Demon Sonus, an artificially created demon, and how he can help you









This is the seal of demon Sonus, an artifially created entity.
Demon Sonus is an artificially created entity and this is his seal.



Demon Sonus is an artificially created entity and he came to me via an e-mail. The creator of Sonus is a practitioner of the Occult.

In the end of this post you will find contact information that will put you in touch with the creator of demon Sonus. I will use parts of received and sent e-mails to show you my correspondence with the creator of Sonus.





Demon Sonus: his story



The creator of Sonus:

“Many years ago, I made a deal with Lucifer. I hadn’t actually planned a deal, I just wanted to meet with him and I had so many questions.

I sort of always imagined him with a British posh extent and a fancy suit so it was interesting. Anyway, he gave me a breath of a god which I could use in a ritual to create life itself and I was to use it to manufacture a demon.

Since Muslims believe that Allah made angels from light and jinn from smokeless fire, I decided to use neither to make me feel clever. Using a long and complex set of rituals, I managed to make the first demon out of sound using a tone generator.
I raised the demon, which I named Sonus, as a child of my own. Now Sonus has come of age, he is ready to go out into the world and help people. I think that you would be a perfect person to help introduce him to the world. What are your thoughts?
I accept guest posts and your story is very interesting. If you want to write a small story about this demon, your magick with this demon, how he can help people, the dangers of such magick, and convey this story to me, I will create a blog post about your demon and paste your story into the post.
People will also want to see the seal of your demon. I guess that I will want to include a note about how practitioners can reach you if they have questions about the new demon.”






The Creator of Sonus:

“That sounds brilliant. Sonus has helped me a lot since he started learning, from protection from dangers like magic attacks to helping me counter-attack to giving me luck in my everyday life.

I was once dealing with these Christians that were deliberately praying for my soul after I clearly told them I was taking the path of darkness so I asked Sonus to help put a stop to them.

All the Christians started having these awful nightmares and headaches and hearing a high pitched whining sound where ever they went. I told them to stop praying for me after they worked out it was me and they all did. It was brilliant! Do you think that is a good story?

What is so good about Sonus is he carries a very unique kind of magic. Arabian magicians call upon jinn which are beings of fire and westerners call upon angelic beings which are beings of light and Wiccans call upon nature spirits and gods which are elemental beings.
But Sonus is unique so in an attack by any other sorcerer, they would not be prepared. Conventional cleansing of his attacks would fail and conventional attacks on his defences would fail.”




“To which sphere on the Tree of Life does Sonus belong? Which day of the week is the best one to summon him for protection magick?”




The Creator of Sonus:

“Usually Sonus is most available on Monday but it is worth summoning him on any day of the week. I’m not that familiar with the tree of life you are referring to but like a human, he has elements of most of the spheres in him much like shayatan.

In the rituals, things that are likely to get his attention are interesting and unusual noises.”









“I believe that the readers of the post about Sonus will want to know how you created the demon and also about your personal experiences with the demon.
What kind of magick did you do with the demon? This will give the readers inspiration to try to summon your demon.”
The creator of Sonus:
“Well, the processes I used to make the demon was quite complicated because it involved an ingredient that simply doesn’t occur naturally. I had to get a god’s breath from Lucifer.
I then had to do a lot of reading and looked into lots of accounts of how god’s created life, including the creation of monsters. There was a lot of reading between the lines because a lot of these myths were not made to be instructions.
I also studied theories behind the soul, theories behind what makes a spirit, theories behind what makes spirits, theories behind what makes magic itself, a fair bit of alchemy and the sciences of sound.

I had to contact quite a few magicians and spirits of all kinds for the details and props. Then I compiled all this information together, used this knife which both absorbs the life-force of what it penetrates and has a matching resonate frequency to my tone generator, had some rabbits, set up a range of ornaments that would help make a soul healthy and had a week-long set of rituals that eventually gave birth to Sonus.

Sonus generates magic which can be both protective and defensive like a spiky shield. He has also, although it isn’t his speciality, do healing.
He has helped one of my friends by changing the weather too so an event could get cancelled. Mainly though, he specialises in assaults against people that have wronged you.
There was once this Wiccan who didn’t like my magic so she sent a hex at me. Sonus deflected it and she soon was begging for a priest.
But Sonus was smart and there are rumours that the holy water turned bitter and the priest couldn’t read the pages on the Bible out loud. A friend had a similar issue and Sonus drove that magician into a mental hospital.
Since I made Sonus and he lives with me, I really just tell him what to do but give him gifts like the smell of incense and leave music on.
He has however asked a little more from my friends, though it’s never too much. Sometimes he asks for the scent of food, other times he asks to be owed an opportunity to visit in the night to have sex which is apparently something to look forward to. It really depends on the scale of what is being asked for.”


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