Necromantic magick for protection: how to summon many soldiers from a mass grave


Necromantic magick: it is possible to summon many soldiers from a mass grave.
Necromantic magick: it is possible to summon many soldiers from a mass grave.




Necromantic magick can shock you: it is possible to summon many soldiers from a mass grave if you are very good friends with one of them.

But this magick is quite dangerous. The word “nefarious” was whispered into my ears by the spirits of the dead when they showed up in my place.

Suddenly, when I entered my visionary state, I saw a huge tank standing on a distance of 20 meters from my bedroom. I could not believe my vision.

I also saw a group of soldiers in green uniforms (they were 10 or 15 in number) and one of them was a soldier I knew on a gut level. He was my favourite ghost.

The ghost had fetched his friends from a mass grave, because I, Murmur and the ghost had discussed this during one of our rituals. The nefarious ghosts had arrived to my home from a mass grave.

You see, I ask Murmur to teach me more and more necromantic magick all the time. As you understand, this Goetia demon is a very good mentor in magick.






Necromantic magick: making friends



I advise that you ask your ghost to be with you all the time during your rituals with the other ghosts. As long as you are under the patronage of your ghost, you will be safe.

During your next ritual, you can make offerings and begin tying the bonds of friendship with the soldiers from the mass grave (best friends of your ghost).




Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.




Demon Murmur should be summoned, because he is best in test. He collaborates with the ghosts, controls the ritual, keeps you safe, and teaches how to make specific blends of grave dirt with certain protective powers.

To be very close friends with nefarious beings is good, because you will be very well protected at all times. But tying the bonds of friendship can be a challenge and also scary.

You may have a need to forge a pact with your ghost or develop a “trigger” that will fetch the nefarious ghosts from the mass grave when you do protection spells for yourself.

So, as you understand, you do not need to have grave dirt from 15 different soldiers in order to summon them. It is enough that you are the best friend of one soldier.





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Necromantic magick: the exact execution of commands



Ghosts of dead soldiers are very clever. They understand all languages and execute your commands exactly. They are good at several things (not only protection):

making people fall in love

healing emotional pain

forcing people to work hard

making people very brave

If you have a deep seated fear that is your handicap in life, you can do magick with a dead soldier. Ask the soldier to help you to defeat your deep seated fear.






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