Business troubleshooting: mistakes that cause huge problems for a big business









I say to my clients: “The larger your business, the grander your problems”.


Business troubleshooting is a process that will help a business expert to spot the problems within a client’s business, the roots of these problems and also to develop a plan of action.

I have clients who run businesses. But these people come to me for other services, not related to their business. These people want LOVE!

Because I charge 50 USD for my time with clients to chat about their love life, the volume of this small fee becomes filled with the client’s questions about love spells and witchcraft in general, and my questions about the client’s love life.

Some clients even become interested in my service: financial pacts with Lucifer and his demons. Prior to executing the pact ritual for the client, I ask the client many questions about his or her business.

This is because of the fact that if a client has major problems in the business, the pact with Lucifer and his demons may cause a chaos in the client’s business.

So, due to the frequent experience of making pacts for people in business, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about how problematic a business can actually be.

These people have a lot of problems within the business:

former business partners who have turned into malicious competitors

evil gossip about their business (done on purpose by the client’s competitor)

former business partners who now partner with their relatives and cause trouble within the client’s business

theft of equipment

After I do a pact ritual for you and your business, all these problems may become even worse, because Lucifer will help you to disentangle yourself from bad business partners, and this may be a very turbulent process for you.



Some of the clients have really huge problems, but I am not an expert in business. I am a Witch and I know all about financial pacts, money spells and love spells.

We are now living during the Covid era and many businesses are experiencing a financial downturn. Depending on the sort of business you run, a pact with Lucifer and his demons may help you or may not help you:

to change your business strategy

to move your business to other locations

to attract more clients or other types of clients

If it is possible for Lucifer and his demons to help your business survive the shock of the financial decline, then Lucifer and his demons will help you.

In this post you will find “wisdom” that was given to me in exchange for my small fee of 50 USD. My clients become my “mentors”, because they have a lot of life experience.





Business troubleshooting:

avoid business partners


Do not include a business partner into your business. Run your business alone. Almost all business problems are caused by former business partners.

Why do former business partners cause so much problems? There are several reasons:

envy (because of money) is a major reason

former business partners turn into enemies, because of envy and greed

former business partners become envious and greedy, and want their share of the business

former business partner wants you to stay within the business, but you want to move to something more exciting





Business troubleshooting:

choose business partners

with great care


I had one client and he had a business partner who used to run a certain part of the business. Both men were good friends. But their friendship started to deteriorate, because the business partner had a certain relative.

The relative gossiped about the client, lied and twisted facts. This resulted in angry confrontation between both friends within the business. Both friends started to dislike each other and wanted to go separate ways.

All this caused lots of anger, sadness and huge problems for the client. There is no solution to this problem. This business is rotten!





Business troubleshooting:

2 business partners

become your competitors


This is a very common situation. I had client’s with this kind of problem and even worse problems: malicious gossip about the client’s business.

After a pact with Lucifer and his demons, all these problems may become even worse for a while. The only solution in this case is that you detach yourself from these people and have zero contact with them.

Life will turn these two people against each other. Life will make them hate each other and gossip about each other. Life will make them envy each other when one of them wins the competition and the other experiences failures.

What they give out in thought and action will be attracted to them. Therefore, I advise to never ever have a business together with another human being.





Business troubleshooting:

choose your lovers

with care



Choose your lovers with care. If you are a male and have no time and no plans for building a family with a woman, it is best to have a female friend for pleasures.

Many of my male clients tell me: “It is very important that your demons do not force me to fall in love with my female friend. I just want to have some pleasure and a nice time. I am a generous man and I pay very well for my pleasures. I have no time for a relationship.”

Relationships do not last. When a romantic relationship ends, it can cause huge problems in the form of anger, revenge, gossip and sabotage within your business.

So, you can have a professional friend for pleasures instead of a long term romantic relationship. A long term romantic relationship demands your time and full commitment.

If you have no time, the romantic relationship will collapse and cause you lots of problems.





Business troubleshooting:

why do people have

business partners?



If there are so many problems connected to former business partners, then why do people have business partners from the beginning? There are several reasons:

people have limited knowledge about the business they want to start

people feel safer when they partner with someone else

people are not aware about the problems an envious business partner can cause

people have a need to invest money into a business

people are close friends with someone and include them into the business (but envy can ruin the friendship)






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