Pacts with Lucifer and Belial for success and a great income









Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Pacts with Lucifer and Belial are enormously popular, because they help to push out a business on the international market and help to bring in good profits.

I have made pacts with Lucifer and Belial for myself and for some clients. After I signed the pact with Lucifer and Belial, my websites started to expand very fast.

But to my disappointment, Google indexing was too slow. It would take Google 10 years to index my blogs. My blogs in each language consist of 400 posts per language and I have posts in 7 languages.

To solve the problem with the slow speed of Google indexing, I was forced to switch to another website. I began filling my second website with posts in 7 languages.

For some reason Google decided to re-index my second website. This created huge chaos in my workflow and also in my business.

Some posts were put on stand-by by Google for later re-indexing, but I needed them to be put out on Google at once. I could not afford myself to wait 6 months.

When clients come to me for pacts with Lucifer and Belial, I warn them that there could be huge chaos in business. Pacts with Lucifer and Belial are for strong willed, stubborn people with nerves of steel.





Pacts with Lucifer and Belial:

the chaos in the subconscious



Belial likes to operate on a grand scale and this is good to know. This demon will create a special “situation” to reshape your business. The change will shock you, because:

there might be a turbulent period in your business

there might be periods of zero website visibility on Google

there will be a need to invest money into the business

there will be a need to save money

there will be scary moments filled with indecision

there will be a need to learn new languages

The demons influence our subconscious mind and Belial pushes out the negative beliefs about money out to the surface of the subconscious mind.

When this happened to me, the business was in chaos. I was very unhappy, because Google is very slow at indexing new and also old websites.





Pacts with Lucifer and Belial:

a milliard business



I have one client in this class. He lost almost everything he once had. This client came to me for a pact with Lucifer and Belial. I warned the client that:

pacts do not come with a 100% guarantee of success (the client said that he has nothing to lose anyway)

pacts can create lots of chaos in business

pacts can also show that the business model is wrong (the taxes are too high and you cannot compete)

About the taxes: the taxes are huge in Germany and Sweden. Competitive businesses like a drop shipping business will be limited in their growth by the magnitude of the taxes.

A pact with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis helped one client to realise the magnitude of the tax burdens for her competitive business.

The client decided to do her business in a slightly different way. The demons have also arranged her emigration to the USA. There she will be able to grow her business.

pacts can lead the client to huge projects and to a need of investing lots of money (needing investors)

In the case of a milliard business all pacts and spells must be realistic. The pact with Lucifer and Belial helps to come up with a project and to locate the investors.

The pact runs during 5 years. The problem with pacts in connection to a milliard business is the need to convince the investors to invest money. Once again, even pacts must be realistic.

If the investors see no need to invest money into the client’s business, other spells must be done to convince the investors. It is also possible that there will be a need to make a new pact for a new project and to locate new investors.





Pacts with Lucifer and Belial:

how powerful are they?



Demon Purson is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Purson is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Purson is a minor demon of Goetia.



I enter pacts with Lucifer and his demons once a year. Pacts are of course more powerful, because I use a textile doll during pacts. A textile doll traps a part of the client’s soul.

I also have an opportunity to manipulate the mind of the client with thoughts about success and the desire for reaching financial goals. I include only the most powerful and superior demons into pacts.

The superior demons are Lucifer, Belial, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis. You should be aware that a pact with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis can also create chaos in business.

Pacts and money spells are a bit different from each other. Pacts are like a long term money spell with a duration of 5 years. Pacts are more powerful in comparison to money spells.

Money spells have a duration of 1 year. A money spell does not touch the depths of the subconscious mind to make you work over your normal working capacity.

If you are experiencing a stagnation in your business, I advise that you cast 4 or 5 money spells in a row. Forget about the money spells and focus on sports or household tasks. After a while the money will start coming in.

I summon these demons for money spells: Bune and/or Purson. If you are experiencing a sudden and temporary stagnation in business, I do not think that you need to make a pact. Money spells will be enough to bring in the clients.

Pacts have a strong purpose:

to expand a business a lot

to develop new services and to reach lots of new clients

to increase the income a lot (this takes several years)

In conclusion, pacts are more powerful than money spells. Pacts should not be made every month, but perhaps once per year. Money spells can be done several times per month.





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