Barzabel, the Martian demon: the most dangerous demon! Approach with caution!









Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



Barzabel, is one of the most dangerous demons. The dangers are not evident during the first rituals with Barzabel, but after 5 or 6 years you will understand the true dangers.

Those who say that Santa Muerte has power over a dead man who had been awarded with several Iron Crosses, truly overestimate the power of Santa Muerte.

I approached Barzabel in a very careful way and I humbly asked the demon to make me very brave. After several rituals, I felt the transformation and asked the demon to make me ever more brave.

As time went by, I became very brave. But this was not enough for me and I asked Barzabel to teach me warfare. My request was granted and I was summoning very dangerous spirits of men who died in WW2.

I had luck, because I was still alive. Each time, after my rituals, I was expecting that the nefarious spirits of the dead will kill me. I was becoming braver and braver.

Perhaps, the nefarious spirits loved the way I approached them. My intentions were pure: I asked them to make me very brave. I entertained them with food, drinks, tobacco, latest news and music.

At last, I dared to summon a dead man who had been awarded with several Iron Crosses for his bravery in the battles of WW2 on the Eastern front.

This time I was extremely unlucky. The dead man fell in love with me at once. I did not know that the man will love me deeply and want to become my life partner.

The dead man was very kind towards me and he allowed me to play during each ritual while he was courting me. I also suspect that the spirit of this dead man made me oblivious to his intentions.

I could not stop him from courting me. The dead man forced me to summon him during each ritual. I was safe and happy with the run of my life.

During one night I had a very strange dream. In my dream, Murmur was laughing at me and asked me: “Do you plan to marry your dead admirer? You should know that he loves you!”

I did not pay attention to the dream, because I never ever suspected that dead people can love living people in a serious way. I continued to play with the spirit of the dead man.

The spirit of the dead man allowed me to test different types of magick on us both. I learned necromantic magick very fast, but I never did any baneful spells to harm anyone.

Recently, through a sequence of events I understood the destructive powers of my dead admirer. The playful fun in our interactions was suddenly gone, because I understood that Barzabel had taught me warfare on a very good level.




Lesson learned:

never summon dead men

who died in the WW2!



Never summon dead men who lost their lives in WW2! Such spirits are restless and troubled! They will try to compensate romantic love, which death had taken away from them.

You will be powerless! Question yourself: “Can I, Santa Muerte or any other demon stop a restless dead man, who is desperate for love, and who had been awarded with several Iron Crosses from doing what he wants to do with me?”

Please never summon these restless spirits! Once you summon them, and if the dead man falls in love with you, he will want you for himself.

I understood this too late. When I understood my life situation, I started to vomit. Suddenly, I realised that Barzabel is a very dangerous demon.





My next step:

I tried to seek my escape



Demon Eligos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



After reading lots of books about WW2, which were forced upon me by the dead man, I became very scared. I decided to summon Eligos,  Murmur and my dead admirer.

During my ritual, I complained to Eligos: “Eligos, save me! I am scared of this dead man. Please help me to run away from him!”

Demon Eligos appeared in my dream and he was very cruel. He told me: “Bonnie, this man truly loves you. You can trust him and you will be safe in his company!”

After a couple of days, I summoned Eligos and Murmur once more. I wanted to stay alive and safe. I asked Eligos and Murmur to guide me in my interactions with the spirit of the dead man.

Eligos appeared in my dream once more and spoke with a soft voice:

“The spirit of this dead man is extremely dangerous, you underestimated the dead mans powers, because you thought that Santa Muerte and Murmur could stop this dead man from attaining a woman’s love.

You had no previous experience of doing magick with such dangerous spirits. A woman should never summon dead men who had been awarded with several Iron Crosses.

If you want to be safe and alive, you should allow the dead man to be in charge. Do not try to dominate this dead man, because one day his patience will end and he will kill you.

You have no choice in life and you must allow the dead man to be your life companion and to love you.

If you are a fool, you can reject him. As soon as you reject him, expect trouble and revenge.

But he is a good man. He truly loves you and he will protect you loyally. You can count on this man.









Barzabel is a very dangerous demon. He will make you very brave, financially independent and capable of defending your life from enemies and their curses.

Your curses will be lethal for your enemies. You will live a dangerous life together with dangerous spirits. The spirits will crave your love and attention.

More and more spirits of dead men who died in WW2 will want to work with you. You will be deeply involved with dead military staff. These are high voltage forces.





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