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You need a lot of Martian energy to become a winner.


Leadership and team work are a hot subject in todays world. Office teams have relocated themselves to comfortable homes, the workloads have increased and as it is expected: team members have frequent conflicts.

The sudden change in working routines has caused chaos and unhappiness among the team members. There is a key word connected to team work: competition.

But the members of the team do not realize that they are competing with each other, because we all have been taught in school: “Be nice and polite to your school mates!”

In this post you will find some descriptions of situations in connection to team work, “see” how people are competing with each other and perhaps find some clues to your solution.





Leadership and team work:

leadership is competition



Leadership is competition. The leader of a group of people is most often the boss of the department. The boss is a person with a very high competitive drive, a high level of the male hormone testosterone and a hard character.

If a woman is a boss, she certainly has high levels of testosterone. She is even the boss at home. Her childhood taught her to be the boss over her siblings, because she had workloads of responsibilities within the family.

A boss does not compete with the co-workers, because the boss is superior to the co-workers. The boss competes with his boss and the bosses of other departments.

This competition is not obvious in everyday life. Co-workers do not even realise the competition in the work place. The rivalry becomes visible when departments are reorganised, and bosses are moved to other departments.

Bosses have a feeling called PRIDE. Male bosses are very polite people and a male boss will not show his internal suffering due to the rivalry, but one day during a banquet, and if you are lucky, you will see two male bosses physically fighting each other.

Co-workers do compete with each other. You cannot be friends with co-workers, because they are your competitors. Friendship easily turns into envy as soon as you start earning more than your co-workers.

Team work is not friendship. Team work is competition in its truest meaning. The members of the team are all competing with each other for resources such as more money.





Leadership and team work:

common mistakes

in competitive environments


Clients often turn to me, because they are in highly competitive situations. Most often males come to me and ask me if I can help them win the competition.

These men don’t even understand that they themselves created these competitive situations for themselves. Here is one case from Canada.


Case 1


“How does a man deal with his failures?

That is the measure of a man! Be a hard loser!”

Vince Lombardi Jr. on Leadership



The client was very interested in politics and the local laws. This man wanted to start a career connected to politics and he started a Facebook group.

He was in contact with the local authorities and obtained certain permissions to hold several public meetings. He planned to speak in public and start his new passionate career.

He accepted all kinds of people into his Facebook group and after a while his role of a public speaker was stolen by a competitor. The competitor mislead my client and even excluded him from the Facebook group.

When two people compete for the same thing, only one of them will win. The initial mistake in this case is obvious: suddenly a competitor was allowed to join the Facebook group.

The solutions to this problem are several:

to escape the competitor by keeping future plans secret

to confront the competitor (this step could lead to a conflict)

to work independently with something similar

to empower oneself; you start to believe that you are the best

to extract something very valuable from the competition and turn it into a project



Case 2



My client was originally from Germany, but she wanted to move to the US. She was very fond of the drop shipping business model and had some stores for German customers.

The obvious mistake she made from the beginning was that she partnered with another person. A business partner is not a friend as most people think.

A business partner is a rival in business. The competition and the dangers of the competition were not obvious for my client from the beginning.

After my client ordered a pact with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis from me, her business friend turned in a dangerous rival.

My client earned mountains of profits and decided to move to the US. The demons showed her a new business with the potential of generating a 7 figure income.

At this stage, the business companion turned into a dangerous competitor. The business companion started to attack my client with curses to drown her in financial hardships.

Finally, my client managed to escape the competitive business partner. Now both are enemies and dislike each other very much.



Lesson learned:


Business partners are not your friends! They are your competitors! Stay away from your competitors. Stay away from your competitors, especially if you know that they are into the Occult.





Leadership and team work:

how to win the competition



“I am the only one who makes the decisions”.

Vince Lombardi Jr. on Leadership



There are several people involved in a competitive situation. You cannot win the competition as long as you must be closely involved with your competitors.

If you want to win the competition, you should be different from your competitors:

consider self employment as a good option for you

distance yourself from your competitors

have a unique business for unique customers

do not have any business partners within your business

work independently and become the best

learn unique skills and value your knowledge

Remember: the Universe is big enough. There is enough money for everyone. There is no need to compete for resources.





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