Lawyer business home office design: Feng Shui and a money spell with demons








Demon Purson is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Purson is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. This demon helps to find clients and points you in the right direction.


Lawyer business home office space is very fun to design. It was even more fun for me to cast a money spell for the lawyer to give his business a kick forward.

One of my friends works in a bank and she mentioned to her friend, the lawyer: “Please don’t tell anyone at work about my friend. She is a Witch and she is very skilled. She could help you.

I know about your fear of public places, aeroplanes and I also know that you want to work from home. It is tough for everyone now because of Corona and it is also difficult to start a business.”

My friend mentioned: “None of my co-workers even know about your demons. They know about Jesus Christ, about angels and about Buddha, but they are unaware of demons. This lawyer is open minded and he likes the teachings of Buddhism. He even meditates.”

So, they got in touch with me via e-mail. I refused to see them in person due to my fear of Corona. We began chatting with the lawyer through e-mail and he sent me several pictures of his home.

I told the lawyer that I use Feng Shui for myself and my business. But I am more skilled in the area of Witchcraft with demons, dead lawyers and dead bankers.

The money spells with demons and these specific dead help to bring in clients, money and can also help to solve business trouble or find solutions to business problems.





Lawyer business:

you need to know

your goals


You need to know several things about your future business:

the type of clients you want to attract

your skills and knowledge: narrow or broad spectrum

the amount of money you want to earn

your character and your fears

Life will not be the same. The Corona will stay with us for a while until the virus becomes endemic. You can run a business from home. It is 100% possible.

You will need:

a good website

a blog as a part of your website

an e-mail address (it should be encrypted, so Protonmail is a good choice)

a phone to reach you, but for further communication with clients always use encrypted e-mail

a Paypal account and a bank account

a Linked In profile (grow your professional network there)

a Facebook account (but Facebook is not good, it is not encrypted)

Why is it important with encryption of information? It is very very important, because you may have very “special” clients with very “special” cases.

You don’t want to share your e-mail address or your Facebook account with people who want to sabotage your work for you.





Lawyer business:

use the power

of Feng Shui



We choose a room for the home office. The home office should not be in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room. Well, the home office can be in the living room if you live alone.

You don’t want your family and your kids to run around in the living room, watch TV there and disturb your work. I am sure you want to be private, because you want to work a lot and earn a lot of money.

Feng Shui and it’s application is very simple. The symbols we use in the design of our office will trigger thoughts and give us booster ideas to help us keep running our business despite the hardships in connection to the Corona times.

We applied the Bagua map to the room and started designing the room.



This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.



Life Path and Career sector

Ruling element: Water


The lawyer placed this in the Life Path and Career sector:

a mannequin in a very expensive suit and with a tie (the lawyer wanted wealthy clients)

a large black TV (symbolises information coming in all the time)

several photos of former wealthy clients

a large metal bowl filled with lots of coins and paper money (the future harvest of profits)

a female bust decorated with a beautiful necklace and a very expensive fur cap (a wealthy female client)

several large decorative metal items (the Metal element feeds the Water element)

the map of the world (because I don’t think that a lawyer business should be confined to a specific country)

I have used graveyard dirt from a Swedish lawyer to help my clients to deal with court cases in Switzerland and USA. My spells were successful. The dead Swedish lawyer could twist the laws of Switzerland and in USA to help my clients.

a clock (to rotate the astral energy in this sector)

a picture of New York with its high buildings (this is what the lawyer liked)

black furniture



Success and reputation sector

Ruling element: Fire


The lawyer placed this in the Success and reputation sector:

a low wooden bookshelf

The bottom parts of the bookshelf were filled with books, files and large reserves of printer paper. All this cellulose represents the element of Wood and wood is fuel to the element of Fire.

The top of this furniture piece was decorated large candle holders. I suggested lighting the candles on a regular basis to ignite the fire of business success and business reputation.

When you design this sector you must choose the décor items with great care. Ask yourself: “How do I expect my clients to find me?” For example, you may answer:

via Linked In

via my website

via my client’s client

via my personal contacts

So, when you have answered all these questions, you can begin expressing these answers in the form of specific images in this sector. Suitable decorative images in this sector are:

a tall red lamp

red roses

green plants (they should grow upwards)

your work awards and diplomas

pictures of balloons with your name on them

drums and bells (they will push you to post on Linked In on a regular basis)

peacocks or cockatoos (peacocks dance and show off, cockatoos dance, show off and talk)

The symbols should be chosen with great care and express exactly that which you want. For example, the Linked In symbol can be printed out and merged with your Name and Surname.

This picture can be framed into a picture frame and used in this sector. If you are creative, you can create flying balloons out of cardboard. The Linked In picture can be combined with the cardboard balloons to symbolically pull your fame upwards.



Money and wealth sector

Ruling element: Wood


This is the income area. Money does not fall from the sky. Money comes in the form of an income from work or business. This sector is very important and it should be kept clean.

This sector is linked to several other sectors:

the Life Path and Career sector

the  Success and reputation sector

Network, clients and helpful people sector

From where does the money come? From your clients who pay you for your services. So, the Network, clients and helpful people sector is like a second money sector.

For this reason, it is important to know who your clients are. You can use this knowledge in the design of the Money and wealth sector and also in the design of Network, clients and helpful people sector.

When I encountered some business problems, I used witchcraft spells with demons to fix these problems. Then I looked carefully at the design of my Network, clients and helpful people sector.

I found 2 photos of my parrots and pictures of my relatives in this sector. I asked myself: “Can my birds pay me for my services? Are they my clients?” The answer was a sure NO.

