Ghosts of dead war criminals and how they can help you








Necromantic and demonic magick: this is a ghost party for high ranking dead military staff.
Necromantic and demonic magick: this is a ghost party for high ranking dead military staff.



Ghosts of high ranking dead war criminals are very dangerous, but they are very protective and loyal. Witchcraft with these spirits is the most powerful protection magick (prevents people from physically attacking you or killing you).

I had gone to extremes and summoned ghosts of very dangerous high ranking dead war criminals. But I did my rituals step by step. I had also used my male ghost as my entry ticket into the world of criminal ghosts of very high status.







Ghosts of war criminals and demonic magick:

rituals with Focalor




Demon Focalor is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



During my first rituals with dead war criminals of very high status, I explained my situation, my desperate need for protection and how scared I was.

Perhaps I should explain a little bit about the situation. Some years ago I had a client come to me and she ordered a certain type of ritual (like break up magick).

The client was not careful, and she mentioned to her friend that she is hiring me for the work. But after some years the client and her friend became enemies.

The former friend of my client started to leek information and suddenly I had people trying to hunt after me. I needed to protect myself and take the witness and some people as my hostages.

To my surprise the dead war criminals were very understanding and they instructed me. With their help I could deny the fact that I did magick for my client.

But this was only the first step. My male ghost pulled me into the ritual circle during several nights and we both were summoning Focalor and dead war criminals of very high status.

I took the witness (the former friend of my client) and some other people as my hostages. Focalor and the dead war criminals were instructed to take care of each of them in case they made a move closer than 20 meters towards my physical body.




Ghosts of war criminals: how they can aid you



This is a ghost party.
This is a ghost party.



Ghosts of war criminals are very good at denying the fact that they committed crimes at all. They will teach you how to act:

to not speak

to not answer any messages

to take calming medicine in huge doses first, and then mask and hide your past actions

to work magick for clients (without involving any witnesses); to ask the client to keep quite

to save client information and photos (in case the client leeks information and you must take care of the client)

to work magick without leaving any physical evidence

to do protection spells with Focalor and dead war criminals of very high status

to do spells with Focalor and dead war criminals on the witness or client who leeks information

to pretend that you are not at home at certain times

to make you unavailable for approaching

The dead war criminals do not have physical guns and thus, they cannot harm by shooting, boxing, kicking or hitting. But they can enter a person’s consciousness and the person in question will not even suspect about this.

Your enemy will feel the threat on a subconscious level and understand that it is wise to leave you alone. Even if your enemy is persistent, Focalor and the dead war criminals will take care of the trouble.






Necromantic and demonic magick: the pros and cons



The pros



You will be protected day and night and all the time from accidents, physical enemies and from curses too. Yes, dead war criminals can protect you even from curses. See magick with demon Halphas.

Dead soldiers are very good at making you work over your normal capacity. They teach discipline and resilience. Dead war criminals teach to be careful.

You will become very brave under the influence of dead military staff. Moreover, they heal sorrow very fast (in case love has ended) and you need to go forward in life.

Well, they just enter your mind and think for you (they think the thoughts of men). These dead men do not grieve long, because they must work and continue to fight battles in their astral dimension.


The cons



Necromantic energy is very heavy in nature. The pull of spells with dead war criminals is very strong and you will be influenced. Your thought pattern will change from time to time.

If you are a woman and they like you, they might break up your love relationship and have you for themselves. To get rid of a love sick ghost is almost impossible. He will not depart easily.






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