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Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Recruiter job position is a very good position. Sometimes life can turn into something else all of a sudden due to changes in the world and hand us a different type of work.

This post aims to help people like my client who became discouraged when he was moved away from his position at a very prestigious work place and handed the position of a recruiter at a certain company.

All this happened to the man, because of government changes in a certain country. All employees, including him at his workplace were evacuated and moved back to US.

The man is my returning client and I know how he advanced in his career at his workplace with the help of Lucifer and his demons, because I had cast these money spells for the man.

The demons helped the man to secure a well paid position and thanks to the demons the man could even purchase a home.

I believe that everything that happens to us in life serves our highest good. I told the man: “Be grateful for this new job. Don’t get discouraged, because chances are that the demons can help you.”





Recruiter job position:

be grateful

for what you have


It is very important to feel grateful for having a job, because some people don’t even have a job. The title “recruiter” is the exact opposite of the title “unemployed”.

Your next job will also have a connection to recruitment of workforce. A recruiter seldom ends up unemployed and this is very important to realise.

During the recession companies cut down on their costs and employees are faced with demotion and layoff. But the position of a recruiter is immune to demotions and layoffs.

Even if your job pays you less money than you want, with time things can change for the better. The high inflation makes it feel worse even if you have work full time.

The client told me: “A pact with Lucifer and Belial is exactly what I want, but right now, because of my bad income I cannot afford the pact.”

I explained to the client all the benefits of working as a recruiter and then the client responded with a wise: “Aha, yes, now I understand! I am actually blessed in life!”





Recruiter job position:

a money spell with

Lucifer and his demons


If you want to advance in your career as a recruiter, you need to cast money spells with Lucifer and his demons. I also suggest to involve several demons into the money spells:

Lucifer helps to become wealthy

Lucifuge Rofocale helps to become wealthy

Bune helps to become wealthy

Purson helps to open up sources of income and to spot clients

Mephistophilis gives good luck with money

Belial distributes high titles (if you are lucky, Belial can give you the title of a boss)

Belial is feared by many people. I had a client who feared Belial and he did not want me to include Belial into spells for him. But I personally, have very good experiences with Belial.

Belial operates on a grand scale. This demon is connected to high job titles, prestige, money and also to justice. If you are faced with difficulties in life, you can summon Belial and ask him to help you.

Belial can help you when you are facing these issues:

legal issues

bullying at a work place

bullying at home

Ask these demons to help you to advance in your career, and to open up doors to opportunities that bring training courses and more work responsibilities.

I reminded my client about his lousy job at the moment we met. After the money spell things started to change to the better. It took several years of hard work for the client to save up money for the purchase of a very expensive home.

Nobody is insured against chaotic events in a country and change of governments. Shit happens! When shit happens we have to stand strong and be grateful what what we have.





Recruiter job position:

is a pact with

Lucifer and Belial for you?


I have agreed upon many financial pacts with Lucifer, Belial and several other demons. I always tell my clients: “Why do you limit yourself with only one or two demons in your pact?”

A pact with 5 demons has a stronger power and also gives more benefits. One of my clients has a marketing agency business. I included only 3 demons in her first pact, because she was new to the responsibilities of the pact:


Lucifuge Rofocale


The responsibilities of a pact are such: the client needs to make “payments” to the demons during each full moon. The payment to the demons for their help includes the serving of good food and drinks.

Some of my clients are relatively new to sorcery with demons. These payment opportunities give the client time to become friends with the demons.



Demons like to help their friends and this is explained in the Grimorium Verum:

“The demons come as soon as you call them and are willing to perform services for you. But these creatures give you nothing for free.

Demons do not perform services for free. They always want payment. In addition, the demons only serve their close friends. There are two types of pacts: the silent (a silent pact) and the obvious (formulated pact).

There are different types of demons: some are good and some are bad. When you make a pact and have to give something to the demon (something that belongs to you) you have to be careful.”

Source: Grimorium Verum



So, after the first pact with the 3 demons the client with the marketing agency business became closely involved with the demons of the pact. She liked to hold rituals together with the 3 demons.

She liked Mephistophilis very much and told me: “Mephistophilis is a very special spirit and I like him very much!” After 1,5 years the client came back to me for her second pact.

This time we included 5 or 7 demons into her pact. During each full moon, the client holds rituals with the demons of the pact and asks them to help her achieve her financial goals. Her goals are huge: a seven figure business.





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