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Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.
Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.



Ghost witchcraft with the dead has a lot to teach us about the potential of this magick area. But of course, witchcraft with the dead must be taken seriously due to risks of this magick.

There are methods to make the dead appear in our dreams if we do not know how the dead looked when they were alive. In your dreams, you will see how the dead looked when they were alive.

The dead can assist you in learning foreign languages very fast. After 6 months of practicing a new language, you will be able to understand written texts of the basic levels like A1, A2, B1 and B2.

The dead can also help you to detect curses, wipe out the enemy out of your life and punish the enemy. The enemy will not understand what is going on in their life and why they are facing tragedies.





Ghost witchcraft:

a few demons

and a few dead



I advise to have one main necromancy demon, but several spirits of the dead. Having one main necromancy demon will simplify your practices, because the demon will get to know your ghosts very closely.

The main necromancy demon will continue to teach you more and more magick with the spirits of the dead. This demon will also teach you how to reverse spells if the spell takes a dangerous path.

Such relationships with main demons and your main spirits of the dead are lifelong. There are necromancy bonds involved with the ghosts. These emotional bonds (like friendships) are of course astral in nature and it is not easy to break them.

Some relationships with the dead will continue after your physical death. Breaking a relationship bond with a spirit of a dead can result in heartbreak if you love the spirit very much. I welcome you to read about my love affairs with the spirits of the dead.

I doubt that you will become free if you cast a break up spell. I do not think that breaking a bond with a spirit of the dead is safe, because you could become the victim of revenge.

There are several necromancy demons in Goetia: Samigina, Bifrons, Bune and Murmur. You can try to summon a necromancy demon of your choice several times and then summon a spirit of the dead.

I like demon Murmur a lot and I am used to this demon. Murmur knows my ghosts very well. Demon Murmur is a very good teacher in the area of necromancy and he will teach you different types of spells.

I also summon Bune when I summon my ghosts. Bune can also teach you a lot in the area of necromancy, that is, how to execute:

money spells for ghosts

love spells for you and your ghosts

protection spells for your relationships with your ghosts

petition spells to ghosts

how to mix up powders and oils (that contain cemetery soil)

how to combine ghosts with demons for different spells

Murmur and Bune can give you unique information about the dead. If you are doing magick with a new ghost, these demons will inform you about the intentions of the dead and if you will be safe in their company.

I received unique information from Murmur. During a ritual together with Murmur and my favourite military ghost, I said to the ghost:

“Poor you, people dug up your bones from the soil in the battlefield and you received no spiritual ceremony to calm you down. That is why you are so restless and want to love me.”

I took the ghost’s helmet to bed as usual. After a while I gave the helmet a good night hug and closed my eyes. Suddenly a male voice spoke in a foreign language (the language spoken in the country where the soldier was killed).

The voice informed me: “I heard your words when you were speaking to the dead man. You are wrong, we had a ceremony in the church for him. His bones were in a small metal coffin.”





Ghost witchcraft:

visibility powders

and markers



I have a favourite military ghost, but there is no way to identify the dead man. I and the spirit of the dead have been in a magickal relationship for a long time.

Through a sequence of events, I learned the approximate age of the dead man (when he was killed). I have no photos of the dead man, because these are impossible to obtain.

But then I summoned demon Murmur, the spirit of the dead man and used the 4th pentacle of the Sun in my spell. I told the dead man: “I want to see you.”

I also summoned demon Trimasael. This demon teaches the art of making special powders.



Demon Trimasael is described in the Grimorium Verum. This is his seal.
Demon Trimasael is described in the Grimorium Verum. This is his seal.



Powder of visibility

(for ghosts)



2 tablespoons of cinnamon

1 tablespoon of nutmeg

the 4th pentacle of Sun (reduced into small pieces or ashes)

special markers or colouring (if you have several unidentified ghosts)

cemetery dirt from the grave of the dead person





When you apply this visibility powder to the paper doll of the dead person, the dead person will show up in your dreams. You will be able to see how the dead person looked when alive.

There will be no mistake, because you will see the coloured powder on the dead person’s astral body. This type of magick is harmless for the dead and safe for you too.

You can mix visibility powders in different colours: green for one ghost, blue for the second and purple for the third. You will know how all three ghosts looked when they were alive (use only natural herbal ingredients).

If you want a green powder you can add mint or any other beneficial herb. If you want a violet powder you can add dried purple flowers and so on.

I think that natural ingredients are best, because ghosts are just like humans. Humans have two bodies: the physical and the astral. Ghosts have only the astral body.

Ghosts also have deep feelings for the living loved ones and have desires too. Restless ghosts have restless desires for romantic love.





Ghost witchcraft:

learning new languages



If you need to learn a new language very fast, you can summon a dead person who spoke the language when the person was alive. You should also summon demon Agares and ask this demon to help you.

To summon a dead “native speaker” of a particular language is very effective, because you will learn the new language very fast. Use cemetery soil from the grave of the dead person in your language learning spells.

The ghost of the dead will replay the newly learned phrases in your brain, combine them, remix and give you new versions of these phrases to digest.

The spirit of the dead will help you to find good books, videos, and websites in the foreign language of your choice and start to train your reading ability.

It is possible to reach the level B2 in just 6 months if you do magick with ghosts and Agares.






Ghost witchcraft:




I have a very good spell for you. This is a protection spell together with demon Halphas and several military ghosts. This spell is so good, because it enables you to detect a curse and also to destroy the enemy.

After this spell is done and if an enemy sends you a curse, you will know this. You do not need to curse the enemy in return, because the military ghosts will be on their way and start the “destruction operation” of the enemy.

No backfire on you! All you have to do is: just sit back and relax. You can also protect your ghosts (and your astral bonds with your ghosts) by using the same spell.





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