Business today: Pacts with Lucifer with high inflation and economy collapse in the background









These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.
These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.


Business today is very different from the businesses many people used to run several years ago. Europe and USA are hard hit by inflation and the overall situation will get worse when interest rates go up.

This post aims to answer some questions that people in big business ask me with regard to pacts with Lucifer. Today many big companies are experiencing a nasty financial downturn.

When these former millionaires have accepted the fact that they are broke, they turn to the Devil in hopes that Lucifer can repair their company and make it prosper again.

I will also give some information about how pacts with Lucifer have impacted the lives of my clients, because pacts can also create enormous chaos.

You see, the demons are superior to humans. They know the future of the planet and they have the ability to estimate a business: if the business model is the right one and if the business in question will ever prosper or not.





Business today:

I was a millionaire,

but now I am broke


I have many ex millionaires as clients. The phrase: “Now I am broke” is not scary for me. How can a business prosper in todays world? Even the crypto may collapse!

We have high inflation in several spots on our planet, interest rates may go up and the situation may get worse. People have no jobs and business owners complain: “I have no clients!”

If you are broke: don’t be sad, because you are not alone with this problem. Many people have the same problem, plus other problems on the romantic front.





Business today:

will a pact with Lucifer

help me?



“I want to pay debts from previous business it is about 100,000 USD and in my business I had a profit of $ 12,000 / month. Last year, my profit was lower.

The high inflation has made it almost impossible to make profits. I feel stuck. Will a pact with Lucifer help me repair my financial situation?”

Anonymous client 

This is a very difficult situation. If the debt is paid back all at once, you will be ruined, because you don’t earn a lot (in comparison to the debt). A pact with Lucifer may help you to make a deal with the financial institution that collects debts.

But there is no promise that a pact with Lucifer will allow you to pay back your debt in portions. I am sure that you have already been in contact with your local tax authorities and adjusted you monthly payments of the taxes in proportion to the amount you now earn each month.

Demons cannot help to repair a desperate financial situation. If you are experiencing a financial downturn now, things will only get worse until you hit the bottom.

A clever strategy in this case is to make sure that you do not accumulate new debts to the tax authorities for example. A second clever strategy is to establish a second “low price” business.

A second business may provide you with money to cover your living expenses. As time goes by, you may want to evaluate which business is going well and which is going to hell.

Only the demons can estimate if they are able to repair your business. But when there is war, high inflation, economy collapse and possible high future interest rates in the background, I doubt a business will recover fast.





Business today:

I need investors

to invest money

into my business


I had such clients. They were ex millionaires, broke and in debt. These men bought pacts with Lucifer and his demons from me.

The pact with Lucifer and his demons took these men to new investors. In parallel, these men were struggling financially and paying back their debts to former investors.

The problem in connection to investors is the need to convince them to invest their money into a business. High interest rates are soon coming to counteract the inflation.

A pact may or may not help you to find investors for your business. Even if you find investors, there will be a stagnant period, because you will need a lot of time to convince the investors to invest money.





Business today:

the rule of thumb!


The worse it gets, the worse it gets! The better it gets, the better it gets!

My rule of thumb

If the situation in your company is very bad, a pact with Lucifer will not improve the situation all of a sudden. But a pact with Lucifer and his demons may show you:

that in todays world its impossible to run your business

that you need to devote yourself to another business

that you will not be able to attract the same volume of clients as before

that you need another types of clients (with jobs and incomes)

A pact with Lucifer and his demons may help you to:

calmly navigate through a stagnant financial situation

see new opportunities for your business

take your business abroad to other areas

find investors or partners for your business





Business today:



Hello everybody. I am writing this testimonial under my name initials SA.

Before I ordered a pact from Bonnie, my life has been chaotic and not enjoyable. I was trying to scale my business but I always had new obstacles in my way. My goal was to gain financial stability and freedom from any financial worries.

I had a business and it was going okay, but I still could not afford a lot of things and had money worries. I was earning around 3k USD per month.

I decided to order a pact, because I have never made a pact by myself before. I’ve chosen Bonnie’s service because she has a lot of experience and good connections with the demons.

I’ve chosen Mephistophilis, Lucifuge Rofocale and Lucifer for the pact.

I have committed to build a stronger bond with the demons, because Bonnie told me that it will help to strengthen the pact. So I have made rituals with the demons additionally and introduced myself, and brought them offerings on a regular basis.

Around 4 weeks after the pact, my finances started getting better. My income almost doubled and I started enjoying my work and putting in more effort.

Around 8 weeks after the pact, new business possibilities opened up to me and I started consulting clients who paid me a lot of money for my consulting and coaching services.

Around 3 months after the pact, I had so much money that I moved to another country. I almost could not believe it. I was feeling so empowered and blessed, money came in easily and I got many clients.

This situation lasted for another 6 months. I was able to save a lot of money and live my dream life.

But then things started to turn. My business revenue went down to 0 again and I got many client complaints, a lot of problems. I started getting depressed and recognized that this business is not something I really want.

I do not like what I am doing and I was dishonest with myself, because I focused only on the money and on nothing else. I had no personal growth or development during this time.

I decided to close this business once and for all. The demons showed me a new business that I can start, with the knowledge that I got from my old business.

I worked very hard to build this new business, and funnily enough, almost all the money that I had saved up at this point, went into building this new business. I think the demons had this plan for me from the start. Because they knew the old business was troublesome.

Now I own a reliable business. I am not depressed anymore.

SA from Germany





Business today:

pacts can create



If the demons see that the business model is wrong, which was my case, they will change the business. Originally, this website was only in English and I had only clients from USA.

I made a pact with Lucifer and several other demons when the Corona hit the world. This pact changed my business radically in two ways:

Now I have clients mainly from Germany, Austria, Brazil, Russia and Sweden. I have almost no clients from USA.

Now I have rich clients.

Now I have mostly male clients.

Long before the Corona began, I was shown a dream: “A huge wave came and it was trying to take me into the deep waters, but I was struggling very hard and finally I escaped the wave and survived.”

Now I understand my dream. I saw the Corona and my business chaos in my dream. I saw another dream too: that this worst Corona related chaos will last 3 years.

After I made my pact with Lucifer and his demons, the Devils started to change my business by moving it away from USA. My websites were in a chaotic condition and not visible to clients.

My income dropped and I was terrified. I was led to upgrade my website to a business plan and to fix the SEO for all languages, including 3 Asian languages. This was hard work like in hell!

I was also led to open a second source of income for myself. But with time, Google indexed my websites and I became visible to my customers.

My current clients are mostly men in business. Some of them run large companies and they turn to me for pacts with Lucifer and some other types of spells.




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