Necromancy: bullet proof signs a ghost is courting you


Necromancy is a practice filled with dangers. Be alert and very observant for internal changes.
Necromancy is a practice filled with dangers. Be alert and very observant for internal changes.



Necromancy is a practice filled with huge dangers. You must be very alert and observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Ghosts of dead people are very powerful spirits.

There are several bullet proof signs that will indicate that a ghost is courting you. These signs are related to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

As soon as you discover these dangerous signs, you must switch to other types of magick with other spirits and stop all interactions with your ghosts.

Here are the dangerous signs that a ghost is courting you:





Necromancy: extreme self care




A ghost of the opposite sex is capable of screwing your mind inside out.



If you catch yourself dressing up extremely well, putting lots of make up, lots of perfumes, jewellery and wearing very sexy lingerie and high heal shoes everyday, you should get alarmed.

It will feel like an abnormal and forced routine to act in these ways. If you spend half of the early morning (from 4 A.M until 8 A.M) in front of the mirror correcting your makeup and fixing your hair, this is an alarming sign.

Moreover, if this behaviours occurs when you are off duty and at home, then you should get very alarmed.





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Necromancy: extreme weight loss



Women will go to extremes for the sake of looking good. I did regular weight loss spells for myself and I have lost lots of weight.

I stopped doing necromantic weight loss spells when I noticed my obsession with loosing more and more weight for the sake of fitting into beautiful clothes.

Ghosts of opposite gender used to help me with my weight loss spells and the weight loss process was easy and fast. I started to drop my rings from my fingers, because my fingers became thinner and thinner.

When a ghost is courting you, it will extract pleasure from looking at you. The ghost will force you to loose more and more weight all the time.






phobic reactions and panic attacks



This is the most dangerous sign: you react with panic when the most handsome human partners of the opposite sex try to court you or hunt after you when you have said your NO.

Your phobic reactions are severe: strong heartbeat, dry mouth and shaking of the body and this condition lasts during a week. You cannot function normally due to your fear.

I had been doing quite a lot of necromantic magick with different ghosts of the opposite gender. In particular, I liked one ghost, because it was was very protective.

If you notice phobic behaviour in you, you must stop all interactions with your ghosts, take notes in your Book of Shadows and switch to other ghosts.

You will find a ghost who is both protective and caring enough to not induce these phobic reactions in you. The phobic reactions are very traumatic to experience while your admirers will only intensify their hunt after you.

Ghosts are capable of changing your mind by inducing phobic reactions and feelings of disgust. My phobic reactions were very unpleasant to experience and the ghost helped me to run away from men.

During those days, I consumed lots of Valerian to calm myself after being chased by human male admirers. When I understood what was going on with me, I stopped all my interactions with that particular ghost.

The ghost was courting me and screwing my mind inside out by inducing phobic reactions towards men who were courting me. As soon as I switched to other ghosts, my panic attacks ceased and I became more open towards human love partners.





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