a pact can help a lot during times of high inflation.

I suggest to cast an experimental money spell with the following demons and spirits of the dead:

2 dead males who worked in banks

demon Bune from Goetia

Lucifer from Grimorium Verum

Lucifuge Rofocale from Grimorium Verum (and the Grand Grimoire)

Mephistophilis from the Black Raven

demon Purson from Goetia

demon Belial from Goetia

The use of graveyard dirt from the grave of a banker (my relative) is expected to guide the broker or real estate trader in the direction of good profits.

No, the dead are not dangerous and they do not feed on the life force of a living person. The dead invade the subconscious mind and guide us towards more profits.

You will need to write a petition to all the spirits involved in the money spell. Below you will find a petition from my client, but his petition is too long.

I always suggest to write short petitions. When I summon the spirits for the money spell, I read the petition to the spirits.





Real estate

and investment portfolios:

the petition



This is a money spell I did for my client from the real estate business.
This is a money spell I did for my client from the real estate and trade business.



“Dear [name of the dead person], let me address you in deep respect and ask you to help me. As a leader in the field in which I work, I am asking for a blessing of providence, insight into the near future so that I can properly for me and my clients choose investment portfolios that will be very profitable in the medium and long term future.

I ask for a good understanding of the investment world, a deep awareness of the investment world, the market and market developments. I will support this with regular training.

I ask you to properly manage my decisions and my business. I ask for a huge supply of money for my business. I ask you to protect the money and help me to properly invest the money.

Arrange 5 meetings each day for me and allow at least 2 of them result in very profitable deals. I ask for a constant supply of money ranging from 11 000 USD per month and reaching 21 000 USD per month.

Help me to be one of the 10% most successful traders in our company. Dear (name of the dead person), please help my career as a financier and a real estate broker in terms of coverage from institutions and authorities.

Teach me to act correctly for myself and my clients in matters related to taxes, correct and profitable proposals for mortgage loans and investment portfolios that will be very profitable.”






Real estate

and investment portfolios:

what next?


I cast experimental money spell for real estate brokers with the purpose of helping businesses survive. I give a first free of charge push with the help of an experimental money spell.

But don’t expect huge profits right the next day, because todays inflation and bank rates are not helpful for businesses. It is my hope that the demons and the dead can start guiding a business out of trouble so a business can survive.

If you notice that the money spell is unfolding the events in the correct direction and you see signs that your income is starting to improve, then perhaps you will want to make a pact with Lucifer and his demons.

The pact involves a textile doll of you and it is expected to last during 5 years. Pacts are more powerful than money spells and they keep you very very busy.

Pacts are expected to help a business survive in terms of finances to prevent a total financial ruin.





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