Dark necromancy: long term relationships with the dead and how they work









Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.
Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.


Dark necromancy is a very interesting area of magick and many people are not aware of the risks involved. I understood the risks gradually when a male spirit fell in love with me.

In the beginning I did not even know about the life of the undead in their dimension. I was very careless during my ritual interactions with one male spirit of a soldier who died 1943 during WW2.

The spirit of this dead male started to own me from the first ritual. I did not even know that the male spirit fell in love with me. I did not even know that dead people can fall in love with the living.

After I consulted a very experienced person who was very learned in the area of necromancy, I understood that I am the girlfriend of a dead male.






Dark necromancy:

the signs of romantic love



If a spirit falls in love with you, the spirit will force you to do love spells on the graveyard dirt, the war helmet of whatever physical remains there are.

It will feel like a compulsion to execute these love spells. Besides this, during moments of sleep the spirit will wake you up. You will feel the pressure to execute love spells.

When I woke up from my slumber, I felt a physical kick in my back. I asked the spirit (the WW2 war helmet):

“I am afraid of you, because I know that you can kill me if I do not obey you. I had severe and prolonged panic attacks, because you made me understand that you are a very dangerous man.

I will do anything you want me to do. I am a very obedient woman. I want to live. Do you want me to cast a love spell on your war helmet?”

I closed my eyes and slumbered once again. Then suddenly I heard the spirit speak: “Yes, I love you madly. I want you to love me back!”.

The clear signs of romantic love are:

you and the war helmet (or the bone, cranium, or the graveyard dirt) will always be together, sleep together, and hug and kiss all days long

the spirit will own you 100% and make you cast love spells for you and the spirit (an inner forced compulsion!)





Testimonial from

an American customer


“I want to give a huge Thank You to Bonnie, the demons Andromalius, Lucifer and Belial, and the dead soldier who died 1943 during WW2. They all helped me and solved my problematic life situation.

While I myself am a very experienced practitioner of the Occult, I was having a difficulty with a private life situation. It was hell. So, I contacted Bonnie and together we did magick to resolve my situation.

The demons and the dead soldier worked to remove me and my children from a toxic situation and the source of the problem (a human) is now continuing to come across road blocks and stagnation, while I have improved the quality of my life.”

M from USA





Dark necromancy:

are there dangers?



Are there dangers involved when you are in a romantic relationship with a spirit? Yes! Wrathful jealousy! If you are involved with a military spirit who killed a lot of people during the war, this spirit is extremely dangerous.

There is no way out of such romantic relationships with such extremely malicious military spirits. The spirit will own you 100% and it will love you. You cannot run away from such spirits, because they own the mind.

The spirit will force you into a compulsive behaviour and you will cast love spell after love spell on the war helmet (or the physical remains, or the graveyard dirt).

The spirit will also constantly demand that you enter into an engagement pact with the spirit. I have been postponing this pact for several years, but I feel pressured all the time.

I am afraid to enter into an engagement pact with such a dangerous military spirit. I will never ever forget my prolonged panic attacks when the spirit made me taste the fear of death.






Dark necromancy:

protected and wealthy



There are huge benefits of such romantic relationships with dangerous military spirits. The spirit will help you to run your business, teach you foreign languages, neutralise your enemies in car and plane accidents, and keep you safe.

You just have to obey the spirit all the time. The fear will go away gradually, but not totally of course, and will be replaced by trust. But such military spirits are very dominant and they will demand proper behaviour towards them.

Because such military guys were killed during war, they demand a lot of love. Their craving for feminine love is obsessive. You have to be aware of this.

The spirit will force you to:

dress nicely everyday

put on makeup everyday

and take good care of yourself

Do such relationships last a very long time? Yes they do. There will be no heart break with such a spirit, because the spirit will force you to cast love spells one after another.

After several years you will not even understand which thoughts are yours and which thoughts belong to the spirit. You will still be able to sort out the confusion a little bit if the dead man spoke a foreign language.

But after several years of a romantic relationship with a foreign military spirit, you will also speak the spirit’s language. This is because of the fact that the spirit will force you to learn its native language.






Dark necromancy:

forced obedience



You will be safe and alive if you obey the military spirit. You will die if you are careless and do not obey the spirit. Your body, your hands and legs, your tongue and your mind will belong to the spirit.

You will feel on a subconscious level how the spirit is forcing you to love it. This is forced love. If you refuse to love the spirit, then you will die.

I have summoned many dead men and among them very dangerous generals. These spirits were very helpful and helped me in my protection spells, but they never showed any romantic interest in me.

After a while, these dead men went back to their world of the dead. I summon them from time to time together with my spirit lover, because they served in the army together.

In short, if a dead military man falls in love you, you will be owned and forced into a romantic relationship with the spirit. If you want to live, you must obey the spirit and love it.






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