Ottastafur, the Icelandic magickal stave and how it can help you








Ottastafur is an Icelandic magickal stave (a seal).



Ottastafur is an Icelandic magickal stave and it can be used in witchcraft. Ottastafur is a “terror” seal and can be used for different purposes:

to scare away enemies

to gain courage and confidence before a confrontation with those who oppose your interests

to substitute snake skin (place the seal of Ottastafur on the doll of your enemy)





Ottastafur and Hagalaz



This is the rune Hagalaz.



The rune Hagalaz has the keyword hail. Hagalaz symbolises the wrath of nature, destructive and uncontrolled forces, stormy weather and stormy subconscious.

Our expressed anger leads to completion and satisfaction. The rune Hagalaz can be used in curses on enemies, in court case magick, protection spells, and in magick to raise winds and storms.

You can combine Ottastafur and Hagalaz when you need to fight your enemy. You can call upon Thor, but demons are also a very good choice when it comes to fighting against the enemy.





Ottastafur and the Goetia demons



The best demons for fighting the enemy are:





In some cases it is advisable to simply return the original curse to the sender. Sabnock can help you to set the curse in reverse. Avoid cursing in return, because curses bring bad luck with them. Karma is karma!





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