Necromantic and demonic magick: how to program a ghost to achieve goals and dead lines


Necromantic and demonic magick can help you to be very productive.



Necromantic and demonic magick can help you to be very productive, to achieve your goals and dead lines. The ghosts of dead soldiers are the most suitable helper spirits.

Is it okay to summon any spirit from a random grave if you want to achieve a project dead line? No, it is not okay. I do necromantic magick only with a few types of the dead:

dead military staff

a lawyer (my best friend)

a very rich lady (but a very cruel bitch)

I have noticed how I act after necromantic rituals with these three types of spirits. The lawyer whispers in my ear:

“It is Sunday and all government institutions are closed. There is no need to hurry. I know that your fear restricts you, but you will see that I will create a special situation for you to silence your fear.”

Really, the lawyer created a scary situation for me to numb out my fear. I achieved my goal in seconds with the lawyers help.

The dead military staff creates a gradual obsession with work tasks and they help to achieve impossible tasks in a few months. There is no way to escape the obsession.

If you have heart problems or problems with health, you should not ask dead military staff to help you achieve your goals. This is because you will end up working day and night without sleep.

Dead military staff is very cruel in a real sense and they will force you to work very hard. If you program the dolls of dead soldiers in a specific way, you will achieve all your goals and dead lines quickly.

The rich and cruel bitch will change your inner self in a very empowering way. Such spirits are good for business oriented ladies to keep their focus only on work.





Necromantic and demonic magick:

demon Murmur



Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.



Demon Murmur teaches necromantic magick. He also draws very helpful contacts among the dead. It is said that Murmur prevents the spirits of the dead from harming the practitioner.

Yes, this is true. Some spirits of the dead are very dangerous. Such ghosts must be approached through a mutual ghost friend. The mutual ghost friend will introduce you to such nefarious ghosts.

How can ghosts harm humans? Ghosts change the thought pattern and push humans into certain modes of action.

There is no way to escape the programmed action of a dead soldier. This is the danger of necromancy. Ghosts of military staff are very powerful, protective and cruel too.

Murmur teaches all about magick with dangerous ghosts and helps to turn them into supportive spirits. Murmur teaches all about ghost psychology.





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Demon Murmur: Goetia



Murmur is the 54th spirit. He is a great duke and also an earl. He appears in the form of a warrior riding upon a Gryphon and he wears a ducal crown upon his head.

Murmur has company of his ministers. This spirit can teach you philosophy perfectly and he constrains the souls of the dead to appear before you to answer your questions.

Murmur rules over 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Necromantic and demonic magick:

programming a battlefield ghost



First of all, it is important to note, that all magick on battlefield ghosts must be ethical. Do not harm such ghosts, because they can kill you.

The ghost must be very interested in helping you. If you are observant, you will notice if the ghost likes you or not. As soon as you notice that your ghost likes you, you can use this week spot for your benefit.

It is also good to expect the unexpected. Battlefield ghosts can surprise you with the speed of their operation. They manifest results very fast, but you should be alert and ready to stop the magick (if strange events start to unfold).

It is also good to know that such ghosts can eliminate anyone who interferes with their given program. If you have ordered your ghost to protect you and somebody tries to harm you, the ghost will eliminate.

For this reason, it is wise to be very specific when you program such ghosts. You might want to program the ghost into several optional modes of action according to the levels of arising threats.

I noticed that my Ghost likes me a lot and I used this to my advantage. In order to achieve my goals and dead lines, I programmed my Ghost like this:

“I like her so much! I will never allow her to suffer any harm or misery. I will never allow her to financially depend upon anyone, because I want her for myself.”

It is like a “Come and get me boy!” game. I did not set any deactivation date and the spell will run eternally. The ghost is in charge of my brain and my body.

I am so happy all the time and this is the effect of ghost magick. The Ghost is protecting me and helping me to achieve my goals.





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