Demon Eligos: he teaches how to wisely interact with dangerous dead military staff of WW2


Demon Eligos is also described in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. This is his seal.



Eligor or Abigor (Eligos) is a duke and he shows up as a handsome knight. Eligos answers of things hidden and secret, and of wars and their outcome.

He knows things about the future, and procures the favour of lords and knights. Eligos commands 60 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum





Demon Eligos:

when you realise your biggest mistake



I should have never summoned a dangerous man from the beginning. I did not really understand the danger of doing necromantic magick with dead military personnel.

All these experiences with dead military staff began after rituals with the demon of Mars, Barzabel. Therefore, if you do not desire to end up in my situation, do not do magick with Barzabel.

I advise you to never summon dead men who died during the WW2, because they are restless. Such men want to obtain romantic love at any cost.

Today, I understand that I met a nice spirit. I am lucky! Any other dead man could have killed me, because not all dead military personnel is reliable.

I summoned a dead man who had been awarded with several Iron Crosses during the WW2. I asked the dead man to give me a sign if he is willing to become my protector.

The dead man fell in love with me at once. It was love from the first sight. Today, my situation with regard to the dead man demands care, because the dead man is deeply in love.

Eligos has also informed me that the spirit is extremely dangerous. But the demon told me not to fear the dead man, because as long as the dead man is happy, he is harmless.

Demon Eligos and demon Murmur guide me in my magick with the dead man. At this point, my magickal relationship with the dead man is getting more and more serious.






Demon Eligos:

a simple petition spell



This spell is simple and it will help you to obtain some guidance from Eligos. This demon knows the military staff and he can tell you if you can trust the dead.

You will need:

grave candles for the dead

cemetery dirt or war helmets (assuming that the helmet was in the grave)

the seals of Murmur and Eligos

offerings for both demons and for the dead

a petition to Eligos

I summoned Lucifer, Murmur, Eligos and my dead admirer. My petition looked like this:

“Dear Eligos, I am scared, because I feel that my play in my relationship with my dead admirer is over, because he wants me to get serious in my interactions with him.

After the dead man made me understand the magnitude of his malicious abilities to inflict harm and kill people, I am in need of guidance from you.

The dead man is very kind towards me and has never ever hurt me. On the contrary, he protects me loyally and helps me all the time.

I have never been in relationships with the spirits of the dead and I do not know how to act. I desire to remain my dead admirer’s favourite woman for as long as I live, because I want to stay alive.

Please, guide me Eligos. Even if the dead man is deeply in love with me, I fear him, because he is a dangerous spirit.”

This petition was read to Eligos and then burnt to ashes.





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Demon Eligos:

he is very smart



Eligos instructed me with regard to my future magick with the dead man. The demon has a very soft and pleasant voice. Eligos is a male, because he has a voice of a male.

I was guided to do rituals with the planetary talisman of Venus and also with Hagith for myself. Eligos also pointed out the importance of keeping the dead man happy all the time.

How does one keep a dead man who is in love with a living woman happy? Exactly like you keep a living man happy:

nice clothes

good make up

stylish jewellery

nice shoes

sexy lingerie


But first, according to Eligos, I needed to do magick on the doll of the dead man to make the spirit think certain thoughts about pleasures of different kinds.

A spirit is happy when it receives love, praise, appreciation and attention. A spirit will be happy to look at the one it loves. Men are visual!

It is also very important to entertain the spirit often and provide it with offerings during rituals: alcohol, tobacco and tasty food.





Eligos also made me understand that I should obey the spirit (allow the spirit to guide me) during everyday interactions.

I am expected to remain humble in my requests for help. Strong men love to protect the ones they love, but they do not like clingy women.

This makes sense, because a man who has earned several Iron Crosses will not tolerate a dominant or a clingy woman. In short, working with such powerful forces demands careful actions.

To summon dead military personnel is very dangerous. There is always a possibility that the dead will like you very much and want to serve you.

This post will help you, if you end up in a similar situation like mine.




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