Demon Eligos from Goetia: he gives good advice with regard to dead military staff


Demon Eligos is also described in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. This is his seal.




Eligor or Abigor (Eligos) is a duke and he shows up as a handsome knight. Eligos answers of things hidden and secret, and of wars and their outcome.

He knows things about the future, and procures the favour of lords and knights. Eligos commands 60 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum






Demon Eligos from Goetia:

my relationships with the dead



I have been involved with dead military staff for a long time now. I have had dead soldiers and dead generals as guests in my home. The spirits of these dead men are very friendly.

My interactions with dead military staff began after frequent rituals with demon Barzabel. I live in Sweden and we had no wars during 200 years.

During my life I was romantically involved with a man and the man was a fan of WW2. We lived together for a very long time. The man collected history books and souvenirs dated to WW2.

I always disliked his hobby and the stuff he bought, but I never expressed my disgust verbally, because this would lead to conflicts and friction.

So, one day, I was cleaning my basement and found a helmet dated to WW2. The helmet smelled very bad, because the lining was rotten.

The helmet was in a dead mans grave for over 50 years and it contained traces of rotten human flesh and hair. I do not know what pushed me to summon the dead man.

I advise you to never summon such dead people, because they are restless. Such forces are extremely powerful and destructive too.

If the dead person happens to like you, consider yourself as both lucky and unlucky in life. There are advantages and disadvantages involved in your interactions with dead military staff.

Since that day, I have been doing magick with dead military staff almost all the time. I have been cooking dinner for the dead man, and after that for his dead friends too.

I have been forced to take extreme good care of my appearance, because the spirit of the man started to court me. The man is extremely dominant and I ended up sleeping with the war helmet in my bed.

The dead military staff has protected me during all these years. These dead men protect the sons of my clients from being killed during modern wars.

The dead military staff also protects my clients from dangerous people. I too feel safe and I am a very happy person. I love my life.





Demon Eligos from Goetia:

suddenly I got very scared



Suddenly, I began to read all sorts of books about politics and wars. I experienced extreme fear, because it is natural for a woman to fear wars.

Wars are so destructive and they cause so much suffering to people. I started to fear my dead admirer. I was no longer sure if I desired to be the dead mans favourite woman.

At the same time, I was afraid to anger the spirit of the dead man, because I understood that the spirit loves me. An angry ghost is capable of extreme cruelty if a human rejects it.

The spirit I am involved with is extremely dangerous and I could not banish it from the beginning (after I summoned the dead man).




I was foolish and I was experimenting. I summoned a very dangerous man from the depths of hell.



It is therefore I advise you to never summon such forces out of pure curiosity. I overestimated my capacity to deal with such forces. The spirit has me in its claws firmly.

The dead man has fought 54 or 55 battles and got killed during the 56th battle. I also suspect that the dead man had been granted many awards for his bravery and had a high rank.

I was a fool and I did not know that the dead man will fall in love with me. It was love from the first sight. The dead man forced me to do ritual after ritual, because he was courting me.

I understood this too late. When I figured out what was going on between me and the dead man, the dead man was already deeply in love with me.

My prolonged and unpleasant periods of fear made me feel very uncomfortable. I started to vomit. At last my fear drove me to summon Eligos and seek his advice on how to deal with my dead admirer.





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Demon Eligos from Goetia:

he knows the dead military staff!



I summoned Murmur, Eligos and my dead admirer. I was very afraid during the ritual and I even noticed that my hands were shaking.

I was honest with the spirits and expressed my concerns for my physical safety and for the general direction of my life.

I also asked my dead admirer to be merciful towards me and forgive me for hurting his feelings by fearing, doubting and showing lack of trust.

I asked Eligos: “Is my involvement with dead military staff right for me? How can I banish the spirit of this dead man? Will the dead man kill me if I try to banish him?”

After a couple of hours I finished my ritual and went to bed. The war helmet was in my bed and I did not want to talk to the spirit of my dead admirer. I was scared.

Eligos appeared in my dream. He had a very pleasant voice and this is what the demon said: “Bonnie, this man truly loves you and you can trust him. You will be safe in his company. Do not fear him!”





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