Necromantic and demonic witchcraft: how long time does it take for a spell to show results?









Necromantic and demonic witchcraft are not equally powerful. The dead are more powerful than demons.



Necromantic and demonic witchcraft are not equally powerful. The dead are more powerful than demons. Spells with the participation of the dead manifest results faster.

In this post I want to explore the timeframes of spells. I will be giving you several examples and explain why some spells work very fast while other spells work slower.

Some spells may fail or even worse: backfire on us. If you perform a spell when the moon is moving backwards (out of phase movement), there is a high risk that your spell will cause chaotic events in your life.

I will not touch the subject of curses, because I don’t like them. But, yes, curses can backfire too.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft:

love spells




Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Love spells done with the participation of Goetia demons and dead soldiers manifest results very fast. The results are seen within 1 or 1,5 months. Fast results are seen because:

dead men extract pleasure from being a part of a living human (the target of the spell)

dead soldiers are robots and they obey orders

Dead soldiers who were killed at a young age also want love and sex. It is for this reason they enjoy participating in love spells that eventually lead to sex

Love spells that are done with the participation of Goetia demons produce good results within 1, 5 – 3 months.




Can love spells fail?



Yes, some love spells can fail. Love spells may fail in the following cases:

if a man hates a woman (they had many fights), I doubt that love spells can help to mend their relationship

if a woman hates a man (because he abused her physically), I doubt that a love spell can mend their relationship

if one member of the couple was unfaithful, no love spell will help to mend the relationship

if the target of the love spell is already in a relationship or married

if the target of the spell has no plans to be in a love relationship (is focused only on work)

if the target is “damaged” and is very afraid of relationships with humans

if the target of the spell is of another sexual orientation (object sexuality, gay or lesbian, or straight)





It is a sad fact: not all men and women want a relationship. Most modern men want sex and personal freedom. Some modern women will not agree to be in a relationship with a man, because they value personal freedom above all.

If you had a short relationship with a man or a woman, and your relationship is coming to an end, this means that he or she wanted sex or something else, did not have serious intentions and acted carelessly towards you.

You can do a love spell, but you should examine the reasons behind the ending of your relationship.



Reason 1: the fear of love



Did you know about object sexuality? Some people are very damaged internally, because they suffered during their childhood. When a man or a woman is very afraid of romantic relationships, the person may choose to seek out a physical object as a mate.

Such people will try to destroy a beginning love relationship with different methods. If they are Witches, they will do spells to change the circumstances.

Love spells on such people will fail, because they will resist and finally run away. Even if you succeed to trap them in your arms for a couple of months, they will escape from you.

Such people don’t want to be in love relationships with humans (they protect their psyche from traumatic experiences). Its pointless to do love spells on such individuals.


Reason 2: they just wanted sex



This case is more typical of a man. Males want sex and they easily become scared when a woman goes serious by falling in love with them. As soon as you make your confessions to such men, they will back off and start running away.

Love spells done on such men may still produce good results. Almost all men will try to slow down at some point in the relationship, because they will be trying to regain personal freedom.

If the man suddenly realises that he truly loves his woman, he will come back to the woman after his pause is over. The pause usually lasts a couple of months. Men do not fall in love in the same way like women do. Most men are a little bit slower to fall in love with a woman.

The best Goetia demons for love spells are Sitri, Zepar, Sallos and Dantalion. I have only done spells with these four demons. Beleth is not to my liking, because he is said to be angry and stubborn.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft:

money spells




Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Money spells are tricky in our times. There must be jobs available on the labour market for a money spell to bring you results. Or, you must create opportunities for yourself to earn money.

But when more and more people are becoming unemployed in the USA and in Europe, even the self employed person or a company must begin moving their business to other geographical regions.

If you have recently lost your job, a money spell may fail, because you have no idea how to earn money while there are no jobs out there on the labour market.

Suppose that you have a hobby and you are good at making unique pieces of furniture for children. You can turn your hobby into a business and gradually go from unemployed to self employed status.

A money spell will push you into action and the demons will guide you step by step: how to set up your business platforms and how to market your products to parents of the children.

This process may take some time: 2 or 4 years. One money spell runs during a year or little longer. When it comes to being a self employed person, it is also important to have a sharp intuition.

To move a business from one geographical region to another takes a very long time. For this reason you must keep an eye on the BNP, unemployment statistics, and economic development in different countries all the time.

You will have a gut feeling that it is time to move to other parts of the world when:

you start observing large companies starting to expand and move their business to other parts of the world

when the unemployment is becoming huge in the country of your regular clients

when you read between the lines in the newspapers about possible future conflicts and wars

So, in conclusion, money spells are tricky during these hard times. If you need to reorient your business, you can do reversal spells with bleach and ask the demons to guide you.

After a row of such spells, you will be on your way to other geographical regions. With time, these new geographical regions will be flourishing due to investments of money, while other geographical regions will become abandoned.

Dead military guys are of great help in money spells, because they know the future. They can help you to take security measures and also guide you step by step.

The best demons for money spells are Purson, Bune, Belial, Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft:

healing spells



Demon Marbas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




Healing diabetes is a long process. One spell will not be enough to heal diabetes, but the spell will run during a year or so. Several spells will be needed, because the production of Insulin is regulated by many chemical substances.

I cannot estimate how many healing spells will be needed to completely heal diabetes. Please always keep in touch with your doctor and follow your medication routines.

Healing cancer is a long process too. One spell will not be enough to cure cancer. This also depends upon the type of cancer. Some types of cancer are very aggressive and spread rapidly in the body.

You must observe the results after one spell. If you notice even one small sign that the spell helped in some way, then there is hope. The best demons for healing spells are Marbas and Heramael.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft: curses




Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Curses can take up to several years to show you results. But some curses work fast. How fast a curse affects the target also depends upon the thinking patterns of the target and upon the nature of your curse.

If the target of your spell is predominantly in a positive mode of attraction (they strictly control their thoughts or an entity controls them from the astral plane), your curse will not have any bad impact on the target.

But curses can backfire and backfire very badly. Personally, I do not like curses. I am very peaceful.






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