Necromancy: how to get closer to a ghost and start communicating


Necromancy is a practice that involves communication with the spirits of the dead.
Necromancy is a practice that involves communication with the spirits of the dead.



Necromancy is a practice that involves communication with the spirits of the dead. It took me approximately one year to become very attached to my ghost.

Recently, the ghost started to communicate with me by forcing me to enter visionary states. The lips of the ghost doll started to move in my visions and I heard the ghost head speak.

When I was in one of my visionary states, I heard my voice ask the ghost head: “I heard that ghosts are difficult people and its difficult to establish communication with them. Is this true?”

The lips of the ghost head started to move and a mans voice answered: “No, you are wrong. Ghosts are not difficult people.”

Before the ghost started to talk, it forced me into a visionary state and showed me its injuries prior to death. I saw the exact spots where the bullets made holes in the young mans body: the left lung and the heart.






Necromancy: do you have a caring ghost?



It takes time to get to know a ghost and also to develop a very close bond of friendship. Ghosts are like people, some make you feel good, and some make you feel bad.

There is a huge difference between ordinary ghosts and ghosts of dead soldiers. A ghost of a dead soldier is much more powerful than the ghosts of ordinary people.

This is because soldiers are very strong willed, brave and disciplined people. I have noticed that my ghost can force me to act out the exact wording of my spell.

It is very important that we have a very caring ghost as our magickal companion. But how can we know if we have a caring ghost who genuinely loves us?

You will know this by observing your emotional health and the events of your life. A caring ghost will keep you safe and very happy with your life.

A malicious ghost will create chaotic events and make you feel bad. Such ghosts exist too, but we attract to ourselves those ghosts who match our vibration.

Even the ghosts of very dangerous men will show you their best sides in the presence of your ghost (if the ghost is your patron ghost). I have experienced this.





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Necromancy: how to get closer to a ghost?



I advice to keep the photo of the dead person, the cranium or the ghost head in your close proximity. The ghost head is always near my PC and it is with me all days long.

I talk to the ghost head many times during the day. I tell the ghost how happy I am that we two met and that it seems that we are compatible with each other.

At first it felt very strange to talk to the ghost head while not getting any response. But recently, the ghost responded by talking back. The communication has been established.

Friendship spells and love spells for you and your ghost will help your bond to become stronger. I do love magick for me and my ghost.

Some people say that it is not good to do such love spells. I was very afraid of my ghost from the beginning when I noticed that the ghost is attracted to me, but love spells changed everything (the ghost is disarmed and I am no longer afraid).

The danger with love spells is this: a ghost in love with you, will never accept a sudden end of love. But if you want a loyal ghost, then a ghost in love with you is the best ghost for your magickal practices.

You can also do easy petition spells with the ghost and observe how your spells work. If the ghost is helping you a lot, this means you have a very caring ghost.

Long story made short: it takes lots of rituals, effort and commitment to establish a very warm relationship with a new ghost.





Necromancy: scary experiences



Ghosts are very intelligent and understand all languages. A person who died 80 years ago has the knowledge of cell phones, computers and cameras. This is my experience with my ghost.

I was in my bed and the Ghost’s helmet was beside me. I said as usual: “Baby boy, we must sleep now. You are such a caring Ghost and take such good care of me. I love you.”

Then I asked the Ghost: “Tell me, Honey boy, do you love me?”

Of course, I did not hear the Ghost speak. I did not expect my Ghost to speak. I closed my eyes and suddenly saw a vision. In my vision I was staring into the screen of my cell phone.

I saw a Facebook profile with the name Red Yellow Black metal Flag (this flag is present on the Ghost’s helmet). This profile wrote: “You are reading a comment to your recent question. Yes, I love you.”

I was shocked by the way a Ghost can communicate. I had many other scary visions, when the Ghost had attacks of PTSD and thought that I was his enemy.





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