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Success coaching is for people who want to be happy with their lives.
We feel rootless after a divorce and this is very natural.


Success coaching is for people who want to be happy with their lives. It is also for people who own businesses and have no time to grieve, because they lead very busy lives.

A divorce is very painful, but life goes on and we must heal our emotions as fast as possible and focus on our work. Nowadays, in our “Corona” world businesses are suffering from the lack of clients, people are moving to more affordable homes, offices are loosing their work force and people are quitting their jobs, because they want to work from home.

So, there are many things that are happening all at the same time and this drastic change also triggers disharmony in the family relationships.

Couples are falling apart due to the worry for the high costs of living, market crash, fear of the unknown future and the sudden change in work and business.

In this post you will find some guidelines to survive the shock of a divorce and to find the mental strength to focus on your business.





Success coaching:

your partner found

another lover



Do you own a business and the business is not going well during the Corona crisis?  Do you worry all the time? And at the same time you are facing a divorce, because your partner has found another lover.

This is a normal situation many people are faced with in today’s world. Let your partner go. You do not need such a partner, because this person does not even know the meaning of the word “loyalty”.

A person who truly loves you or at least cares about you will be by your side when your business is falling apart. Focus on yourself and on your work. You have to find the inner strength to carry on through tough times.

You can and should support yourself as much as possible. You should make your emotional healing and your work a priority. It is very helpful to make a priority list:

Number 1: Me

Number 2: My mental and physical health

Number 3: My finances and my budget

Number 4: My kids and my pets

Number 5: My clients

Number 6: My parents and my siblings

Number 7: My friends

Number 8: My ex lover

Ex lovers are not worth your love and attention. The prefix Ex means that they are already in the past and forgotten by you.





Success coaching:

re-organise your home



Since you have decided to focus on yourself and on your work, you need to re-organise your home. Make sure to hide away any objects that remind you of your ex lover.

You do not need to throw away these items, because you may regret this step in the future. Some items may be very expensive and have an unique value for you.

But because your intense emotions are attached to these items, it is wise to hide them away: at least for a while. When you have achieved full emotional healing and recovered after the divorce, you can have these items around you again.

Surround yourself with art and objects that are connected to the theme of courage and vitality. These objects and art can be strategically placed here and there in your home.


The working area



Here are some objects and pieces of art that can decorate your office:

War helmets are my favourite items. I love one war helmet very much: this item is my toy and my teddy bear during nights. I cannot function without the war helmet in my vicinity, because it gives me enormous courage.

During moments of internal fear, I hold the helmet in my arms and I think about the enormous courage of the dead man who fought the war. He must have been very brave.

When I am working at my computer, I must hold the leather band of the war helmet between my fingers. I cannot type in a concentrated manner if I don’t hold the leather band of the war helmet between my fingers.

running horses or running wolfs

boxing men

the seal of the Martian demon, Barzabel

pictures of athletes

high speed trains and space rockets

racing cars


ticking clocks

fast growing and tall plants

It is good to choose art of red colour in the working area. Red is the colour of courage, fast action and quick thinking. Do you like to clean and redesign your home?

If yes, you can arrange the perfect office for yourself in your home. Your beautiful home office will make you feel in control of your life. With the feeling of control over life come also other benefits:

better luck in life

joy over your success

emotional healing

improved finances

a better destiny


The bedroom


Clean the bedroom and hide away all items that remind you of your ex lover. Use inspirational art in the bedroom. Some good choices of art for you are:

women and men relaxing at the spa

beautiful pillows hanging on the wall (means that love is soft)

angels, teddy bears, temples

art reflecting beautiful and lazy atmospheres

It is not advisable to have a ticking clock in the bedroom, but I have a ticking clock in my bedroom. I have this clock since the time of enormous stress due to work.

The ticking clock helped me to structure my day and night. I used to go to bed at 2 in the night and I woke up at 6 in the morning. This routine continued during a couple of years.

Remember that all types of art are images that become a part of our subconscious mind. Choose images that show good things, because the images are procced by the eyes and trigger a certain thought pattern.

With time this thought pattern becomes a dominant pattern. When we have a dominant pattern, we attract matching people and matching events into our lives.



The kitchen


The kitchen will become a lonely place after a divorce. You will notice this and you have to make changes to the kitchen. Turn the kitchen into your private kitchen, a place of where you can be selfish and enjoy an abundance of tasty food.

You can purchase a new table and new chairs. The change of furniture also triggers a sense a freshness and change. These strategies can help to forget the ex lover faster:

purchase new cups, plates and drinking glasses

pack the old ones into a box and place the box into the storage room

clean the fridge and the refrigerator; fill them with fresh food and fresh products

wash the windows and take the old curtains out of your sight

replace the old curtains with new ones

introduce new items into the kitchen: a new toaster, a new coffee machine, a new tea kettle

You can hang inspirational art with written positive affirmations in your kitchen. Funny art is a very good choice for your kitchen.





Success coaching:

your goal list


After a divorce most people are sad. Few people are happy after a divorce. In this case you will benefit from my success coaching article. But life goes on and you have no time to waste on a depression, because you must run your business or work.

I advise to make a list of life goals. A list will bring you clarity and alert you that time is ticking and you must focus on your goals. A list of goals will also help to put the divorce into the past.

For example, your goal list can look like this:

earn a certain amount of money until a certain date

renovate the home

work on a certain project and complete it on a certain date

write a book

stay single as long as possible and enjoy the freedom

start a Youtube channel and become an influencer

Keep this list in your home office and near your computer. The list will help you to forget about the divorce faster. Use affirmations as part of your success coaching on a regular basis too.

You can say affirmations mentally inside your mind all the time to silence the internal chatter and the pain of the divorce. For example:

I am the king (queen) over my destiny. I am in full control of my life.

I am very brave and I can deal with life.

I can take good care of my needs. I know what is best for me.

I love being single and I am starting to enjoy my freedom.

Marriage is for slaves and not for free people.






Success coaching:

find a substitute

for your ex lover



You can substitute your ex lover with a favourite item in your bed. Go on shopping trip and look for luxury quality teddy bears or dolls. The toy can also be a cute rabbit, a cute bird or any other cute toy animal.

We need someone to love after a divorce. People are poor choices as companions after a divorce, because they can break your heart once again.

We all love animals and pets, and therefore a toy pet can be a good companion to sooth the aching heart. But be warned, such attachments to favourite objects can become objects of fascination.

After a heart break, I substituted my lover with a war helmet. I thought: “I will not sleep with a toy like a teddy bear or a rabbit, because I am an adult.”

I became so fascinated by the mystery of the WW2 war helmet and I forgot my lover very fast. The war helmet empowered me very much and I became very brave.

The war helmet is always with me. I cannot function without the war helmet in my vicinity. If you like war paraphernalia like I do, then such objects can help you to feel in control of life.





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