Necromantic magick: different modes of communication with a ghost


Necromantic magick: each ghost communicates in unique ways.
Necromantic magick: each ghost communicates in unique ways.



Necromantic magick can help you to establish good communication with your ghost. Each ghost will communicate in unique ways: visual text messages, visual images (like films), audible phrases and also by touching the witch.

The ghost I am involved with knows about the internet and can navigate through Google with ease. He also knows about modern phones, computers and all social media platforms.

His most unique and scary ability is this: he can be in one body during a limited period of time and then he can enter another physical body. He has the ability to scan peoples minds for specific information (spying).

My Ghost died 1943 in the battle of Kursk (Russia). It took me a long time to stop fearing my Ghost. The spirit communicates with me by showing me text messages and the personal information given by my Ghost is always correct.

After a row of rituals, the Ghost started to show me very interesting dreams. I understood that the dead man was very brave. He fought in 54 battles and the 55th or the 56th battle was his last one, because he got shot.





Necromantic magick:

visionary texting




Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.



My Ghost is in love with me. This is a fact I had to accept. I was curious and during one ritual with demon Murmur and my Ghost, I asked my Ghost:

“Can you find a photo of a man who looked exactly like you and point my attention to that photo? I know that you love me and I am comfortable with this. I am curious about you.”

During one night, the Ghost woke me up and forced me into a visionary state. It showed me a specific text:

“Search with these keywords: Goozen WW2. Look at the man to the right, I looked like that man.”

My Google search led me to a photo depicting two handsome men. There was only one such photo depicting two young men on the whole internet (with the text Goozen, etc.).

The man to the right on that photo was to my liking. I think that my Ghost was a very handsome young man.

During many times, my Ghost has shown me old newspapers in my visions (the news were dated to the time of WW2). In the visions, the Ghost typed relevant texts as headlines for the articles.

The text messages were answering my questions about reincarnation (that it is hocus pocus stuff), that I am a fool if I believe that time exists for real, and that the human soul is eternal.





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Necromantic magick:




During my rituals with the Ghost and demon Murmur, I asked the Ghost to make me feel its presence near me.  After approximately 1 months the touching began.

The touching begins in bed and I can feel the weight of human hands on my face, chest, belly, arms and legs. When the weird and persistent touching begins, I become alert.

It feels like human hands try to lift up and pull off the blanket from my body. The touching is accompanied by a visionary state.

In the visionary state I see the Ghost in his military uniform. The Ghost phantom is floating above me, as if the Ghost is crawling forward on the ground, and doing something related to its battle.





Necromantic magick:

loud audible messages



This happens very rear to me and only in visionary states (when I am softly drifting away into a dream). The visionary states are always accompanied with loud sounds of explosions and shooting.

My Ghost has communicated some relevant phrases to me. The phrases were in different languages, and I could understand what the Ghost was saying.





Necromantic magick:

safe communication




You can ask demons Dantalion and Murmur to help you establish communication with your ghost.
You can ask demons Dantalion and Murmur to help you establish communication with your ghost.



Ghosts can shower you with thoughts, because the intellect of the ghost will become a part of you. For this reason, you might want to request safe ways of communication with your ghost.

Too much internal chatter, when you think its the ghost giving you these and those thoughts is not good. But yes, sometimes, the thoughts that come into the mind are given by the Ghost.

English is not my native language and the Ghost taught me a new word by replaying this phrase in my mind “I can fetch ghosts of nefarious military staff and they will serve you”.

I did not know what the word “nefarious” meant. I had to look up the meaning of the word “nefarious” in Google Translate and then I understood what my Ghost wants me to do (he wants to protect me).

At another occasion the Ghost replayed this phrase in my mind: “You will get a dick in your pussy and a broken heart. No man shall touch you!”

The Goetia demons Murmur and Dantalion can help you to begin communicating with your ghosts. Dantalion can even help you to communicate with your Ghost by using Tarot cards.

By using the Tarot, you will know if the Ghost is happy in your company or not. It is very important to know this. An unhappy Ghost is a dangerous spirit.





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