Problems, solutions and energy alignment: when you are desperate for a promotion









Problems, solutions, sadness and joy are about our energy alignment.



Problems, solutions, sadness and joy are about our energy alignment. Inner joy is very easy to achieve even during uncertain and frightening times. Its all about psychology and the flow of astral energy.

You have to trick your brain and force it to think certain thoughts that bring relief. With “chronic” practice you can be happy under almost any conditions. Will joy bring about a promotion? Yes!

In this post I will discuss a client’s problem and also explore the solutions to the problem. The client is bitter and wrote to me: “I want a promotion at work, but my boss does not even notice my hard work.”

Of course, as a Witch, I know methods that will bring about a promotion. I will also include such methods into this post. But the focus of this post will be self help and alignment of inner energy to help you obtain a promotion.





Client’s problem



“I have worked for “my company” during 20 years. I almost feel like I own the company and I work very hard. I know a lot and I am very skilled. I am the one who knows how to deal with all sorts of problems and my co-workers know this.

The company has many new employees and a while ago one co-worker got promoted. She was relatively new. I feel bitter. Why do I get passed over for promotions?

I work very hard, but nobody seems to notice my input of energy. I am more qualified than most people at my work. I feel almost like I am treated like a second hand person and all this makes me very sad. ”






Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

promotion = more money ?



What does a promotion mean to you? Promotion = more money ? Or promotion = status and recognition ? The lack of recognition at work will feel very bad even if you have more money.

For this reason, it is much better to think about a promotion as the equivalent of more money in your pocket. You can train your mind into “resistance free” thinking patterns.

The subject of abundance is like a two sided coin. One side of the coin will represent the lack of abundance. The other side of the coin will represent the presence of abundance.

You have to train your brain to think, notice, see and want only the presence of abundance. You have to also train your brain to not think, not notice, not see and not want the other side of the coin, that is, the lack of abundance.

When you want the side of the coin that represents abundance, you feel good and you are a happy person even if do not yet have the money.

When you want the side of the coin that represents the lack of abundance, you feel sad and you are unhappy with your life. Then the money will be delayed and hard to come by.

Of course, the emotional state of overflowing joy is attained with regular practice of affirmations, regular and very deep meditations (theta brain waves) and visualisations of the desired outcomes of abundance.

Most people do not control their thoughts at all, because they do not understand the power of thoughts and emotions. What we think and feel always is a precise match to the events of our life.

People react to undesired circumstances instead of creating the desired circumstances in a deliberate way by using the power of focused thought.

If you want to get recognized as a professional at work, you must feel appreciated instead of feeling the opposite. When you feel appreciated, the promotion will follow.

If you want to “win” a promotion at work, because you want the money, you have to begin feeling a little bit more abundant than you are today. Then the promotion will follow.

You must deliberately take away your focus from the “lack” of money by spreading your attention to other aspects of your life that still work well. Appreciate more and focus on those aspects of your life that work.

Your inner vibration will shift from bitterness to relief and you will release a lot of inner pressure. You are on your way towards a promotion when you become a more happy person.

Inspiration to act will come when you are happy. Your intuition will lead you towards the promotion and an increase of income.

When you are happy, you allow the astral energy to flow to you in an unrestricted way. When you are unhappy, sad or angry, you do not allow the astral energy to flow in your direction. Abundance and prosperity are forms of astral energy.




Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

promotion = recognition?



If a promotion means more recognition for you, most probably this is a complex issue tied to your childhood. It is a lot easier to think about a promotion as an equivalent of more money in your wallet.

Men turn to me for love spells to make a woman love them back. These men want recognition and love from the woman they love. In most cases these men have inner issues with roots in their childhood.

Men who desperately want a promotion, because they want the boss to appreciate them, to recognize them for their hard work, may have issues with their fathers and mothers.

I always tell such men: “You are good enough and lovable even without a promotion. Are you trying to please the boss to make the boss happy? Did you try to please your dad when you were a small boy?”

As we discuss this pattern of pleasing a boss and obtaining recognition in return, we untangle some subconscious childhood patterns. These patterns of thinking and behaviour are learned during the childhood.

You have to change your thoughts about yourself in a way that brings you emotional relief. You can say things like these: “I am good enough anyway. I own my brain and I have the freedom to think whatever I want to think about myself.”

Recognition, love and money are tied to each other. They are tied together in the subconscious mind. If we try to “repair” the issue of recognition from our childhood, other even more painful issues may float up to the surface of the subconscious mind.

For this reason, it is much wiser to regard a promotion as a certain amount extra money. The lack of several hundreds of dollars each month does not feel so painful as the lack of recognition, because the lack of recognition is actually a form of rejection.

Dealing with rejection and swallowing it while feeling emotional pain is a pattern of behaviour. This pattern originates during our childhoods when our manipulative parents want us to please them and to make them happy.






Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

other aspects of your life



The travel towards a better emotional condition is accomplished by diffusing your attention. Take your attention away from the lack of the promotion and focus it on other aspects of your life that work.

Appreciate your home, your car, your health, your family, your children and pets. People take their health for granted and they also take their loved ones for granted.

Appreciate your life! As you learn to shift your focus from the lack of something wanted to other aspects of your life, you forget about your wish.

When we forget about our desperate desire, we hand our wish list to the Universe. Then the Universe starts to manifest our desire and the things we wanted so desperately will come into our experience one after another.

And then, people say: “Oh, I don’t even need a promotion now, because I do not care and I already have the money.”





Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

pacts with Lucifer and Belial



Lucifer and Belial are the best demons for obtaining promotions and for expanding a business. They can help a business to expand, but a lot of hard work day and night during several years will be needed to expand the business.

Lucifer and Belial can help you to obtain a promotion too. These demons will make you work very hard every day. Belial helps to obtain recognition, popularity and professional status of an expert.

It is common to experience a total chaos in business after a financial pact has been agreed upon with Lucifer and Belial. The demons will destroy the old business platforms, because the existing platforms are not good enough for a massive expansion of a business (space, features, resilience, security, etc).

The demons will help to rebuild the business platforms and to expand the business. The expansion will be forceful, grand and on an international scale, but not without business related problems.

I have a page dedicated to the subject of pacts with Lucifer and his demons. The demons do not help for free of course and they want a certain payment.

Dead people can also help with promotions and to expand a business. In this case you need to become very familiar with certain dead people and ask them to help you.

You can do spells on dead people and direct them into action to help you: to expand your business and to protect your business. But there are risks involved.

Demons are much safer to collaborate with when it comes to financial agreements. But demons are powerless against the dead in case your magick goes wrong.






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