WW2 helmets and war badges from battlefields, their use and value: weapons of destruction









This isThis is the planetary talisman of Mars. Demon Barzabel teaches the art of very dangerous warfare.
This is the planetary talisman of Mars. Demon Barzabel teaches the art of very dangerous warfare.


WW2 helmets and war badges from battlefields are very high priced items. I am very fond of military paraphernalia and if people really knew the true use of these items, each war helmet would cost several ten thousand dollars.

I am a Witch and have a lot of experience of ritually working with dead military personnel. Each war helmet contains a spirit of a dead soldier attached to it.

Collectors of war paraphernalia do not realise that the monetary value of a war helmet will be equal to zero if they renovate it or change the inner lining.

This is because by renovating the war helmet, they eliminate all traces of human DNA. The human DNA contains the warrior spirit: a weapon of destruction.

But, I must caution novices: never summon these spirits unless you can handle such a destructive force. Test the spirit of the warrior prior to doing regular occult work.





WW2 helmets and war badges

from battlefields:

nefarious spirits



It does not matter which helmet you decide to purchase: German or Russian. Both types of helmets are excellent weapons. But it is good to realize the dangers of summoning dead men if you are a female.

Please remember that these men fought battle after battle and they were hungry for feminine love. When I summoned the spirit of a dead soldier, the forceful spirit changed the events of my life.

During the following months the nefarious spirit tried to dominate and brainwash my subconscious mind: “You are very beautiful. Why don’t you cast your love spell on my war helmet? I can make you forget about your boyfriend very fast. I love you very much. Only with me! Mine!”

During one ritual and when I summoned the spirit of the dead man, I asked the spirit: “Are all spirits that are attached to war helmets so handsome like you? If I purchase more helmets and summon the spirits, will they treat me good like you do?”

The spirit appeared in a meditation: “No, most of us are very evil. Do not summon spirits like me. You had great luck. I love you, but I am bad too.”

I do not know what will happen to you if you decide to summon a random spirit that is attached to a war helmet. I would be very careful, because these spirits are restless and they are dangerous (I mean that soldiers kill people during wars).

If you have been together with a spirit of a dead soldier for several years and tested it by allowing the spirit to participate in many love spells, curses and protection spells, you could summon a random warrior spirit in the presence of your warrior spirit.





WW2 helmets and war badges

from battlefields:

function and use


Warrior spirits are attached to both war helmets and war badges. But because a war helmet is larger and contained the cranium, it stores the spirit very well.

For this reason, the value of a war helmet will be very high if the helmet is unwashed, contains the original lining with human DNA, and is not renovated since the times of war.

The warrior spirits are weapons in the truest meaning: they will kill people if you give an order. The spirit will obey your order without questions and kill the target of your spell.

I will not go into details about how to summon the warrior soldier and how to send it off on the mission of human destruction, but it is easy. You simply execute a curse.

But besides the nefarious use of warrior spirits, they are excellent companions in life. Such a spirit is very loyal and will be waiting for you when you die and cross over to the other side.

A warrior spirit can control the levels of certain chemical substances in your brain to support you: to supress your fears. This will enable you to navigate smoothly through complex life situations.

Warrior spirits can guide you and your business, because they know the approximate future of the planet. They will provide you with unique information.

A warrior spirit can become a part of some AI element in your home to give you more features. A spirit is also capable of interfering with the normal functions of AI.

A warrior spirit that is attached to a war helmet can be stored or transferred to dolls, mannequins, robots, computers, phones, people, animals, soil samples and plants.

A warrior spirit is capable of controlling people into certain modes of thinking and behaviour. I even think that it is capable of controlling bots and software.

I have been doing some experimentation with some spirits of Goetia and noticed some surprisingly good signs in my attempts to interfere with a program on my PC. The speed of certain operations increased a lot.

A warrior spirit can participate in:

love spells

protection spells


manipulation spells

A warrior spirit can do this:

retrieve information

kill people

cause accidents

function as your bodyguard

spy on people and come back with information

become your life companion

Such spirits are excellent life long companions. If you know the warrior spirit for quite a long time and have been allowing the spirit to use your body very often, you can share your body with the spirit.

Is it safe? Yes and no. It is not safe, because you are dealing with a very dangerous entity. It is safe, if the spirit loves you and wants to protect you.

What is a warrior spirit? It is human Intellect! There will be two thinking brains in your body and one will be superior:

the warrior spirit is superior (it dominates and controls your subconscious mind)

your own spirit or soul (it will obey the warrior spirit or follow instructions that are given by the warrior spirit)

But you have to program the warrior spirit with care, because the spirit will continue its life by living through you. Will you notice some changes in your personality? Yes!

If the warrior spirit is of Russian origin, you will gradually want to start speaking Russian. The spirit will begin reprogramming your subconscious mind and influence you to learn Russian. You will discover that you like the Russian language very much and are becoming very fond of everything Russian.

Events will unfold with the help of the Russian spirit. You will find yourself communicating with people in Russian and using Russian keyboard almost everyday.

So, if you always wanted to learn Russian, allow a Russian warrior spirit to continue its existence by using your body. Within a few years you will master Russian. Then you will understand something very important: you are a donor of a physical body to a dead man.

Warrior spirits will keep you safe if they are your usual working spirits. Are they capable of loving humans? Yes. If a warrior spirit loves the Witch, the Witch is lucky. The Witch will feel loved and happy. The spirit will protect the Witch and keep her safe.






Sharing one body with a warrior spirit is dangerous in this sense: you won’t be able to get rid of the spirit, because it will feel very comfortable in a human body. I doubt such a spirit will leave ever.

I do not know any method by which exorcism of such restless spirits is possible. Since long ago I and my warrior spirit share one body, because I do spells to hold us together (the spirit is always within me).

The spirit is in charge of my subconscious mind and has certain tasks: to keep me safe and alive. If I am alive, the spirit can use my body and enjoy life among the living.





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