I redecorated this sector some two years ago and soon I noticed a change:

I was attracting rich Russian men to my business.

I was attracting rich men from Brazil to my business

I was attracting former millionaires (their business crashed due to Corona and I was doing money spells for them)

I did this Feng Shui rearrangement before the Corona hit the world. The sad result was that I kept attracting rich people to me (they said: “I am new to this stuff with demons, but I like it very much.”), but 50% of my former clients had no jobs or that their business was drowning in financial hardships.

You can arrange a wooden piece of furniture and a large mirror in the Money and Wealth sector. Arrange a transparent bowl with coins and paper money bills.

Allow the money bowl to be reflected in the large mirror: you want your income to increase all the time. This arrangement should be well lit.

Other suitable additions in the Money and wealth sector are:

symbolic representations of your clients

books about bankers and financial management of wealth



tall growing plants

purses filled with money

an impressive airbag (against a financial crash)

crystal lamps

expensive items

It is very important to use large mirrors in the Money and wealth sector during the Corona Crisis. Mirrors are processed as real water by our subconscious mind.

During my meditation, the spirit of a dead soldier appeared in my vision (he is my personal helper spirit from the times of WW2). The dead man was standing under the large mirror in my Money and wealth sector and it was raining there. The dead man’s uniform and helmet were wet.

You need water in this sector, because your plants will be able to grow. If your plants grow on the astral plane, your finances will survive.

If you have the ability to see visions during meditations, you will see the condition of the soil in your money area. If you see dry soil, you can add mirrors.


Network, clients and

helpful people

Ruling element: Metal


This sector is very important for every business, because:

this place in the astral dimension helps to attract the right sort of clients

Most Feng Shui books state that this sector is responsible for help in life or help from God. But they do not explain how to attract the right sort of clients to a business.

Here is what you can do:

decorate this sector with pictures of your business (website, Linked In profile, business name, logo, etc.)

decorate this sector with images of specific types of people you want to attract to your business

The people should “walk into your home” and not “walk away from your home”. Because this is a sort of second money sector, you should decorate this sector with specific symbols of:


pay checks

golden and silver items

the symbol of the service that attracts your clients to you

Large metal items are a good addition to this sector. You will notice that you start to attract the exact types of people to your business. Well, there can be periods of some financial stagnation too.

You must analyse and understand why these boring periods occur. The reasons are different: high inflation, or simply your clients are busy with work and all is well in their life.

What do I do when my clients are busy? I do a spell with silver coins and boiling water. I cook silver coins in a pot. Later I spray this water around my desc.

This brings in former clients one after another, because they discover that they have fresh problems in life and they want me to help them solve these problems.



Children and creativity

Ruling element: Metal


We placed the lawyers desc in this sector. The man was supported by a wall behind his back and he could see the whole room in front of him. He could also see the door.



Love and marriage

Ruling element: Earth


We did not touch this sector.



Knowledge, skills and wisdom

Ruling element: Earth


This sector is very important, because it helps in retaining knowledge and professional skills. We placed a narrow book shelf in this area and we filled the book shelf with books on the subject of law.

This sector is the so called intellectual sector and is connected to the Love and marriage sector. If a man’s intellect is highly developed and he has a very tight timetable and a very busy professional life, love and marriage will suffer.

Therefore the Knowledge, skills and wisdom sector must be symmetrical and heavy in its design to “ground” the head.

Even if you design a heavy and symmetrical Knowledge, skills and wisdom sector, your love and marriage may end one day. This is because love seldom lasts long.





Lawyer business:

money spell with coins

and boiling water



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Demon Bune has helped a lawyer business to move forward.
Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Bring in customers to your business with this quick spell. Bune is the best demon for money spells, but you can also summon Lucifer.

This spell is done in the kitchen. You need to select a time when you can be private in the kitchen. It is not desirable to have small children or pets in the kitchen during this spell.

You will need:

a clean frying pan

several silver coins (or any coins of your choice)


Place the coins into the frying pan and fill the frying pan with water. Heat up the frying pan and allow the water to boil. Do not fear that you will melt your silver coins or golden coins if you use such.

You should recite a money spell while you boil the water and cook the coins. Recite the spell 3 times. Allow the water to cool down after you have done your spell.

Use this water as a spray in your office, shop or in your home. Spray this water on the carpets and on the floor. This spell brings in customers.

Caution: do not water your home potted plants with this water, because this water can kill your plants.

After the spell is done, you should thank the demons and allow them to leave.





Lawyer business:

Feng Shui

and the

subconscious mind


The symbols in our home influence our subconscious mind, the way we think and our general thinking patterns, our feelings and our decisions in life.

I don’t think that Feng Shui is some sort of fashion for the home or for the well being of the home. Feng Shui is about the subconscious mind and helps us to achieve success in life.

Feng Shui is also about Earth’s electromagnetic currents that permeate nature and also circulate inside our homes. This energy is called Chi or Qi.

You need to be aware: Feng Shui is about the astral images inside our subconscious minds. It is also important to understand that business success does not come overnight.

The astral images inside our minds will trigger a specific thought pattern and after a while you will notice a change in the way you think, the way you run your business, the clients you attract to you and the money you make.

Choose the right images and monitor changes to the better. But honestly speaking, everyone can learn witchcraft with demons and combine it with Feng Shui.

Witchcraft with demons is very helpful, because it can help people in business to:

grow their business

fight and defeat enemies

manipulate people

change business strategy

find solutions to complex problems





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