Barzabel, the demon of Mars: a courage spell for women and men









Barzabel, the demon of Mars, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



Barzabel, the demon of Mars, is one of my favourite spirits. There is a good description of the planetary talisman of Mars in the Magus by Francis Barrett:

“The third table belongs to Mars, which is made of a square of five, containing twenty-five numbers, and of these, in every side and diameter, five, which makes sixty-five, and the sum of all is three hundred and twenty-five.

And there are over it divine names with an intelligence to good, and a spirit to evil, and out of it is drawn the characters of Mars and of his spirits.

These, with Mars fortunate, being engraven on an iron plate, or sword, makes a man potent in war and judgement, and petitions, and terrible to his enemies, and victorious over them.

And if engraven upon the stone correola, it stops blood, and the menstrues. But if it be engraven, with Mars being unfortunate, on a plate of red brass, it prevents and hinders buildings – it casts down the powerful from dignities, honours, and riches – causes discord and hatred amongst men and beasts – drives away bees, pigeons, and fish – and hinders mills from working, i. e. binds them.

It likewise renders fighters and hunters unfortunate – causes barrenness in men and women – and strikes a terror into our enemies, and compels them to submit.”





The demon of Mars, Barzabel:

my rituals 2019




This is a ritual with Barzabel. I did frequent rituals with Barzabel during 2019.
This is a ritual with Barzabel. I did frequent rituals with Barzabel during 2019.



It is very important to have a diary or a Book of Shadows. Regular notes in your diary will help you to observe your progress in magick and also make you observe your progress in healing your deep seated fears.

I did many rituals with Barzabel during 2019. Today, I wear only bright red lipstick. Red lipstick boosts my self confidence. I have also noticed that I have become very brave.

But still, I have fears. Barzabel taught me the art of warfare too. He pushed aside my feminine fears and encouraged me to approach very dangerous dead men.

Barzabel teaches to be truly brave: he teaches magick with war criminals. These spirits belong to two groups: restless spirits and spirits that are at peace.

The demon of Mars insisted that I summon a few dead Generals and dead soldiers. All of them are war criminals, but to my surprise, they were very helpful and friendly towards me.

In short, Barzabel is a very helpful demon, because he will make you very brave and also introduce you to suitable contacts among the dead.

These contacts will become your best friends and they will protect you from physical and virtual dangers, malicious people, accidents and curses (if someday there will be a need to fight back).






The demon of Mars, Barzabel

& ghost magick




We live in very uncertain times. Our life and the lives of those we love should not be taken for granted. In today’s time, Ghosts can show you that you will benefit from a courage spell.

I programmed my battlefield Ghost with a spell and asked it to take care of certain issues. As many of you know, Ghost magick is very powerful and it influences the spell caster. The Ghost guided me to begin magick with Barzabel once more.




This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia.
This is my battlefield Ghost. 



By the way, Barzabel is a great demon even for small pets. Pets will become brave, but they will also have a tendency to be naughtier and angrier too.

I have done courage spells with Barzabel and Graphiel for my phobic Rose Breasted cockatoo.

The results are obvious:

my bird dares to kiss a small stick, a brush for the car, and a water spraying bottle

my bird also accepted a new teddy bear as its favourite toy

my bird accepted a small box as a table for his food bowl (the bird is not 100% caged)

The panic attacks and the screaming during nights have decreased too. During these days, a couple of soft toys take regular nasty bites from the brave bird.





The demon of Mars, Barzabel:

the courage spell ingredients



You will need:

the seals of Lucifer, Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel

gifts for Lucifer, Barzabel and Graphiel (I give them jewellery for men)

your jewellery

a black or a white candle

oil for the candle: 1 cup olive oil, 4 crushed bay leaves, 2 tablespoons of dried sage

herbs for courage: cinnamon sticks, bay leaves (victory over difficulties), tobacco (herb of Geburah) , High John the Conqueror (battles down your fears very well), yarrow (courage), chamomile (calms you down), thyme (gives courage)

your petition

aluminium foil (to wrap the petition ashes)







The demon of Mars, Barzabel:

the petition



The petition must be very personal. This is what I wrote:

“Dear Barzabel and Graphiel, thank you for transforming me into a brave woman. Despite my transformation, I still have some fears.

Please help me to become very brave so I never have a need to depend on the love from a man or seek his financial support. Please grant me very high self esteem, unlimited courage and the bravery to deal with whatever comes my way.”





The demon of Mars, Barzabel:

the courage spell…do this…




This is a ritual with Lucifer Barzabel and Graphiel.
This is a ritual with Lucifer, Barzabel and Graphiel. My Ghost is also present during the ritual.



You might want to begin the ritual by announcing the purpose of your ritual. Tell the forces that you have a petition. Read the petition and ask the forces to help you.

After this, the petition is burned and the ashes are packed into aluminium foil. Personal jewellery is placed on the planetary talisman of Mars and a tailored spell is spoken aloud 3 times.

The herbs are poured out on the planetary talisman of Mars (to cover the jewellery). Power is raised in the ritual circle and later it is projected into the jewellery.




This is a ritual with Lucifer, Barzabel and Graphiel.
This is a ritual with Lucifer, Barzabel and Graphiel.



After the spell is done, the jewellery should be worn day and night. You can collect the herbs, the packed petition and the planetary talisman of Mars into a large bowl (for use in your next courage spells).






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