Necromantic sorcery and demonic magick: a protection spell with a war badge









This is a protection spells with Lucifer, Murmur and dead war criminals.
Necromantic and demonic magick: a protection spell with Lucifer, Murmur and a dead war criminal.



Necromantic sorcery and demonic magick are super powerful! The dead know us, our life and our future, and they are able to neutralise dangerous situations.

I became amazed at the abilities of my male ghost to keep me safe. He scans my clients for their connections to various people and situations.

Recently he spotted a certain client with “bad” connections and he totally confused the client. The ghost made the client leave very fast by making the payment for the consultation take a wrong path.

When I read the e-mails from the client, my jaw dropped. I said to my ghost: “Holy shit! I don’t want to be involved with such dangerous people and thank you for chasing away the client.”






Necromantic and demonic magick: war helmets and badges



This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia.
This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia and my male ghost.



War helmets and badges, if they were in the graves of the dead, can substitute a cranium, bones and graveyard dirt. The spirit of the dead is attached to the helmet, badge and other items that once were in the grave.

You have to be very specific in your choice of helmets and badges, and of course you have to test and teach the spirits of the dead. If you become the best friend of a war criminal, he will introduce you to more spirits of a similar type.

Graveyard dirt and bones from ordinary people are useless if you want to be protected in a very efficient way. The best dead for protection magick are of course war criminals.

Some dead soldiers, if they fall in love with you, will treat you like their own property. They will break up your love relationships and repel potential lovers away from you all the time.

But can the dead love the living? Yes! And this is the danger of necromantic magick. A love sick dead person (a male soldier) can be very difficult to get rid of.

Their jealousy can cause a lot of unpleasant issues for you: your love life will be torn apart. So, these are some guidelines for you if you are looking for war helmets, badges or graveyard dirt from a soldiers grave:

If you are a female and if a male dead soldier likes you, you will stay single. The solution for you is to find a female dead soldier and ask this spirit to protect you.

If you are a male, it makes sense for you to avoid dead female soldiers. Seek protection from dead male soldiers.





Necromantic sorcery and demonic magick:

spell ingredients



This is a protection spells with Lucifer, Murmur and dead war criminals.
I ask a war criminal to protect me. During the ritual I place my necklace on his war badge.



You will need:


the seal of Lucifer

the seal of Murmur

war helmet, war badge or graveyard dirt

your necklace (wear it all the time)

oil for the badge and your necklace: patchouli (it protects)

grave candles (pour in patchouli oil into the candles)

your petition to the ghost

offerings (canned food, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, honey)




Necromantic sorcery and demonic magick:

the ritual



Begin by calling upon Lucifer and Murmur, and explain the purpose of your ritual: protection. Summon the ghost. Offer gifts (offerings) to the demons and also to the ghost.

Pour in a few drops of patchouli oil into the grave candles and light the candles. Apply a few drops of patchouli oil to your jewellery, the badge and/or helmet.

Read your petition to the ghost and burn the petition. At last the jewellery is placed onto the war badge or into the helmet. Raise power and then place your palms on the jewellery and the badge.

Finish the ritual by thanking the spirits and letting them go. During the next day, the ashes from the petition are poured out into a potted plant.

Wear your jewellery all the time and the ghost will protect you loyally.






Necromantic sorcery and demonic magick:

about the spirits




Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demons. This is his seal.




I find that Murmur is one of the best demons for necromantic rituals, because he and the dead do cooperate and create tricky situations for the practitioner.

By solving tricky situations, the practitioner is able to learn necromantic magick, the “nature” and the talents of each spirit of the dead and even learn to do spells on the spirits of the dead.

Yes, even war criminals have talents! My male war criminal ghost loves to participate in love spells and he enjoys seeing people kiss each other and make love.

I also do beauty spells for myself with the ghost of my male war criminal. He forces me to diet (I eat almost nothing), to put on daily make up and to fix my hair even if I am at home.

The spirits of dead war criminals obey Lucifer, Frucissiere and Kleppoth, Murmur, Sallos, Dantalion, Agares, Belial, Andromalius and Marbas.



Goetia demons for necromantic love spells


Combine Lucifer, Murmur, Sallos and Dantalion. I do love spells for myself and my male ghost to keep him happy with me and to prevent him from killing me (if a curse backfires by accident).

My client from Germany adores one of my war criminal ghosts, because he is very good at flirting. He helped her by forcing her girlfriend back to her.



 Goetia demons for protection spells


You can combine Lucifer, Murmur, Belial, Andromalius. These demons and the dead war criminals will protect your home and you.






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