Necromantic magic with dead military staff: how to troubleshoot problems









Necromantic magic with dead military staff is supported by demon Murmur. This is the seal of demon Murmur from Goetia.



Necromantic magic with dead military staff is very helpful, but sometimes the spells will suddenly stop working. There are reasons for this. Only your ghosts can explain the reasons to you.

In this post I want to explain about the different types of magick you can do. I also want to explain how to know the reasons why your spells have suddenly stopped working.





Necromantic magic with

dead military staff:

is 1 ghost enough?



One military ghost is powerful enough to perform several tasks, participate in several spells and influence several people. You can have the ghost as your personal bodyguard and at the same time send the ghost on different missions like:

participate in several love spells and influence several targets

participate in several defence spells and deal with your enemies

teach you specific skills

help you accomplish your dead lines, work tasks and other personal tasks

The ghost will only become stronger and stronger after each accomplished mission. The spirit will also become a dominant part of your subconscious mind and you will begin to see the dead person in lucid dreams.

To see the dead in dreams is very interesting. After I performed a row of spells for me and my military ghost, I saw a lucid dream. In my dream, and for the first time, I was standing face to face with my military ghost.

In the lucid dream I experienced shyness, fear and respect, but I liked the dead man and saw his military uniform in great details. During the next day I checked some information about military uniforms and was amazed at the exactness of my dream.

I even saw that the man had fair skin and blond hair. He did not have any beard (I hate beards).





Necromantic magic with

dead military staff:

questioning the ghost



When your spells suddenly stop working, there are serious reasons for this. Only the ghost knows why the spell cannot continue and you should ask the ghost some questions.

There is no need to cancell the original spell. You may think of several reasons why the spell is not working anymore, but your theories will be wrong. This is my experience with my military ghost.

How do I ask my ghost for explanations? The ghost is a part of me, because I and the dead man have been together for a very long time now.

I have the combat helmet in my bed during nights. I and the ghost sleep together in one bed. Before going to bed, I ask the ghost: “Baby, why is that spell not working now?”

During the next day, the ghost will tell me why the spell is not working. In one case, it was a legal reason and the target of the spell had some problems.

You can also do a spell and ask the ghost to answer your questions. The answers will be given to you in a dream or in some other way.

In another case, I had some problems. I summoned the military ghost and cast a spell. During the night, the ghost appeared in my dream.

The ghost explained why I was experiencing problems: “That man does not like my army background, but I know that your love for me is blind and you love me unconditionally.”

In another case, I cast a very manipulative spell for a client. My military ghost was participating in this spell. The ghost appeared in my dream and told me this:

“I cannot penetrate the target’s defence. The man has protection. Another witch is involved and she protects the target.”



In rear cases, when a love spell does not work, you can do a Tarot divination. You will see in the symbolism of the cards that the love spell is being rejected by the target and is being bounced back.

The most probable reason for this is that the target has protection from a witch.





Necromantic magic with

dead military staff:

troubleshooting spells



You can find solutions to some life problems. But some life problems cannot be solved and it is best to abandon them. Bleach is a very good ingredient for troubleshooting spells, because bleach spells allow you to find solutions to your problems.

Sometimes, a problem may be very complex. Military ghosts are best allies in magick, because they know facts about the past, present and the future.

When you ask a military ghost to help you to find a solution to a problem, the ghost will be inside your brain and solve the problem for you. Expect yourself to behave according to the instructions given by the ghost.

I know that my right hand is no longer my hand. My dominant hand belongs to my military ghost and the man uses my right hand to express my spells.

After you do a spell to find a solution to a problem, the military ghost will show you a strange dream. After 1 year you will begin to understand the dream, because you will have found a solution to your life problem.



Troubleshooting a spell with bleach


You will need:

the seal of Murmur

graveyard dirt from a soldiers grave (or a war helmet from his grave)


a glass jar with a screw lock

a small piece of paper with the description of the original problem


Summon demon Murmur and then also the ghost. Explain the problem and ask them to help you solve your problem. Chop the list that contains the description of the problem.

Place the pieces of paper into the glass vessel and pour in bleach. Finish the ritual. You will find a solution to the problem.





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