The Goetia demons and the undead: how compatible are they with each other?









Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Belial likes to do business together with Andromalius and dead lawyers.



The Goetia demons and the undead: are they compatible with each other? Oh, yes! You can summon as many demons and as many dead people as you desire during your magick rituals.

The power of a spell increases dramatically with the number of the participant demons and the souls of dead people. In this post I want to present some information about how to combine demons and the undead for spells.





The Goetia demons

and the undead:

love spells



Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Sallos likes Dantalion.



There are several love demons in the Goetia and these are: Zepar, Sitri, Sallos and Dantalion. These are the demons I summon often. I like Sallos and Dantalion very much.

Sallos and Dantalion help a man and a woman to love each other with passion. These demons also help gays and lesbians in matters of love (same sex love).

You can summon Sallos and Dantalion together during one and the same love ritual. They come from Harab-Serapel (from Netzach on the Tree of life) and are compatible with each other.

During some love spells I summon a dead soldier. Demon Murmur is also involved in such love spells. This male spirit is very helpful, because he intensifies the feelings of love. I have been in a magickal partnership with the dead soldier during many years.

The dead soldier can also destroy people, because love can kill. If you want your enemy to suffer a lot, the dead soldier will execute your revenge.

This nefarious spirit will make the enemy suffer heartbreak after heartbreak. No love relationship will ever work for your enemy. Why? Read on.

Dead soldiers follow your instructions very well and they have power over the thoughts of people. They can make a man lose his interest in a woman and push the man to chase other women.

Dead soldiers can also steal a woman’s desire to love a man. Under the influence of a dead soldier (if the spirit is attracted to the woman), the woman will become unwilling to be together with a man.

Dead soldiers are good at brainwashing people into certain modes of thinking. The brainwashing occurs on a subconscious level and day by day.





The Goetia demons

and the undead:

domestic abuse



It is sad that domestic abuse still happens to women and kids. The best spirits to protect women and kids from domestic abuse are:




the dead soldier

the dead lawyer

Focalor and the dead soldier are very dangerous spirits when it comes to protection from abuse. These spirits are capable of inflicting serious injuries and even causing accidents and death to the abuser.

Do not ask Focalor and the dead soldier to protect you from your abusive husband, mother or father, because your spell can land tragic results (the abuser might get hurt or die).

You can summon the dead lawyer, Belial and Andromalius and ask these spirits to separate you from the abuser in a legal way (the demons will involve the police, lawyers and other authorities).

Demon Andromalius, demon Belial and a dead lawyer are compatible with each other. You can summon these three spirits during Tuesdays and Sundays.





The Goetia demons

and the undead:

financial pacts



I have one client in a mega millionaire class. This man is from Switzerland and he is very special. He was stuck with regard to his business. This man purchased the pact with Lucifer and Belial.

6 months passed and the man informed me that he found something very good for his project. I could feel that the pact with Lucifer and Belial was taking the man in the right direction.

The demons were helping the client a lot by guiding him and showing him information that he needed for his business. I felt very sorry for the client, because he was faced with lots of hardships when he came to me.

After the pact with Lucifer and Belial was done for the client, I summoned the dead soldier. I asked the spirit to be with the client and help the client to hold his focus on his work and not on the hardships in business.

Dead soldiers can also protect a business and can act as bodyguards. Demon Andromalius was participating in a financial pact together with Lucifer and Belial for another client. That client had a business and many enemies within the business.

Belial, Lucifer and Andromalius are very compatible with each other. Even Asmoday is compatible with Lucifer, Belial, and Andromalius.





The Goetia demons

and the undead:

pet care



Demon Barbatos is very animal friendly. This demon will teach the owner of the animal or pet to “understand” the animal language. Demon Dantalion is very compatible with Barbatos and you can summon these two demons together.

These two demons can help you to tame angry pets or wild animals. Dantalion can help a person to be loved by the animal. You can do honey jar spells on the animal to sweeten up the animal towards you.

Demon Barzabel is the best demon for animals. He makes animals very brave and disciplined. He teaches the owner to act in a correct way to command the animal to obey.

Barzabel taught me to change my voice into a male voice (to command my naughty male cockatoo to obey me). Animals can feel a female and a male in their owner.

Male animals are stubborn and do not want to obey a female owner. Barzabel taught me to speak with a very loud male voice to make the cockatoo respect me.





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