Ghost witchcraft: how to begin trusting dangerous dead soldiers









Ghost witchcraft with a dangerous dead soldier can make you very brave.



Ghost witchcraft with a dangerous dead soldier can make you very brave. This will happen gradually of course. Each time you do a ritual with a dangerous dead soldier, you will dissolve your fear of Death.

In the beginning of my magickal relationship with my dead soldier, I was very afraid of him. This makes so much sense, because this dead man died in a battle. This ghost is extremely dangerous and I mean it.

Demon Murmur from Goetia helped me to build a loving relationship with this dead man. Murmur had exposed me to the shock of watching how my necromantic spells manifested horrible results.

The ghost of this man is very dangerous, and I was lucky that I did a mild spell on his doll. The spell was meant to send him off on his mission.

My spell worked in an unpredictable way, because this ghost is very smart. The ghost entered my consciousness with enormous force and switched of my thinking completely. I had no control over myself and the ghost just forced me to obey him.

The dead soldier did this to me many times for different purposes like protecting me from danger, teaching me some skills, pointing my attention to the news and stopping me from going outdoors.

Gradually, I released my fear and started trusting him. But there were moments of hesitation and I did spells with Murmur and Dantalion to seek their advice.

During my spells with Murmur and Dantalion, I expressed my fears to the demons: “I fear this man, because he was a very dangerous soldier. What if he kills me? But at the same time, I need a protector like him as my personal ghost.”

The ghost was present during my rituals with Murmur and Dantalion and it heard what I said. I guess it became sad. During the following months something miraculous happened.

I started to take the “ghost helmet” into my bed each night. My fear was gone. The ghost showed up in my visions more and more often.

In the visions, it took of his helmet to demonstrate the original lining of the helmet. The lining was beautiful. The ghost showed me more: that it is possible to travel together with it to distant places (in my astral body) to visit its friends.

It also pointed out that its physical remains are located to a mass grave. I was at ease, because my intuition told me that I am safe.

Dantalion is a very good demon for becoming brave enough to approach dangerous ghosts. He can help you to build a close relationship with your ghosts.





Ghost witchcraft:

the psychology of ghosts



Ghosts have a pattern of thinking and behaviour.



All ghosts have a unique pattern of thinking and behaviour, and with time ghosts also evolve and become a lot wiser. The pattern of thinking and behaviour is dictated by their deepest desires and needs (desires prior to death).

If the person in question died at a young age, the ghost will be interested in courting the Witch. Ghosts of young people will willingly participate in your rituals, teach you necromantic magick and do their duties well and fast.

All this will happen on one condition: they crave your attention and love. Love is the magickal candy that tames even the ghosts of war criminals.

You have to identify the needs of the ghost. You can do this by asking the ghost about its desires and needs. Of course a ritual is done and a necromancy demon is summoned together with the ghost.

The ghost will give you the knowledge about its desires. It is up to you if you want to help the ghost to attain its desire or not.

If you help the ghost to attain its long sought joy and peace of mind, the ghost will help you through your life. You will have a loyal ghost as a magickal companion.




Ghost witchcraft & Tarot



This is the seal of Sagatana (Sargatanas) from Grimorium Verum.



“Sagatana teaches necromancy, ghost witchcraft and divination.”

Source: Grimorium Verum




Demon Sagatana teaches divination aided with the help of the dead. You can also do divinations with Dantalion in case you want to read the thoughts of ghosts.

Although you will be able to communicate with your ghosts telepathically, you can do Tarot divinations if you want to obtain more precise information.

Ghosts will also enter your consciousness and help you to think certain thoughts of trust and harmony. They will want you to touch the helmet for example.

Your gut feelings of love and trust will guide you in your interactions with your ghosts. As a check up of the mental condition of my ghost, I do Tarot rituals and I summon Lucifer, Murmur, Dantalion and my ghost. Then I do the Celtic Cross spread.

I also ask the ghost to answer my questions:

Are you happy in my company?

Have you relaxed? Are you at peace now?

How can I help you and love you more?





I summoned Lucifer, Murmur, Dantalion and my ghost.
I summoned Lucifer, Murmur, Dantalion and my ghost.


Position 1: what is happening now in my ghost’s life

The World = triumph, wishes granted, success, the ghost is in full control

Princess of Wands = message (I answered his wish and have set him free from his depression)



Position 2: what bothers the ghost.



Position 2: what bothers my ghost

2 of pentacles = exchange of services, the balance of giving and receiving

The Hermit = the ghost is seeking a solution, a way to communicate with me



Position 3: what are his dominant thoughts.


Position 3: what are his dominant thoughts

The Magician = the ghost is trying to improve his life by planning appropriate action

10 of Cups = he is at peace and feels joyful



Position 4: his unconscious desires, thought patterns and actions.



Position 4: his unconscious desires, thought patterns and actions

5 of Cups = he is still sad, because he is dead. He wishes that he was alive

Temperance = he is trying to dilute his grief of death



Position 5: what is to come soon.



Position 5: what is to come soon

9 of Cups = unlimited joy (I love my ghost and we do fun magick often)

Justice = his joy needs to be tempered (depression and PTSD could kick in after the joy and exaltation takes his mood into a negative swing)





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