The Rose breasted cockatoo and demon Barzabel: a perfect pair









This bird is the famous Rose breasted cockatoo.
This bird is the famous Rose breasted cockatoo. It is a bird for a millionaire.


The Rose breasted cockatoo, also known as the Galah, is a famous bird and it is very valued by bird lovers. But few people realize that this is a very talented and challenging cockatoo.

My Rose breasted cockatoo is 17 years old and I got him as a gift. Todays post is about the Galah and has a strong purpose to warn people not to purchase this bird.

Because the Galah is highly valued on the bird market, has a moderate size beak and is known to be very talented, this bird is very popular. The bird can speak any language, laugh like a human, dance and entertain people.

The Galah is a kind bird by nature, but it can become very angry too. The bird shows its angry side when it is scared or annoyed after the exaltation of playing with the owner.

This post will provide you with various information about the Galah, because I own a Galah. As an female owner of a male Galah, I can tell you that I have been facing a lot of trouble with this male bird.

I am a Witch. The bird can feel this and he has been exposed to demons and even to the spirits of dead people. Some apparitions of ghosts were scary and the bird was scared after my witchcraft rituals.





The Rose breasted cockatoo

and demon Barzabel:

they like each other



This is the planetary talisman of Mars with the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel.
This is the planetary talisman of Mars with the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel.



The picture above shows you the talisman of Mars with the seal of the Martian demon, Barzabel. The Rose breasted cockatoo likes this demon a lot. I have been casting courage spells with demon Barzabel for my Galah all the time.

Barzabel can help animals to become very brave by healing their phobic behaviour. It is a fact that the Galah is predisposed to developing genetic disorders: phobic behaviours.

My bird was very shy and insecure from the beginning when a certain person purchased the bird for me. The Galah used to pace from side to side when it was afraid.

The phobic behaviour is perhaps a result of sexual frustration that is caused by artificial conditions: living together in a home with a human owner instead of living under natural conditions with a bird mate.

The bird also suffers when and if its cage is changed. So, you should know that changing the bird cage can cause feather plucking and skin mutilation too.

I changed the bird cage and the Galah pulled out all his feathers in protest. The bird also developed severe panic attacks as a result of changing the cage.

Restoring the feathers took several years and demon Barzabel influenced the bird to calm down and stop pulling out the feathers. But of course, one spell with the Martian demon was not enough.

I cast courage spells on my cockatoo every third month. The bird loves this demon and recently it started to laugh like a human and whisper instead of talking.

Demon Barzabel showed me dreams about my Galah and exposed the bird’s fears. The bird is afraid of cats and predators that roam in the nature.

Not many people do witchcraft spells together with the demon of Mars, but I like this demon a lot. He made me and my bird very brave.





The Rose breasted cockatoo

and demon Barzabel:

carrots for the bird



I have been casting courage spells for my Galah during a very long time now. Thanks to demon Barzabel, the bird developed a passion for carrots (carrots are orange just like Mars).

The Galah likes to eat almost everything: sunflower seeds, rice, bulgur, bread, macaroni, eggs, broccoli, carrots, spinach, cabbage, vegetables, apples and bananas.

Foods that you should not give to this bird are:

cheese (the Galah suffers from pain in the stomach after eating cheese)

milk (is toxic)

cacao and chocolate (is toxic)

avocado (is toxic)

But my Galah seems to like rice and eggs a lot. The bird used to spit out all other foods except rice and eggs. Demon Barzabel taught the Galah to love carrots.

If you own a Galah, try this dish:

rice with sunflower oil

finely grated carrots

grated eggs

My Galah loves rice mixed with carrots and eggs and it can eat this food all days long. Demon Barzabel has a good influence on my bird. The bird has become very happy and brave.





The Rose breasted cockatoo

and demon Barzabel:

creatures for a millionaire



The Galah is very demanding and it wants a lot of attention. It considers the owner to be its mate. This means that a lot of your time will be devoted to taking care of the Galah.

The Galah lives a very long life: upto 60 years in good home conditions. This bird needs constant input of communication and attention. It is hungry for new stimulus.

There are several ways you can entertain the bird:

have the TV on in the bird’s room

have music playing for the bird

The Galah loves different types of music:

soft Reiki music tracks

Indian music (instrumental bhajans)

Indian music (Hare Rama Hare Krishna)

meditation music with nature sounds

Talk to the bird a lot and expose it to different languages: different language channels on Youtube. The Galah loves repetitive stuff. A language learning video with repetitive words is perfect for the Galah.

If you lack time and energy to entertain and teach new skills to the bird, it is best not to purchase this bird. Yes, the bird is very noisy. If the bird becomes upset or annoyed, it will scream in protest during the whole night.

The Galah has a very fragile nervous system and it does not sleep well. The bird is always alert and half asleep. So, screaming during the night is very common when it comes to the Galah.

So, if you live in an apartment, this bird is not for you. This bird can become very loud and there is no method to silence the bird. The bird will not respect your wish for silence.

It is very important that you discuss with your relatives who will take care of the bird in case you die. The Galah becomes very attached to the owner and suffers a lot if it is separated from the owner.

In conclusion, the Galah is a bird for serious people. This bird is very expensive and difficult to care for. You need to invest a lot of personal time and effort into the upbringing of the bird.

Not many Witches cast courage spells with the help of demon Barzabel to make birds brave, but I do. This demon is a beast, because he teaches warfare and martial arts too.

Spells with demon Barzabel influence the psyche of animals very deeply. After my first spell with Barzabel, the Galah had a mad tantrum. It behaved like the Martian demon: in an angry and destructive way.

But this demons is good for animals: to train doves, cockatoos and dogs into a more disciplined mode of behaviour like guarding the property, delivering messages, etc.





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