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Happy New Year to you all. I really hope that we are transiting into better times, because the world has a vaccine now, but the demons informed me that the financial crisis will persist during many years.

2020 has imposed a lot of stress upon me. There was and still is an empty period for my business: I had no clients from USA (those who are drawn to Pitchblackcraft, because the website is in English). This is because more and more people are becoming unemployed in the USA.

The demons guided me out of difficulties and started reshaping my business. They started to build a huge website in 4 languages. We stuffed the website with 750 posts and 150 pages just in a couple of months.

But Google indexing is very slow. I did more spells with the Goetia demons and since Pitchblackcraft is well indexed, I decided to add 4 additional languages.

Currently I am translating English posts from Pitchblackcraft into 4 languages in hopes to soon cover a large geographical area (I guess many businesses experience difficulties right now). It is for this reason you see posts in foreign languages in your inboxes.

There is no way to stop WordPress from sending these translations to subscribers. But even if you see posts in foreign languages, you can proceed with reading these posts.

I always include into each post a button: “read in English”. If you click the “read in English” button, you will access the original English post. I am very sorry for creating a mess in your inboxes.

When I have translated the English posts that need to be translated, I will come up with new material in 5 languages.

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