Demon Agares from Goetia: the demon of Google indexing









Demon Agares is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Agares is the right demon for translators. He teaches languages, but also delivers keyboards and teaches how to use them. Agares teaches how to use a keyboard with English alphabet for typing in other languages.

Agares helps to build websites in several languages very fast. This demon can help you to submit your website to Google for indexing.

I did not know anything about meta tags for Google and about DNS verification. Agares taught me all this. Spells with Agares bring fast action.

Agares has taught me a lot about SEO, indexing on Google, Google Search Console, and how to structure the work of translating. You will get lost without a structure of your blog posts and menus.

If you have a new website and need to index it faster, you can take these steps:

create a site map, see my site map here: Lucifera666 sitemap. WordPress has a widget for a sitemap. Copy the sitemap from the widget to a page.

submit your new website and your sitemap page URL to Google Search Console. The sitemap will help Google to understand the structure of your website.

you can submit all your new posts and pages to Google Search Console manually (for faster indexing)

have separate URLs for different languages

Of course, special thanks go to my Ghost who was helping me to translate. My Ghost helped me to build up my new website, by directing my thought process and keeping me awake. I would have fallen asleep without my Ghost behind my back.





Demon Agares: Goetia




Demon Agares is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Agares is the second spirit and he is under the power of the East. He comes riding upon a crocodile, but he is mild in his appearance.

Agares makes them to run that stand still and brings back runaways. He teaches foreign languages. This spirit has the powers to destroy dignities and causes earthquakes.

Finally, Agares commands 31 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Demon Agares and ghost magick:




You will need:

a small candle (paint it with olive oil and roll in coffee) or

a small candle (paint it with necromancy oil and roll in coffee)

graveyard dirt from a soldiers grave

a ring or a pendant

the seal of Agares

the seal of Murmur

your petition to Agares and the dead

In your petition, you can request help with specific issues: obtaining keyboards, a very speedy work tempo, or how to get Google stick to your website.





Demon Agares and ghost magick:

the ritual



First I summon Lucifer. After this step I summon Murmur, Agares and the dead. I explain the purpose of my ritual, and provide offerings and gifts.

I place my pendant inside my Ghost’s helmet (the helmet was in the grave during more than 50 years). I also place my ring on the seal of Agares.

During the following moments, I read my petition to Agares and the dead. I burn the petition. During the next morning, I pour out the ashes into a home potted plant.

I wear the pendant and ring all the time.





My thoughts about Google indexing



Google indexing is very slow. We cannot have a slow indexing during these days when there are millions of people shooting online businesses every day due to the mass unemployment.

There must be a method to make Google indexing very fast or instant. It takes 6 months for Google to index a small website. I have a website with 700 posts and more than100 pages.

I am very fast and I created my website during 4 months. Google just cannot catch up with my speed. I am sure many people agree with me: Google indexing is very slow.

Agares is a very powerful demon though! He is very helpful.

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