Necromantic magick with the rich dead: the psychology of doing profitable business









Necromantic magick with the rich dead will help you to attract your perfect customer to your business.
Ghost magick with the rich dead will help you to attract your perfect customer to your business.



Ghost magick with the rich dead will help you to grow your business, to attract your perfect customer to you, to be more clear about your business goals and the services you can offer to your clients.

The rich dead can replace a business coach and guide you in your financial affairs. If you want to take your earning potential to a new level, but do not know how to do it, the demons and the rich dead can help you.

You will find some pointers about occult rituals with demons and the dead in the end of this post. The demons and the dead rule the brain, but the rest of the work must be done by you. Being in business demands 200% commitment.






Ghost magick:

the keys and goals of a business




Demon Bune is one of the best Goetia demons when it comes to growing a business. This is his seal.




Now suppose that, thanks to demon Bune, you have accumulated substantial reserves of money and want to propel your business forward.

Its time for you to focus on how to earn even more, be happy with what you do for a living, and inject even more money into your business.

If you currently have a drop shipping business, or any other business, this post will help you. If you are working for a boss today, this post will give you ideas for your future self-employment.

The keys to having a great business is to have a very clear purpose, knowledge, a very strong intent, a vision of the future and a tremendous desire to achieve improvements and positive change.

Your services, goals and business strategies may change a little bit from time to time and this is perfectly okay. But your business is always a reflection of the inner you, your thoughts, your ingrained beliefs about money and defines you as a person.

In order to take your earning potential to a brand new level, you must know whom you want to attract to you. Oftentimes, business people get stuck and cannot figure out why their income has hit a plateau.

Demons like Bune from the Goetia, Lucifer, Belial, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis and the rich dead can help you to figure out why you feel stuck. They will also help you to grow your network of potential clients.

These are some sure signs that your financial pact with Lucifer and his demons is in progress and helping you to grow your business. Sometimes the signs are drastic, but sometimes they are mild.

Does your virtual surrounding match your business goals? If your answer is NO, then there are some things you can do to begin attracting a new clientele to you.

You can gradually change your content and adjust your services to match the desires of your future clients. Ask yourself: which clients do I want? And which clients do I want to repel away from me?

Many people are not aware of their virtual business content and they attract clients to themselves by default. You have the right to deny your services to some types of clients.

For example, I deny my services to some clients. After I have explained my terms of services, and if the client does not care to respect me, I simply ban the person from my Facebook business page as a final good bye.

Its very helpful to write down your business goals and what is going on right now in terms of finances. In this way, you will:

obtain clarity and focus

obtain an understanding of what you were doing wrong

understand what you can do to make affairs prosperous

come to a conclusion of what is desired in the future

Focus on what is most important to you and keep your undivided attention on it. By the Law of Attraction, you will attract to you more of that which is important to you.





Ghost magick:

be deliberate about your life



Demon Murmur from Goetia teaches that we live only once. Necromancy debunks the myth of reincarnation.



Yes, be very deliberate about your life, because we live it only once. Be very deliberate about the usage of your precious time, because time is equal to money.

Do not be afraid to devote all your time to your business. Spend time and work with people who have the same goals of growing their business and becoming rich.

When your mind is not focused on your business, it starts to entertain itself with doubts, fears, insecurities, other people’s opinions about yourself, what is happening in the world and what is not happening.

Your mind automatically becomes filled with low priority issues. This is what I call for a life lived without deliberate thought, deliberate intent and deliberate action.

You will have to eliminate distractions and use your time wisely. The common distractions that drain our time are:

screaming kids (give them toys, books, TV, radio, cell phone, games)

screaming and barking pets (each owner has their own tricks to silence the pets)

friends (explain that you must work)

irrelevant inbox messages (disregard them)

shopping (shop online)

lovers who just don’t meet your standards (purge them)




Ghost magick &

demonic rituals for a business



Financial pacts with Lucifer and his demons



This is a business enhancing pact with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis.



Demonic magick can be done to help a business generate profits. You can make pacts with Lucifer and his demons, and also with specific dead people.

Some very helpful demons for your business are:

Lucifer (financial growth)

Lucifuge Rofocale (marketing, financial growth)

Mephistophilis (luck, marketing, financial growth)

Belial (the reputation of your business)

Bune (financial growth)

Andromalius (to protect your business)

You can do bleach jar spells to banish and correct unwanted business related issues. Magick with magnets, your blood and money is very helpful if you want to attract the right business related circumstances to you.



Ghost magick: blood pacts with the dead




Necromantic magick can help your business to grow.
Necromantic magick with a dead soldier can be done to keep your business and yourself safe.



There is no point in contacting random graves if you want the dead to help your business to grow. There are only two categories of the dead you will want to befriend:

the military and war criminals (to protect yourself and your business)

the very rich and the very powerful (coaching in business and growing your clientele)

One must be a little bit cautious with the dead of the opposite sex, because they can break up your romantic relationships (if they want you for themselves).

I have been doing necromantic magick with a ghost of a young man for a while now. The ghost loves to flirt with me and is very attracted to me.

At one point, I needed to focus on my affairs and I did a spell with my doll and the doll of the ghost. I joined us both in a ritual setting and asked the ghost to help me to focus on my business and to eliminate all distractions.

The spell worked wonders in just two months. The ghost made me focus on the things that were most important to me and gradually eliminated all time draining people from my life.





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