Demon Lucifer: his abilities to help internet delivery companies to restore crashed internet









Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and he has several seals. You see two seals of Lucifer and one of Clauneck.



Demon Lucifer has enormous powers to help internet delivery companies repair their equipment fast. Due to the extensive usage of internet during these days, the internet at the Swedish internet delivery company Bredbandsbolaget crashed (2020-08-01).

The crashed internet was a catastrophe for me. I was told that the internet would be delivered on Monday (2020-08-03). The absence of internet created enormous stress for me.

I needed the internet just like I need oxygen. At the same time, I had no time to plan a spell. In my despair, I just collapsed on my sofa and focused on my breathing.

Then an idea hit me and my inner voice told me: “Run and fetch the seal of Lucifer and pray to him”. I ended up seated on my sofa and I was holding the seal of Lucifer in my right hand.




This is the seal of Lucifer I use.



I was staring at the seal of Lucifer during 30 minutes. In my mental prayers, I was broadcasting SOS signals to the demon. I just kept repeating one sentence:

“Fix the internet, bring the internet to my home as soon as you can. I will perish without the internet.”





Demon Lucifer: he delivers internet



After a couple of hours, I had limited amount of internet on my phone. My phone was connected to my PC and delivered internet all the time.

I was forced to purchase more internet for my phone. But I still had problems: I had no internet on my other two phones and could not use them for my tasks.

I continued to work until 3 AM in the morning and felt a sharp ache in my back. My back was hurting due to the tension in my body that was caused by hurry and stress.

Suddenly, I heard several incoming messages on my other two phones. The internet was delivered once again. I could not believe my eyes when I disconnected my phone from my PC. I had internet!

The internet company Bredbandsbolaget started to deliver internet to my home at 3 AM (2020-08-02) instead of the planned delivery on Monday (2020-08-03).

With this post, I want to thank Lucifer and other demons who helped to fix the delivery of internet to me.






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