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Demon Sitri is described in the Lesser Key of Solomon and this is his seal.
Demon Sitri is described in the Lesser Key of Solomon and this is his seal. This is the demon of sex and love.


Love coaching is for everyone. Is your relationship ending? You may not even know that your relationship is ending. There are some alarming signs that can help you recognize the first signals of trouble and the direction of your relationship.

I will also try to point you in the right direction. But it is good to know on beforehand that not all love relationships last. Very few love relationships last a very long time.





Is your relationship ending?

The honey moon phase


The honey moon phase is a period when you and your partner feel very much in love with each other and you want to be with each other all the time.

Love is blind during the honey moon period. The brain produces a lot of chemicals to induce the desire for intimacy. What is love? It is a chemical reaction in the human brain.

The brains of all people do not function in the same way. The male brain can shut down the production of chemicals all of sudden while the female brain continues to overproduce the chemicals of love.

When there is this difference in the doses of chemicals produced by the male and female brains, one of the partners is no longer in love while the other partner is still in love.

There are other factors too, such as a persons upbringing, inner qualities (like loyalty and a serious personality type), and cultural stereotypes that determine how your relationship will unfold.

Men like to propose to women during the honey moon phase. But sadly, when the honey moon phase is over and the male brain has stopped producing the hormones of love, many women are shocked: the man wants to exit the relationship.

This sad thing can happen to man too. Many women feel that the love is over after the honey moon period and want to end the relationship.





Is your relationship ending?

Loyal types of people


If your relationship is ending after the honey moon period, then sorry. You picked up the wrong type of person for love. Such men and women can be found on the street and they are very cheap.

The loyal types are very precious and they are very serious people. Love with such a person will never end. Death will not be able to end your love with a serious and loyal person.

A relationship with the loyal type can last during 30 or 40 years, but of course there will be periods of concern. Love can become a little bit old with the passage of time, but you can refresh that old love too.





Is your relationship ending?

Alarming sign number 1

(case 1)


There is an invisible wall between you two. Your partner pretends to be busy with work and is slow to respond to your phone calls. Well, people can be very busy from time to time.

But if you do not hear from your lover during two weeks or more, then this is the very first alarming sign. In this case you should get things straight as soon as possible and make it clear that your expect good communication with your love partner.

I think that you should not be in this relationship very long if your request is ignored. If you are a woman, allow the man to chase you. Do not do the chasing yourself.

If a man is truly thrilled by your presence in his life, he will chase you all the time. If a man is not thrilled by your presence, he will not chase you.

A man may chase you from the beginning, but you, as a lady, have to be careful. Some men want sex most of the time. When the man has been offered sex (and free of charge) and is no longer hungry, he may end the relationship.

In short, the alarming sign number 1 is the uncomfortable pause in communication. It feels like the relationship is stuck all of sudden.





Is your relationship ending?

Alarming sign number 2

(case 2)


You and your man have been together during 30 years. Before, and when love was still vibrant, both of you had mutual friends. Both of you adored each other and spent a lot of time together.

But now your love has become old. You do not watch movies together, you do not travel together, and you sleep in separate bedrooms. Recently, you even hade a couple of verbal fights.

These are the obvious alarming signals that tell you: your relationship can end soon. Do not ignore these signals. Do not take love for granted.





Is your relationship ending?

Alarming sign number 3

(case 3)


You and your partner have been together for 10 years. You have children together. If you are a woman, you should know a cruel truth: the man can leave you even if you are the mother of his children.

Love begins to become old when a relationship is 10 years old. The high costs of living, loads of responsibilities and mountains of work, destroy the bonds of love between two lovers.

Be on your alert if you find yourself sleeping in a separate bedroom during prolonged periods of time. The usual excuses people can give their partners are such:

I am tired tonight and I want the bed for myself

I am sad and I want to be left alone

I am stressed out

You snore and disturb my sleep

I must wake up very early

I want to watch TV until midnight

You should become alarmed if your mate locks himself or herself in the bedroom during each evening. What is your mate doing alone there?

