Necromantic magick: how to approach dangerous and restless ghosts


This is a necromantic ritual.
Necromantic magick can take a very dangerous path if you are not careful.



Necromantic magick can land horrible results if you are dealing with dangerous ghosts. But dangerous ghosts are very good spirits (they can be very loyal, loving, protective and caring) and they can help you to protect yourself.

Oftentimes, dangerous ghosts are not at peace, because their life was terminated suddenly. These ghosts must be approached with caution, because they have “issues” and desperate desires.

But some dangerous people died naturally, because they became old. Spirits of such dead people, must be approached in a careful way and with respect.

If you have done only one ritual with a very dangerous ghost and do not trust the spirit, you should not do baneful magick. This is because, the ghost is not yet emotionally attached to you.

Baneful magick with such ghosts can achieve a lot if you need protection. But it is always wise to be very careful and move step by step.

If a dangerous ghost has developed an emotional dependence on you and your presence in its life, I doubt that such a ghost will be able to harm you even if your spell backfires by accident.

But you never know! It may take you several years to begin trusting a very dangerous ghost. Always be careful and on your guard and never forget about the malicious duties of the person (ghost) you are involved with.




This is a protection spell. Dangerous ghosts are summoned along with many demons.
This is a protection spell. Dangerous ghosts are summoned along with many demons.





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Necromantic magick:

dangerous ghosts versus dangerous spirits




Dangerous ghosts of the dead



A dangerous ghost is at unrest, because the dangerous person in question was killed all of a sudden. Such spirits are very dominant and powerful, and they might want to help you with your magick, but on a condition.

A dangerous ghost might also have desperate desires. They will trade their services in exchange for something that they desire. Most often, such ghosts will crave love and attention from you.

Because the ghost is at unrest, it will try to brainwash and dominate you. The ghost might want to own you, because it craves love and attention.

The brainwashing occurs on a subconscious level. Whatever active mental patterns you have in your subconscious mind, will become more entrenched and more pronounced.

I always pay attention to my thoughts and feelings. Because I am joyful everyday, I know that the ghost wants my best.



Dangerous spirits of the dead



Such people were very dominant, powerful and dangerous. They died a natural death, because they became old. Spirits of these dead people are at rest, but they might have certain burdens like guilt.

They too will cooperate with you, but on a condition, because they want to be set free from the burdens of guilt and shame. I advice to be very careful and respectful with such spirits.

The best way to approach such spirits is to summon them in the presence of a spirit who knows them (they belong to the same professional tribe).



After death spirits become wiser



The spirits of the dead understand all languages. They travel from country to country in seconds, and also from one human body to another in just a few seconds.

The spirits of the dead can see, read and understand all information. They know about modern Google and what is happening in the world right now. They also know our past, present and future.

If they had committed crimes, they may inform you about their punishment. Murmur will also inform you and give you more details.

I am closely involved with 5 extremely dangerous spirits of the dead. In the beginning, I was very afraid to summon them.

Not all spirits will be willing to help a witch, but to my great surprise all 5 men were very friendly and helpful. My point is: even malicious spirits behave nicely and they obey orders exactly.

During the first ritual, I asked them to give me clear signs that I will be safe with them. The signs were horrific and I was forced to beg them to protect me.

There is always a feeling of being pumped with adrenaline when I deal with these 5 men, because I know that 3 of them are capable of commanding a whole army of dead soldiers.

I approach all 5 men with great respect and I summon them only when I have a client who is exposed to a very dangerous situation and needs protection.





Necromantic magick with dangerous ghosts:

your first rituals



I advice to be careful and on your guard, because anything can happen after your first interaction with the ghost. The spirits of the dead can see us! I know this for sure.

You can tell the ghost: “I will never harm you and I will never make you sad. Do you want to collaborate with me? If yes, please let me know.”

Because the spirits of the dead can see us, its wise to make an unforgettable impression. You might want to appear properly dressed, well groomed and with gifts for the dead.

Do not ask the dangerous dead to help you by manifesting money, jobs or by helping to mend a love relationship. They are not your friends yet.

It takes a long time to form strong bonds of friendship and you will need to be patient. You can do other types of magick with dangerous ghosts.

If a dangerous ghost is friendly towards you, you will feel this on a gut level. Your feelings will guide you in your future interaction with the ghost.

As time goes by and you are still unaware of the ghost’s desires, the dangerous ghost can surprise you with a shock. The ghost will impose conditions and you must comply.

If you do not want to comply, your friendship with the ghost may end. Moreover, the ghost will get angry at you and you will be in danger.






Necromantic magick:

playing with fire



If you want to collaborate with dangerous ghosts and spirits of the dead, you should ask yourself several questions and try to figure out the answers.

Question 1: Why am I drawn to a dangerous ghost? Is it because I admire the person’s bravery? Or do I feel unsafe in life? Is it some kind of chemistry?

Question 2: Am I aware of the fact that with time I will become the best friend of a dangerous ghost? Did I hear this from someone: “Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are?”

Question 3: Am I aware of the fact that dangerous ghosts are at unrest, have unresolved issues and desperate desires?

Question 4: If I will be asked to comply and obey the conditions of our business together, can I and the ghost find a compromise?

Question 5: Am I aware that the spirits of the dead do not offer their services for free? Am I aware that the ghost’s desperate desires cannot be silenced with offerings and gifts?

Question 6: Am I aware that forming a very close friendship with my chosen spirits of the dead will take many years?

Question 7: Am I aware that I may get killed if my magick goes wrong or if the ghost gets angry at me?





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