Necromancy influenced ghostly beauty routines and ritual etiquette habits









Necromancy and witchcraft with demons and spirits can be combined. Murmur will help you to do this.



Necromancy influenced habits can be learned from ghosts. You can do unique types of magick to empower yourself. Each spirit is unique and will teach you something new. My favourite spirits are of course my military ghosts, Hagith, Barzabel and Murmur.

They have influenced me to lose weight, to look great, to take care of all my needs and to live a happy life. In this post I want to share:

my everyday routines for good self care

the etiquette rules I have learned from the spirits

the beauty routines that were taught to me by Hagith




My everyday routines for good self care


My Ghosts control me


Depression is a taboo for me. I strictly monitor my thoughts and feelings. I do not allow myself to think my own thoughts except when I am reading, calculating, chatting, blogging or talking to someone.

When I wake up, I start repeating affirmations during 1 hour. Sometimes I even listen to “brainwashing” tracks during sleep.

How do I manage to control my thinking? I use doll magick on ghosts of dead military staff for specific tasks. They are in charge of my brain all the time and make me think and act in specific ways.

I love demon Dantalion, because he can neutralise feelings of jealousy or any other uncomfortable feelings very quickly.




Necromancy rituals can include even demons. Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



If I experience any emotional discomfort (which happens 2 times per year only), I gaze at the seal of Dantalion for 10 minutes and ask him to neutralise my discomfort. After one day I am happy again.

Some of my routines are very good for my everyday discipline, but other routines are a bit strange. The strange routines are not dangerous at all.

Even adults may have a need to arrange a cosy sleeping place filled with teddy bears. Instead of sleeping together with teddy bears, I sleep together with war helmets and war badges.

All this military paraphernalia is charged with specific spells for the purposes of protection, peaceful sleep and recharging of the physical body.

I love to begin my day with lots of coffee, because coffee is good for keeping the brain in a good condition. After drinking strictly 5 large mugs of coffee, I start fixing my bed, grooming myself and dressing up.

The routine of grooming myself very well and dressing up very well everyday is also the result of “programming” a doll of a dead Russian soldier.





Beauty routines learned from ghosts



Necromancy influenced: good skin care and good make up




Necromancy rituals can include the Olympic spirit Hagith. This spirit is described in the Arbatel.
Hagith is the Olympic spirit described in the Arbatel.



Hagith has taught me a lot about good skin care and grooming. I do not wash my face with a mild soap in the morning, because I am very afraid to dry out my skin.

In the morning, I wash my face with water. I also use a very mild toner to wipe away traces of my gel eyeliner and mascara. After this step I start applying make up to my face.

I apply different colours of foundation to different areas of my face. I also use concealer, dry powder, rouge, and different colours of eye shadow, in abundance.

I love to contour my eyes with lots of gel liner and black eye shadow and I am a lover of extra long fake lashes and mascara.

Barzabel and Hagith have taught me to use only bright red lipstick and I have become addicted to red lipstick. Red is my colour!




Necromancy rituals can include magick with Barzabel. This is the planetary talisman of Mars. It will make you very brave.
This is the planetary talisman of Mars. It will make you very brave.



Of course, I love to shower myself with perfume before bed and also upon awakening. Barzabel has taught me a lot about the influence of smells on our subconscious mind.

When its time to go to bed, I wash my face with a mild soap and apply a toner to clean my skin. After this step, I use several different types of night creams with collagen, fillers and other substances.

To prevent my neck, chest, elbows, knees and feet from becoming old, I apply a body lotion each morning and before bed time.

I scrub my face twice a week and apply a face mask once per week. What about my legs? I shave them regularly, because this routine is also programmed into a doll of a dead soldier.

I act like a programmed doll and no person can interfere and disrupt my routines or drain out my time, because dead military staff controls my surroundings.

I also drink a large mug of chamomile tea in the evening. Herbal tea relaxes my brain and my body. I never drink coffee in the afternoon or in the evening.

In order to keep my feet well shaped, I wear shoes even when I am at home. This was taught to me by Hagith. I never wear slippers.

My nails always look good and I apply several layers of nail polish. On top of all this, I apply a special coat of glitter nail polish.



Necromancy influenced: good hair care



I use Argan oil and coconut oil once a week to nourish my hair. This is also a routine that is controlled by my military ghosts.

Because hair needs time to absorb the oils, I apply the oils to my hair in the morning and wash it away during the next day. During the night I cover my pillow with a towel to avoid the oil being absorbed by the pillow.



Necromancy influenced: vitamins and weight loss


My ghosts are in charge of my weight too. I am not allowed to gain weight. I check my weight each morning and if I have gained some grams, I take active action to cut down on the intake of food.

To give my body full nourishment, I eat vitamins and chemical substances. For instance, I consume Magnesium to maintain good muscle function.

I also consume vitamin D for keeping my bones and teeth in good condition. Recently, I bought vitamin B and I will purchase more vitamins for myself.

All these habits and routines are programmed into the dolls of dead military staff. They are necromancy influenced and learned from ghosts.





Simple ritual etiquette rules



Barzabel has taught me to wear a pentagram and a hexagram on a daily basis and also during each ritual. These two items are said to have power over spirits.

The demons and the dead can see us. I know this for sure by now. For this reason I am always well groomed and well dressed during my rituals.

I also try to offer the best offerings and gifts to the demons and to the spirits of the dead. Some spirits like Belial are very proud and stubborn.

It is wise to give Belial lavish offerings and gifts to please him. In short, I treat the demons and the dead with great respect.

I treat dead military staff very respectfully and with caution, because I know the dangers of working with such high voltage forces. It took me a very long time to become very attached to my military ghost.





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