People find smart ways to call their mistresses (lovers) from under the blanket. You should know about this, because I have witnessed this.

There seems to be trouble with regard to how you and your mate communicate. You quarrel often. You have less and less sex with your partner and you cannot figure out what is going on with your relationship.





Preventative measures:

Your appearance

and your smell



Pay close attention to your intuition. If your intuition is telling you that something is not working in your relationship, then this is the case.

Immediately begin upgrading your appearance and look your best for yourself and for your partner. Dress well everyday even when you are at home.

Use perfumes on your person, because smells trigger the hormone production in the human brain. Wear beautiful shoes when you are at home.

Follow your weight on a daily basis and get rid of all extra fat on your body. You can change your diet: switch to fish and vegetable for 6 months.

Take care of your nails and keep them in a pleasant shape. Use cosmetics and perfumes everyday. You may skip perfumes and cosmetics only in one case: if you are ill and must be in bed.

Check the condition of your hair. Keep your hair healthy, shiny and accurate. Figure out your perfect hair style. Men are visual! Look your best for your man everyday.





Preventative measures:

arrange a cosy bedroom



Arrange a cosy bedroom for yourself and then try to lure your mate into your bed. Sleeping together with your mate in another bedroom can be fun and refreshing.

Please remember that the chemicals of love in the human brain are produced in response to visual images and touch. The chemicals are produced gradually.

Forget about pyjamas and night dresses. Replace all these “shy” items with very sexy lingerie. Men are visual and they have a need for pleasure and entertainment.

Women also react well to a man’s smell. If you are a man, use a specific smell as your signature to arouse your woman. A signature smell acts like a trigger in a woman’s memory.

Have soft light in your bedroom. It should not be dark in the room (a man has a need to see a woman’s body). You can arrange candles on a tray and place the tray on a table. Offer your mate some strawberries and some champagne (or wine).

Be patient and very observant. If you notice that this strategy (to lure your mate into another bedroom) has helped you, then you are going in the right direction.

Transform your intimacy moments into a mysterious ritual. When intimacy becomes a routine, the desire to have sex can die.





Preventative measures:

cast love spells


Some of my clients have been together with their men during 30 years. Their relationship is old and the love they once felt for each other has turned into a friendship.

Women complain to me:

“My man looks into his cell phone all the time instead of looking at me! We don’t have fun together and my man is bored. We fight often with each other and I feel unloved.”

In such cases, you need to cast love spells for you and your partner and before it is too late, that is, before the man has left the relationship for good.

The best Goetia demons for love spells are Sallos and Dantalion. You can also cast love spells with Sallos and Dantalion, and also involve a dead soldier into the love spell to make the spell even stronger.

Of course, this act of influencing another person to stay in the relationship is pure manipulation. But a woman’s love for a man is selfish. A man’s love for a woman is also selfish.

It is a pity to go separate ways after being together with a love partner during 30 years. At the age of 60 a woman has less chances of finding new love. A man will face the same problem.





Preventative measures:

watch out for

a third person



Be observant and collect facts about your love partner’s life. A third person can easily intrude your love relationship. Keep an eye on your love partner’s working life and working schedule.

Sniff your love partner’s clothes when you are washing the clothes. Do the clothes smell unknown fragrances? Are there signs of a lipstick on the shirt collars?

Does your partner talk to someone very often on the phone? You should become alarmed if your love partner locks himself or herself in a room and talks to someone during a very long time.

If you discover a third party intruding your relationship it is time to get rid of that person. How? You can ask the person to leave your love partner alone.

If asking in a polite way does not help, then you can warn them that you will fight and cause them severe harm. If they do not understand that they are harming your love life, then you can begin cursing them out of your life.

Curse them out of your life even before they succeed to have sex with your love partner. Once they have sex with your love partner, they have ruined your life (and the life of your children) forever.





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