Odin, the God of the Vikings: how to approach him and how he can help you









This is Odin.
Odin. Attribution: Public Domain, https: //commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=679798


Odin the God of the Vikings is a Norse God of the Vikings and I love this spirit, because this entity is very powerful. Odin is the perfect male God for females and also for males.

Odin is especially good for women, because he can empower a woman and support her through tough times. You do not need to fear Odin, but this God is very straight forward and honest.

Approach Odin with honest requests when you are facing difficulties. Ask Odin to stand up for you and support you. Witchcraft with Odin brings enormous courage to the Witch. Odin can free you of your internal fears.

Odin is a very serious God. You cannot make empty promises to him or cheat him out of promised privileges. God Odin is so powerful, that he will force you to hold your word.

If Odin happens to like a female, he may capture her and force her to summon him again and again. Odin is a very charismatic spirit. God Odin is said to be the War God and also the God of death.

Because of Odin’s dual nature, that is, he is also the God of death, you can summon him together with demon Murmur from Goetia. You can summon dead soldiers in the presence of Odin.

Odin cooperates very well with the demons of the Goetia, but if you summon several Norse Gods (The snake of Midgard, Loki and Odin), I do not think that the demons will like your ritual.

Odin has a space in the astral world. That place is Valhalla. Dead soldiers end up in Odin’s Valhalla. I think that you can summon Viking warriors in the presence of Odin and Murmur, but of course you need to test the spirits of the dead for their intentions towards you.

God Odin has two children: Balder and Thor. It is important to keep in mind to never summon the snake of Midgard (the Icelandic Jörmunandr) together with Thor. It is because of the fact that Thor and the snake of Midgard are enemies.







the God of the Vikings:

approach him

with honesty


Approach Odin with honesty and when you are in need of help. Odin can help you wage a war, and for this reason he can help you to navigate through difficulties and deal with difficult people.

Odin has only one eye, but this does not mean that he is blind. On the contrary, Odin is very clever and he can gain insight about people and he can discover lies too.

Regard Odin as a very wise and loyal God and also a God of war. Odin can defend you from enemies, because this god knows who is innocent and who is not.

Odin likes women very much and if you are woman, you may even fall in love with this spirit. If Odin liked you during your first ritual, he will force you summon him almost all the time.






the God of the Vikings:

how he can help



Witchcraft together with Odin can help you when you are dealing with:

legal matters

difficult people

internal fears

absence of a purpose in life

an unclear and difficult situation

a divorce (Odin can make you very brave)

dead soldiers and need to send them off on a mission






the God of the Vikings:

suitable additions

for spells



You can use any types of spell ingredients, candles, herbs, gems, Tarot cards and also runes. I like to do magick with runes when I summon Odin. If I am doing a money spell for myself, I like to use the rune Fehu.

I like to summon the snake of Midgard (the child of God Loki) together with Odin. Of course Loki should be summoned too. I also make sure to please the child of Loki, the snake of Midgard.

If the snake of Midgard is pleased and happy with me, his father Loki will be very generous towards me. I use my shamanic drum in my rituals with Odin, Loki and the snake of Midgard.

I like to drum and dance during several hours to please the Icelandic snake God Jörmunandr. So, a shamanic drum is a very good ritual tool for inviting the Norse Gods to the Witch circle.

You can use the Helm of Awe, Ottastafur and Ginfaxi sigils in your spells with Odin. Ginfaxi can empower you and make you brave. The Helm of Awe has the same function.

The seal of Ottastafur can help you to defend yourself from your enemies.



This is the seal of Ottastafur and it can be used for fighting enemies.
This is the seal of Ottastafur and it can be used for fighting enemies (Icelandic magick).





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