Necromancy: engagement pacts with dangerous ghosts, horrific dangers and extreme benefits









Necromancy: engagements with dangerous ghosts are both extremely dangerous and beneficial.
Necromancy: engagement pacts with dangerous ghosts are both extremely dangerous and very beneficial.



Necromancy and engagement pacts are a thrilling subject. Ghost magick is a practice filled with many traps and dangers. Ghosts are human intelligence and they can enter the human mind with ease.

We always attract to us ghosts that match our dominant thought patterns. I was always very selective when it came to the choice of men and I attracted to me a ghost who matched my thought pattern.

You must be a very strong willed person and know what you want in life. A ghost has the ability to influence your decisions and your preferences.

In this post we will be exploring the subject of holding a life long magickal company with restless ghosts, the horrific dangers of such steps, and also the extreme benefits.

We will discuss engagement pacts with ghosts. If the ghost has been courting you and you experienced bullet proof signs, you will understand that the ghost will propose sooner or later (the ghost wants to be your main magickal partner).



Necromancy is a dangerous practice. Restless spirits are desperate and very dominant. They are like a high speed train and will win your love.
Necromancy is a dangerous practice. Restless spirits are desperate and very dominant. They are like a high speed train and will win your love.



But you should be aware of the dangers and stop doing frequent rituals with your ghost even if the ghost will insist on this by pressuring your subconscious mind.

When you become aware of the dangers, its wise to slow down, back off, and temporarily halt all your interactions with this particular ghost.

I took a pause in my magickal relationship with this ghost to avoid being pressed to say YES to the ghost, and the ghost still serves me.

We are just very good magickal friends, because I did magick to chill the ghost’s feelings towards me. This took me several rituals, but it worked. I still have time to think.

If you like the extreme benefits of holding a life long company with a dangerous ghost much more, than the horrific dangers, then go ahead and say YES to the ghost and sign the engagement pact.





Engagements pacts with dangerous ghosts:

horrific dangers



An engagement pact is a promise of being faithful until the day you exit the physical plane. You will stay single (well this is not so dangerous at all).

The ghost will destroy you if you are unfaithful (even if you flirt or have a short romance) and this is the true danger. In order to be on the safe side, you might want to ensure that no men will be able to approach you.

You can do this in many creative ways on social media by purposefully blocking all attempts to flirt with you, to seduce you into a romantic relationship or to date you.

I know several business women who are single and do not want to be in relationships with men. They attach a profile to their profile to indicate that they are not available for romantic relationships.



You must take your time and think very carefully, before you purchase engagement rings and sign a pact of engagement with the ghost. The engagement pact is not about romance, its about a woman’s freedom from the dominance of a man.

Restless ghosts (males of certain professions like police and military for example) have no mercy for your enemies and for you in case you are unfaithful, and they are extremely dangerous.

How can they destroy you? Are they capable of doing so? Yes! Never tease such ghosts and warn your enemies to never send any curses your way, because such ghosts are extremely malicious.

The ghost will enter your subconscious mind from the astral plane and introduce a certain idea and force you to continue to think the thought.

After 6 months, the thought will gain a huge speed and you will begin to act out the ghostly program of your destruction.

After a year very bad things may happen to you: accidents, illness, loss and grief. The ghost will continue to execute its revenge and finally kill you by involving you into an accident or driving you to kill yourself.






Engagement pacts with dangerous ghosts:

extreme benefits



Because you will be single, you will never become a victim of any diseases transmitted by humans (HIV, HPV, etc).

Such ghosts will keep you safe and away from skin to skin contact with human beings by forcing you to wear gloves and respiratory masks in public places.

My Ghost has taught me a lot about respiratory gas masks. The P3 filter half face mask is good to wear in public places even when the pandemic is over.

The P3 filter protects against viruses and toxic gases. Textile masks do not protect at all, because they lack a P3 filter. You are exposing yourself to danger if you only wear a textile mask.

You will be so well protected and guided through life. The ghost will never allow you to suffer in life and it will do everything in its powers to provide you with shelter, food and money.

The ghost will become your magickal life partner and it will grant you a happy and comfortable life (no quarrels, unfaithfulness or domestic abuse).

You will never ever experience heartbreak or any other misery. All misery comes from involvement in romantic relationships with human beings.

Your enemies will be powerless against you, because the ghost will exterminate them in a real sense. All you need is to hide the evidence of magick done. Such spells will not backfire on you.

You will be able to detect a curse at once (the first one), because of Halphas and your ghost. Send off the ghost on its spying mission to the sender.

The ghost will automatically find the sender.



Demon Halphas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Halphas can participate in necromancy rituals.
Demon Halphas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



You will know when the ghost is on its mission of destruction by experiencing nightmares about being convicted for a crime in court.

My ghost specialises in extremely malicious duties. You and the ones you love will be very well protected. You will be financially independent and safe in life.

In short, you should take your time and think carefully before you sign an engagement contract with your ghost. Once you do it, you cannot cancell the pact.





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