Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff: how to deal with a mild form of PTSD syndrome


Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff can cause you temporary emotional discomfort.
Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff can cause you temporary emotional discomfort.



Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff can cause you temporary emotional discomfort. It is not uncommon to experience a mild form of a PTSD syndrome.

This type of panic attacks are a sort of crisis in the relationship between you and your spirits: its about trust. For this reason, I advise to build very strong emotional connections to the spirits of the dead.

If you have succeeded to build a very strong emotional bond with your spirits, you can be sure that the spirits love you equally strong.

They will be unable to harm you (the one who loves them) even if there is a slight possibility that a curse may backfire. But panic attacks are so unpleasant to experience, because the spirits are real and very dangerous forces.

I had severe panic attacks that were triggered after watching films about wars and I asked the spirits to help me manage my thinking.

At one point I decided that I will never ever do any rituals with my spirits. My heart was aching due to the feeling of heart break. I took the helmets into my store room and put them there.

But after 1 hour I was very sad and fetched the helmets back once more. I summoned Murmur and the dead soldiers and apologized:

“I love you all so much and our emotional bond is very strong. I cannot function without your helmets near me, because you all have become my brothers. I will break my heart if I do not summon you during each ritual.”

The panic attacks are triggered after reading books about wars and watching films about war. Fear is a signal from the subconscious mind to be careful and also to always be on good terms with the spirits of the dead, because the spirits are very powerful and extremely malicious (they can kill).

But you should know that these spirits will not kill you as long as you are the giver of love (an emotional tie)  and fun. These spirits can harm and kill anyone else who is a threat to your well being.

The spirits want you to be well and safe, because you provide them with compassion, emotional love and fun. Without you, they will be confined to an eternity of grief and boredom.

But experiencing panic attacks is very unpleasant and also shameful in the presence of the spirits that love you. You will also hurt the spirits and their feelings for you by showing your fearful condition.

So, lets talk about how to deal with panic attacks.






Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff:

being honest



Rituals are done in the presence of Lucifer, Murmur, Eligos, Dantalion and Belial. The spirits of the dead are also summoned.

I am always honest and loving with my spirits. I remind the spirits of the dead that I gladly accept their love (we have developed an emotional bond) and patronage.

I also present the spirits of the dead to the demons in a nice way: “This is my elder brother or this my ghost.”

I also explain to the demons and to the spirits of the dead that I still love my sprits very much and that they don’t have to fear loosing my love.

I am honest and explain that I also feel ashamed. Fear can cause lots of shame and guilt. The spirits of the dead also suffer emotionally, because of the “fight or flight” hormonal turbulence.

I ask the spirits to ease my condition by showing the exact spots on my body where I feel discomfort. The discomfort sits like a clump of uneasy energy and it is located to the spot between the eyebrows and to the throat.

My condition becomes even more unpleasant, because the spirits of the dead court me while I experience unpleasant emotions of fear.

I also fear their angry reaction in case they cannot take the temporary rejection. I also observe what is in front of my eyes all the times, because I have learned that the spirits of the dead will pull me away from my PC to some other place according to the wording of the spell in question.






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Necromantic rituals with WW2 dead military staff:

demon Dantalion




Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Rituals with demon Dantalion can bring very fast relief from uncomfortable conditions. Its an advantage to be under patronage of dead military staff and I ask Dantalion to make me think this once again.

The sprits of the dead are also present during the ritual. Relief comes during the next day and I am able to work very hard again and then keep my focus only on my work.

It is very important to get rid of fear and panic attacks very fast by doing a row of rituals. Ask the spirits of the dead to never again force you to read books about wars and watch films about wars, because you can get a mild type of “PTSD” syndrome.

People want to do magick with Barzabel. The demon of Mars is very popular. If you do regular magick with the demon of Mars, you will end up surrounded by dead military personnel.

Perhaps men are mentally stronger and will not experience any emotional discomfort after watching films about wars and reading books about wars.

In any case, if you experience a mild PTSD syndrome, Dantalion can help you to recover.





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