Clauneck from Grimorium Verum: everyday financial sorcery








Clauneck is described in the Grimorium Verum and he has two seals.




“Clauneck has power over riches, can cause treasures to be found. He can give great riches to he who makes a pact with him, for he is much loved by Lucifer. It is he who causes money to be brought.”

Source: Grimorium Verum





Demon Clauneck: the story of Greg from USA



“The spell you did helped me tremendously of getting my job back when I was laid off of my Security job for 3 weeks.

I got my job back and closer to home too, in those 3 weeks, I had to do unarmed Security with lower pay and farther away from home.

I was driving over an hour to get to a $10.00 an hour job. Praise to your demons for helping me and my family”.

Greg from USA






Demon Clauneck: He’s good



The situation was really bad: the money was almost ending and the man was scared. I decided to call upon Lucifer and Clauneck. I asked them to help the man.

At that time, I did not know about the ability of these demons to give back lost jobs. The magick shocked me: the man was offered to come back to work (full time job !!!). This happened right the next day after I did the ritual with both demons.





This video is about money magick with demon Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.




Demon Clauneck: the ritual ingredients



You will need:

a white candle

the seal of Clauneck

oils for the seal: mint and cinnamon

money powder (cinnamon and nutmeg in a ratio of 2: 1)

a small vessel with a screw cap

a small piece of paper, pen and scissors

Write on the small piece of paper the problems you want to reverse with the help of magick. I wrote like this: poverty, lack of money, worry for not having enough money to pay the bills every month.

Demon Clauneck: the ritual

Cut this small list with scissors and place it in the vessel. Pour in bleach (chlorine) and close the vessel. Apply mint and cinnamon oils to the seal of Clauneck and powder the seal with the money powder.

Store the container in a safe place for at least one year to stabilise the situation at work. Clauneck’s seal can be packed into a napkin and stored in your home.

With this post, my friend and I want to thank the demons of Grimorium Verum for their help. We love you!






Demon Clauneck: a money spell (without bleach)



I offer you another good video and in the video I demonstrate a money spell (without bleach).





This video is about money magick with demon Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.





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