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This is an Asian joy and long life symbol.
This is an Asian joy and long life symbol.



Home based business is difficult to run if you do not understand what is happening to the population during the “Corona” crisis. Many businesses have trouble attracting clients, because things have changed.

If your income is suddenly in trouble, you must analyse the situation with regard to your business. It is helpful to make a list with several questions:

Are you happy? What has changed with regard to your income?

Are you following your income by creating excel diagrams?

Who were your customers and where are they now?

Do you plan to make changes to the way you do your business?

Do you plan to attract a new type of client?

Are you experiencing periods of financial stagnation?

Who was your perfect client in the past? Was he or she generous and nice? How did that client find you?

A lot of things have changed in the society due to the Corona virus due to the subsequent restrictions with regard to outdoor activity. People who had outdoor jobs have no jobs now.

Who has jobs now? Those people who work in the following professions: University teachers and school teachers, language teachers, the IT sector, the hospital staff, people who own a business and many other people.

Due to the Corona crisis, the society wealth has been divided into the letter K. The upper branch of the K letter represents those who have jobs. The lower branch of the K letter represents those people who have no jobs now.

If your business is suddenly in trouble, you must understand that you need to make changes to your business strategy and orient yourself towards another type of client and do business on a global scale by going international.





Home based business:

how important is

your home office?



During these days all business activity is online activity.
During these days all business activity is online activity.



Many people are quitting their jobs now and choosing to work from home. Many people want to earn more, attract more clients and attract new types of clients to their business.

Your office is a map of your professional life. By making changes to your office, by applying the right design and by adding the right type of décor you can change your life to the better.

You will obtain the following benefits:

clarity and knowledge about your business goals, your perfect client and the perfect client’s desires

an optimistic mood

a feeling of being in control of life

inspiration to act and make positive changes

a better income (you will start to attract your perfect client one after another)

In short, the home office is as important as your stove in your kitchen. Make sure to arrange a very comfortable office in your home. If you are a family (several people working from home), each person should have a private working area.



The luxury of a nice smell


Online shops don’t have vacuum cleaner filters for all types of vacuum cleaner models. I have no time to run around the shops and chase vacuum cleaner filters for my vacuum cleaner.

The smell in your home office can become “old” if you run out of filters. Do the following very often:

Let in fresh air into your office as often as you can.

Manually brush the carpets with a large brush for horses (takes away hair and dust). Do this once per week.

Arrange a small container with fabric softener and place this container into an empty vase. Let the aroma of the fabric softener evaporate naturally every day.

Keep the kitchen door closed to avoid smells.

Wipe the dust from the furniture 2 times per week.



Create a mind map

and design your office



It is very important to stop looking for more and more information about the Corona virus, what this virus is doing right now, if it is gone away already or not. This Corona situation will not end. Not soon. We will have to live with this virus for a very long time. So the solution is: a home based business.

If you want more clients or more money, you have to sit down and do some thinking. You have to ask yourself several questions:

How did my clients find me before?

How will the new type of client find me?

Do I need to change the way I do my business?

How much did my “old” client earn? Does the “old” client have a job now? (The client from the lower branch of the K letter).

How much does my “new” type of client earn? (The client from the upper branch of the K letter).

What should I do if I want to attract the “new” type of client from the upper branch of the K letter?

Do I understand what high inflation is doing to my old type of client? (The client from the lower branch of the K letter).

When you have answered these questions, you will begin to understand why you are experiencing these long periods of financial stagnation in your business.

If your business branch is very narrow, you must broaden up. There are several ways to broaden up:

offer content in 10 or more languages

know the potential of the super powers of the future (Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China)

learn several foreign languages (at least the basics)

offer different type of products and services (educational material, courses, books, PDF’s)

Place an impressive representation of your “new” client in your office. I have a representation of my perfect client in my home office since long ago.

The representation is a mannequin dressed in a beautiful dress. I decorated this mannequin with a fur boa and shining necklaces. The mannequin has a cute handbag on a golden chain.

I arranged this cute mannequin long before the Corona crisis hit the world. On the wall beside the mannequin, there are several pictures of my “perfect” type of clients.

As soon as I had arranged this client corner (long before the Corona virus began), I gradually noticed new people coming to me:

One client had a business connected to trucks and cars and he payed me generously for my services.

Another client worked in the parliament. Her lover had boats and large houses.

The third client owned a business and was experiencing some problems within the business.

The fourth client was a singer.

When the Corona crisis hit the world, I suddenly noticed that I am now left only with the new type of client from the upper branch of the letter K. All other clients were hit very hard by the Corona crisis.

I created a mind map and redesigned my home space and my home office. The redesigned office gave me new ideas: I broadened up and went global. I also started to learn German and Japanese.

The results of this action followed after 1 year: I started to get clients from Germany, China and Japan. But before, this website was only in English and I had clients only from USA.



Day and night work

home offices


I advise to have several spots in your home where you can work whenever you want. My day and night are sometimes upside down. When my day and night are upside down, I wake up at 6 in the evening.

I like to blog all night long and have several comfortable working areas in my home. When my pets are sleeping during nights I move my PC into my bedroom.

So, I have arranged a very comfortable arm chair in my bedroom. It is an old Versace design armchair and it is huge. I have also arranged a small coffee table in the bedroom.





Home based business:

design from the bottom

of your heart



A money garden



Because I have a home based business, I used all my creativity and designed my office windows. I have huge plants at my two windows in my home office. So, one day when I was bored, I crafted huge paper flowers and hung them on my plants.

I also decorated the flowers with real money and glitter. My office windows look really fancy: like in a fairy tale. I also placed a huge antique mirror behind the plant pots.

The mirror background looks like a lake. The symbolism of this “money area” is clear. The money grows on my trees in my office and I can grow my income.

All symbols in our homes influence the subconscious mind to take the right action. Choose the right symbols for your home office and you will reap a rich harvest.



Desks in power positions:

sit like a boss



If you have a home based business it is very important to have your desc placed in the power position: so you can see the whole room and the door too. Ideally, you should have a wall behind your back to feel in control of life.

If you must sit with your back turned to a window do this: close the window with blinds and curtains. To close the window is very important during dark hours, because you never know what is going on behind your back and in the darkness.





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