Demon Gusion from Goetia: he knows the solution to your problem









Demon Gusion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Gusion is the 11th spirit and he is a Duke. He can tell you all things, past, present and to come, and he can also show you the meaning and resolution of all your questions.

He reconciles friendships, and gives honour and dignity unto any. Gusion commands 40 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Demon Gusion: the nature of my problem





My cockatoo is 16, 5 years old and he is my baby. The bird was given to me as a gift, but the giver of this precious gift did not know how difficult these cockatoos can be.

Rose Breasted cockatoos (see picture above) can develop a genetic phobic behaviour. Its a disorder in males. I have a male. This is exactly what happened to my bird after his eighth birthday.

I have always been kind to the bird and showered him with my love, bird seeds and bird snacks, baked cakes for parrots, toys, new luxurious cages and swings.

The problem with the bird’s phobic disorder got out of hand and he started to chew his feathers and skin. I was very sad to see my bird in such a poor condition.

The surroundings told me to get rid of the bird. I refused to hear such rubbish and made a pact with Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael.

I sold my own life to the demons in exchange for helping me to heal my pet. There was no meaning to live if one must give up and betray a poor animal.




The rehabilitation of my pet:

many demons helped






Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael healed my bird’s physical injuries, but the process of healing was long. I did approximately 12 spells to stop the destructive behaviour of my bird.

During the following year I did spells with Ipos, Buer, Marbas and Heramael to help my pet heal his subconscious fears. The spells seemed to help, but very slowly.

I was forced to move my home office into my tiny bedroom to provide my bird with a calm environment. Do you think I have 1 bird? No, I have two! Its hell! They scream!

The cockatoo is afraid of the sound from my phones and keyboards even if my bird has a separate cockatoo bedroom. The other large parrot has another Amazon bird bedroom.

My two birds shared one bird bedroom, but when the cockatoo started to pluck out his feathers and chew its skin, I was forced to separate the birds from each other.





Demon Gusion:

he advised to summon Barzabel




This is the planetary talisman of Mars with the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel.



I could not work without interruptions every 30 minutes. My cockatoo screamed in panic every 30 minutes. It was horrible during nights too.

At last I could not sleep at all, because during nights I was my bird’s baby sitter. I summoned Gusion and explained the problem:

“Gusion, I don’t know what to do. Tell me, is there any demon who can make my bird very brave? I want the screaming to stop, because I cannot function.

I cannot sleep and I cannot work. Marbas and Heramael have healed my bird’s physical injuries, but his fears are scaring him.”

The answer from Gusion came on a subconscious level. I thought: “Barzabel has transformed me into a very brave woman. I should ask Barzabel to help my cockatoo.”

After a couple of days I did a courage spell for my cockatoo with Barzabel. The screaming during nights has ceased and I can sleep 8 hours in a row now.

The panic attacks during day hours have also decreased in frequency. Gusion gives good advice and he seems to know which demon can solve our problems.





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