Budget friendly SEO tricks taught to me by Mephistophilis









Budget friendly SEO tricks were taught to me by demon Mephistophilis from the Black Raven.



Budget friendly SEO tricks were taught to me by demon Mephistophilis from the Black Raven, because I am in several financial pacts with Lucifer and his demons.





Budget friendly SEO tricks: Demon Mephistophilis



This is the seal of demon Mephistophilis from the Black Raven.



“I am Mephistophilis and I am the grand master of many arts. I am one of the seven Grand Dukes of the Black Raven. I can teach you many things very fast. I can give you good luck in life.

I have many spirits under my command. Whenever I command them to serve they do so fast.”

Source: The Black Raven





Demon Mephistophilis teaches all about marketing a business the right way. The SEO of your business platforms is very important and if you run several websites with business plans, your expenses will become huge.

Mephistophilis taught me the tricks to good SEO scores on one of my self hosted websites. The process was quite annoying though, because it took a long time to understand how the software operates.





Budget friendly SEO tricks: learn the software



If you have a WordPress.com website, you need to upgrade to a business plan in order to install your own plugins for the SEO scoring.

But if you have five websites in different languages and upgrade all of them to a business plan, your expenses will be a burden for your business.

The solution to this problem is to have at least one self hosted website and install Yoast SEO. Work through all your posts and pages on the self hosted website and improve the SEO score.

In this way, you will master the art of producing content with the highest SEO scores.






Budget friendly SEO tricks: copy & paste



When you can produce posts with good SEO on your self hosted business platform, you will be able to do so on WordPress.com websites even if you are running on a personal plan.

You can produce new posts with good SEO scores on your self hosted business platforms and simply copy and paste them into your WordPress.com websites.

You may be asking yourself: what is the point to run WordPress.com websites as the main business platforms? There are important things to consider.

The main drawback with self hosted websites is the lack of security. If you run your own business on a self hosted platform, you should consider doing rituals with demon Andromalius from Goetia.




Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Even if you install protection software on your self hosted websites, there are very malicious viruses that can ruin your business platform.

Install Jetpack at once on your self hosted website. I installed Jetpack at once, because a combination of Jetpack and other security plugins gave me more protection.

When I started to do magick with demon Andromalius on a regular basis, I understood that there is no backing up of information on self hosted websites.

My websites are huge and I became doubtful that I will be able to restore all my self hosted content if my website does crash one day. I installed Updraft Plus as a security measure, but still I prefer WordPress.com as my main platform for business.

As soon as I understood the issue regarding the lack of security on self hosted platforms, I started to transfer my content to my WordPress.com websites.

But no matter how good we become at SEO, key words and other technical stuff, Google may update its algorithm and cause us to fall down in our ranking.

There was a Google update quite recently, and I noticed that my stats went down at once. I hope this is just temporary. There is nothing we can do about such updates.





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