Dark necromancy: the most powerful and hazardous spirits to watch out for









Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.
Demon Murmur from Goetia is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.



Dark necromancy involves very powerful spirits and as a rule, these spirits are hazardous. We are not talking about spirits of ordinary mortals in the case of these hazardous spirits.

There are several classes of undead and I always advise to test each spirit prior to getting involved with a particular spirit into a long term relationship.

If you are a woman and take no safety measures, you could become a sex slave to a spirit of a very dominant dead man. There is no way out of such relationships, because the spirit will own your mind and your life.

One such spirit is Chinggis Khan. This warrior of a grand calibre is a very dominant spirit and when he was alive, he was famous for his harems.

Summon this dead man with great care and in the presence of dead military staff. I always say to new male spirits: “One war helmet you see in this room belongs to my boyfriend, and I am under his patronage. I am untouchable.”





Dark necromancy

Chinggis Khan:

how can he help you



Chinggis Khan was a great warrior and the Emperor of the Mongol Kingdom (1158 – 1227). He ruled an enormous territory. The spirit of Chinggis Khan should be summoned in the presence of demon Murmur and dead military staff.

Chinggis Khan can help a woman to become very brave and his spirit can teach a woman the art of witch wars. This is an excellent spirit to have as a life long patron and companion in witchcraft.

This spirit can give very clever advise for solving complex problems. Masculine warrior spirits are great companions, because they will help to detect curses, and wipe out the enemy from your life with the most cruel methods.

But being in close relationships with warrior spirits is not easy. You will question your relationship many times, because you will feel unsafe. no matter how much you try to please the warrior spirit.

The first alarming sign that you are dealing with a very dangerous male spirit is severe and prolonged panic attacks. If you experience severe panic attacks after your ritual (and this condition lasts during 3 weeks), this is sign that the spirit is letting you know about its dangerous nature.

Women should watch out for flirtations when it comes to this spirit. This dead man was a lover of women, harems and other nice luxury.





Dark necromancy

Ivan the Terrible:

how he can help you


Ivan the Terrible was a Russian King (1530- 1584). This is a very dominant dead man and a woman should bow before this spirit or stand on her knees when the spirit is summoned.

Males should take off their caps and greet this spirit while standing. You are not in a position to negotiate or argue with this male spirit, because this spirit has a short temper and is very destructive. Summon this spirit with great care and in the presence of Murmur and dead military staff.

This spirit is capable of protecting you very well if it likes you and the deals you offer. Offers clever advise and can deal with your enemies in the most destructive way.

But of course, you will change internally under the patronage of this male spirit, because the spirit will think inside your brain. A woman under the patronage of this male spirit will become:



able to set boundaries

able to say NO

able to show others that she deserves respect





Dark necromancy


Queen Catherine



This spirit is very good and is very helpful. I like this lady very much. She was the wife of a French king. I approach this spirit with respect and caution.

This Queen was involved into the practice of Witchcraft, she even knew Nostradamus, and I have been with this spirit during 4 years now. But in the beginning she was very arrogant and even cruel towards me.

This spirit gave me very clever advise when I needed to solve business related problems. She knew much about my simple life.

I also suspect that this spirit knows a lot about the art of making deadly poisons, because the spirit mentioned some plants. Spirits like this one will not offer their help for free. There will be obligations to follow through and payments for help.





Dark necromancy

Build relationships very slowly



I have introduced you to two very powerful male spirits and I advise taking it slowly. Developing close relationships with these two spirits can take some 5 years.

The spirits want something of value in exchange. If you allow these two men to take place inside your body very often, with time their spirits will become very powerful.

Spirits want to continue their life in the astral body. You and the spirits can have real fun: first you send them of on missions, they are doing the mission during several months, deliver good results, and then you welcome them back into your body.

I suggest giving these warrior spirits luxurious offerings and offering them interesting deals: they will continue to live through you and can use your physical body.

When you have experienced success after your first test ritual, you can create paper dolls of you and the warrior spirit. This spell can be a simple spell like a money spell or information search spell.

Spells with use of textile dolls of you and the warrior spirits should be executed with great care, because these spirits can kill you in case the magick takes an unpredictable path.

Spells with warrior spirits can also backfire very badly and can lead to physical injuries and death. Never target people with warrior spirits (curses).





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