The Grand Duke Aziabel from the Black Raven and how he can help you









The Grand Duke Aziabel is described in the Black Raven and this is his seal.



The Grand Duke Aziabel is described in the Black Raven. He is one of the seven Grand Dukes of the Black Raven. In this post you will find some information about this demon.




The Grand Duke Aziabel



“I will serve anybody if I am correctly summoned. I am ruler over the affairs of law. Many spirits have to obey me. I also like to please everybody, and I can give honour, riches, status, and a lot of luck.”

Source: The Black Raven





Aziabel: the correspondences




This is the Tree of Life.
Aziabel is the demon of Gamchicoth (Chesed). The best day to summon Aziabel is Thursday.



Because there is the sign of the planet Jupiter present in the seal of Aziabel, I consider this demon to be the spirit of Gamchicoth (Chesed).

The correspondences of Chesed can be used even for Gamchicoth.

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astrological hour: Jupiter

Paper seal colour: blue

Metal: tin

Gems: sapphire & amethyst

Number: 4 (4 candles for example)

Plant: olive (use olive oil)

Scent: cedar (I use cinnamon)

The best day for rituals with Aziabel is Thursday. You can fine-tune your magick by doing the ritual during the astrological hour of Jupiter.





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