Necromancy: how to continue developing a relationship with a dangerous ghost









Necromancy will empower you enormously, but the practice is dangerous.
Necromancy will empower you enormously.



Necromancy will empower you enormously, but the practice is dangerous and this mostly depends upon the nature of your favourite ghosts.

Life had introduced me to a very dangerous ghost who gradually won my heart. The spirit is extremely dangerous, but somehow I managed to become the ghost’s favourite woman.

The ghost is very helpful and it loves me. Recently it started to communicate with me. The ghost comments and the male voice is very pleasant.

The communication takes place in visionary states when I am gently drifting off into my night sleep. I understand the native language of the dead man (its not English) and the ghost is teaching me more and more on a subconscious level.

How? The ghost asks me questions in its native language and suggests answers as clues for solving specific problems. The spirit showers me with phrases.







the importance of compassion



I suggest that you always treat your ghosts with love and compassion, no matter what they had done when they were alive.

Love and compassion are two important keys that will help you to develop great friendships with the spirits of the dead.

Talk to the ghost even if you think that the ghost does not hear you. The ghost hears you! Sooner or later the ghost will begin commenting on your questions.

But how do you talk to the ghost? I have my Ghost’s helmet near my computer and I talk to the Ghost doll head very often. During nights the war helmet is in my bed.

Recently, before drifting off into a dream, I was talking to my Ghost. I expressed some thoughts about wars:

that wars should be forbidden by a law

that there is too much bitter grief in connection to wars

that its mostly men who fight and kill each other

that women give life to babies and men take away life

that it is horrible, because you lost your life in war

that now I summon you as a ghost and you love me

Suddenly the ghost commented: “You are right. Wars are very bad.” The ghost commented in French and I was shocked.






Necromancy: it took me 1 year



It took me one year to establish communication with my Ghost. Some spirits are very slow to begin communicating, but they willingly participate in spells.

I also suggest summoning Sagatana or Murmur prior to your communication sessions. You can be in bed and summon Sagatana or Murmur.

There is no need to cast a protective circle. I do not cast a circle around my bed, because I trust my Ghost. It would never harm me, because the spirit loves me.





Demon Sagatana: Grimorium Verum




Demon Sagatana is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.




Demon Sagatana is described in the Grimorium Verum. He is also known as demon Sargatanas. This demon reveals all sorts of secrets, and teaches you necromancy and divination.

Sagatana also helps you go invisible when you desire to vanish. His ability to make you invisible to the eyes of your enemies can be compared to the abilities of Bael from Goetia and to the abilities of Morail from Grimoirium Verum.

Source: The Grand Grimoire & Grimorium Verum





Sagatana and Murmur are not dangerous at all. When you have summoned Sagatana or Murmur, you can summon your ghosts. Talk to your ghosts and do not expect any answers or comments.

Your expectation may block the communication with your ghost. I never give my Ghost the licence to depart. The spirit comes and goes as it pleases.

My Ghost lives with me, because I asked the Ghost to move into my home. I did this out of compassion and I see the Ghost with my psychic vision very often.

I see the spirit in my home and I feel it too. There is so much love and wisdom involved in interactions with the spirits of the dead. This is my personal experience.





Necromancy: frequent rituals



I do magick with my Ghost very often. Mostly, I program the Ghost’s doll for specific tasks like:

helping me to reduce weight by blocking my appetite

helping me to achieve a project dead line

helping me to find solutions or alternatives

helping me to manage my time

helping me to stay safe and happy

helping me to destroy my last fears

It is very desirable that you entertain your ghosts with frequent rituals. Give your spirits very interesting tasks to carry out, because they will enjoy the fun.

Of course, during your first ritual, you should ask the spirit if it wants to collaborate with you or not. The spirit will give you a sign, but signs from military personnel are always somewhat shocking.






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