The recession, high inflation and your business: pacts and spells with Lucifer, demons and the undead









Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. Lucifer can help you through the recession.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. Lucifer gives a greater understanding of where our business is headed.


The recession, high inflation and your business are interconnected. High inflation is bad for your business, because your customers have no money left to pay you for your goods and services.

High inflation hurts everyone: the poor and the rich. High inflation causes a slowdown in the economic growth. The slow economic growth is the recession.

Usually, recessions last for a period of 1 year or a little bit longer. But, we are living during the era of Corona, so we don’t know when the current recession will end.

We don’t even know, if the recession will turn into a depression or if the economy will slowly but surely start to recover. This post aims to discuss economic problems within a business, methods to accelerate the inflow of cash and other practical guidance for your business.





The recession:

who was your client

and who is

your new client?



If your business depends upon customers, because they pay you for your goods and services, its helpful to understand that your past clients have no jobs and no money now.

You must change your business strategy and target other types of customers: with good incomes and good jobs. Your past clients spend all their money only on food and accommodation.

Do not hope that those who are running a business can still be your clients. These people have no clients and their business is undergoing a nasty financial downturn.

What happens during a recession to the workforce in a company? They are headed towards a demotion and layoff. Therefore you have to do some thinking and change your business strategy so you begin attracting people with well paid jobs to you.

It will not help if you reduce your prices. If you reduce your prices, so that your previous clients can afford your services, you will not be able to make any substantial profits.

You certainly know: almost 1/2 of the money you make goes to the Tax authorities. The 1/2 that is left for you must be enough to cover your living costs, food, insurances and other expenses.

I am not even “talking” about any greed! If you need a minimal sum of money for your living each month, then you have to multiply this sum by 2.

You will end up with a certain sum per month = the money you need to earn. As some of you will realise, this sum of money cannot be earned if you still expect your former clients to pay you, because they have no money.





The recession:

high prices and

wealthy people


Wealthy people have jobs and money. They can afford your goods and services. Do not be afraid of high prices, you will get used to them. Everything costs more today due to the high inflation, inclusive your goods and services.

But of course, depending on the type of business and the amount of taxes you have to pay, high prices may not help your business to survive. Some businesses cannot even employ staff anymore due to the high inflation.

If high prices is something that helps you to attract the right sort of customer, then this is the right business strategy for you. But it will take you longer time to make stable monthly profits, because:

it takes time to attract only people with good jobs to your business

some months will be profitable and some months will be empty of money

it takes time to create content for a different audience (to use social media makes little sense as most of the people have no jobs)

Even the real estate branch and investment branches are suffering due to high inflation and the recession. They have fewer clients and make fewer profitable deals.

It is important to understand that the middle class is shrinking. Some of those who used to run big and successful businesses are now on a tight budget, because their companies are experiencing financial loss.

I told my client, a real estate broker: “You need wealthy clients!” The man replied: “My clients don’t have to be super rich. I just need ordinary people as clients.”

I told the man: “But your former clients have no jobs now and that is why you came to seek my help. You need clients with plenty of money”.

So, you need to redefine your ideas about your clients. It is tough for everybody now, and in some cases, it does not even help to have high prices.

This depends on the type of business you are doing. But if high prices is something good for your business, you should change your business strategy and have a global coverage so you attract the rich even from African countries.





The recession:

can demons counteract

global economic



No, demons cannot counteract global economic conditions such as high inflation, stock market crash, recessions and wars. If you turn to me for help with a pact, you must know:

pacts may not 100% meet your expectations during slow economic growth

the outer bad economic conditions will remain the same (worldwide)





The recession:

how can a pact help?



But if you plan to write a book instead of serving clients (who have no jobs now), there is more probability that the pact with Lucifer will help you to become a successful writer.

If you have a very special type of business and you estimate that earning 50 000 Euro each month is a realistic goal, then the pact may help you. But if this goal is unrealistic, the pact will fail.

A pact can also help you to calmly pass through long periods of financial stagnation and also open other sources of income for yourself.

If you even include demon Andromalius into your pact, you will become aware if your business partners are stealing money from you. Andromalius also helps to recover the stolen money.

Please read my post about the biggest problems within a business. These problems are almost always caused by former business partners.




The recession:

counteract the slow

inflow of cash


I advice to do 3 or 4 money spells each month. Before Corona it was enough to do 1 money spell each 3 months. Today, its tougher and you have to be tough too.

Cast these 3 or 4 money spells during the full moon period. It is my experience that former clients (with well paid jobs) will show up after 2 weeks.

The money will start to pour in. But not almost each day like before the Corona. But still, money makes everybody so happy. I also advice real estate brokers and marketing agencies to summon dead bankers.

This is what I do personally. I regard the dead banker as one of my gods. The dead person has kept me very calm during some non profitable months and he provides good guidance.

I and the dead banker renamed the non profitable times as a luxury vacation. I really feel pleasure when I milk this silly idea that I am having a luxury vacation at home.





The recession:

debts and spending


Debts must be paid first. This must be the first priority for every business owner. If you don’t pay your debts, there will be problems within the business.

I advice to be very stingy when it comes to expenses, other than food and the coverage of the costs of living. If you feel scared, because of your bad financial situation, I advice to cast money spells non stop.

You have nothing to loose anyway. If you cast 1000 money spells, there will be a turning point someday, and the money must start to flow to you.





The recession:

use it

and be proactive!


Time is money. The time of the recession and its economic stagnation can be used:

to allow Google to index websites and passive sources of incomes

to move to another city with lower rates of inflation

to move abroad and live a luxury life at an affordable cost

Life goes on. Do not give up and stay proactive. Stay positive and very calm.





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